An Opinion of yours about Wrestling that 75%+ of the board wouldn't share


YES!!! He’s always been too animated with his body


I think Ric Flair is vastly over-rated Granted I didn’t get to see him in his heyday live. But I find his promos and acting to this day corny and disingenuous, especially when he cries. The only match I can think of, of his that I enjoyed is v macho man at wrestlemania.


@theCobra I want to know if you agree with mine lol


Flair was a special kind of in-ring story teller, A fantastic heel and great on the mic.


@Skitzlee You threw a fastball, curveball, slider, and change up at the same time there! Can’t say I had a strong opinion on those … I was just nodding my head thinking ‘yep, I could see that being the case’.

I thought they did a pretty damn good job at the ‘restructuring’ the Chamber as far as opening up the space up top so they could work some spots up there with some room to maneuver. It was super tough before to even jump off one of the pods. One thing they did starting last year was make the grating around the ring much, much, much safer. Call me a masochist, but I thought it really hurt the danger of the structure. Realistically though, I can call myself an idiot there as it was super crazy with the moves they were doing on the grating with it how it was two years ago and earlier. Edge and Christian both have commented on how much those matches hurt. Must be a bear to lug that structure around though!


Ok, gonna throw a few opinions in here…

1 - I love Money Inc. Maybe I spent too long working in financial institutions, but an evil millionaire and an evil taxman are a great team and I enjoy their cheating/methodical ring work…it makes perfect sense to me.

2 - I enjoy Jeff Jarrett too. I don’t think he should have been pushed as much as he was, but I like him. He’s my go-to on Wrestlemania 2000 too.

3 - I hate the ‘Tree of Woe Double foot stomp’ spot. Someone noted you can see the recipient of the move holding onto the ropes to set the move up and I can’t unsee it now.

4 - I hate when wrestlers wear the same colour gear when wrestling. I think it should be like sports (i.e. no clashes - alternative attire) Just annoys me to see everyone wearing black trunks these days…

  1. Repo Man’s entrance theme might be the greatest of all time.


@GH84 No way are we getting 75%+ to disagree with ya on the tree of woe double foot stomp!! They just had one on NXT yesterday and the recipient was just hanging there for about 14 years before it was hit!

I think A.J. dominates your ‘don’t wear the same color gear’ one. I’m not even sure how many pants/gloves combos he has. It seems like 11 (and it’s probably like 4). I understand the ‘stick to your brand’ thing as far as attire, but he does a great job of mixing up the color scheme and ‘look’.

Good to hear your thoughts! I always wondered if Repo Man ever ‘stole the show’ …


That foot stomp on NXT was the one I was thinking of! I just find myself watching the recipient’s hands every time…

AJ is a great example. More wrestlers should have that many outfits.

Sadly, Repo Man never stole the show…just Randy Savage’s hat and our time…


Charlotte is insanely hot at certain angles…then at others, not so much.


In terms of the double stomp spot, the only person who makes it believable to me is Low Ki. He would stamp on the knee that lead the guy to lean up and grab that in pain, while doing that he hits the double stomp. I think Del Rio had the most unbelievable version.


The double knee stop has its place if it’s only used sporadically, the problem is when it’s used in every match. Everyone can see them setting it up a mile away.


Spot on. It’s become a standard spot for some wrestlers now.


Agree re Del Rio. He seems to have popularised the move too, so I blame him for it!


The Ku Di Gra from Balor is the worst finisher for a guy they push (and we as Fans celebrate).
My buddy a more casual WWE fan would harp on this ever PPV and I would defend it by, Balor as Devitt before WWE was the real deal. But my friend is correct his finisher now is awful and ruins him


I believe you mean coup de gras.


Disagree. The Attitude Adjustment is a fireman’s carry.

I know there’s a broader discussion to be had here about how it’s all fake anyway, so really the AA (much like the Hogan leg drop) just illustrates that how a move is treated is more important than the move itself. But I still have trouble coping with a fireman’s carry as a finish, especially for a Mt. Rushmore-level, franchise guy like Cena.


Have to disagree. Of all the moves in Wwe this looks the most painful.


I actually share the same sentiment. I just don’t get it.


The wrestling business would have been better off had WWE lost the Monday night wars.


If you watch Steve Austin’s work in WCW, you would see that he changed his style to a brawler to better suit his Stone Cold character. Also, getting dumped on his head by Owen Hart didn’t leave him much choice but to change his style.