An Opinion of yours about Wrestling that 75%+ of the board wouldn't share


Alexa Bliss is by far the most overrated and overpushed female wrestler in the past 5 years. She’s by far the weakest of all the upper-tier performers (Charlotte, Asuka, Bailey, Charlotte, Becky).


Hot :fire: coming:

Casual WWE fans opinions are wayyyyy more interesting than our studies, considered, and smart opinions!

I swear I love watching with the one friend I always reference because he forces me to see the product the way a lot of fans do that I can’t relate to anymore because I’ve studied too much history and followed careers of guys in other places and even NXT.

Watch a show with a fan who just likes Raw and maybe SD and a few PPVs a year. It’s eye opening


Hardly with Turner merging with AOL Time-Warner and being the worst merger in history. ECW would’ve still folded and the landscape would’ve just been shitty start up after start up never reaching any mainstream status and the payrate for wrestlers would’ve been even worse than it was in the 00s. Hell even New Japan and All Japan were still going to have their worst years with Pride FC taking over during that time.


Complete second here. As a matter of fact I actually had a lot of fun getting back into wrestling because I was able to have a much less jaded mindset about wrestling and was able to kind of be a mark again. It was really refreshing.


Gargano vs. Ciampa at TakeOver: New Orleans was disappointing.


I understand the point of this thread is to express an unusual or unpopular opinion without it being bashed. But your going to have to explain this one. I though Gargano vs Ciampa was one of the best matches I’ve ever seen.


so was Cody and Kenny (and if you know me from the Post boards you know I’m ALL IN on BTE…heck I’m using it for my Rewind)


Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t think it was a bad match, I just didn’t think it was great. I felt like it lacked urgency, I felt like it went way too long and I felt like for a feud so personal it lacked in animosity early on. If I’m handing out a star rating, I’d say something around *** 1/2, which for my money is an entertaining match that’s got solid work all around but is just shy of great… but considering the build and the talent involved I was disappointed that it wasn’t comfortably ****+ in my eyes.

I feel exactly the same about that match. It was building to something great but lost it’s way about half way through, they looked like they forgot what they were supposed to be doing and Kenny just started spamming V-Trigger knee’s and I checked out until the Bucks showed up. Again, probably a *** 1/2 affair but considering the build and the guys in the ring, I was hoping for more - especially in that setting.


I find the Miz boring

I recognize his talent but I just can’t get into it.


The Undertaker’s gimmick is extremely outdated, the promos are cringeworthy and the hocus pocus shit is laughable (like with the lightning at WrestleMania). Preferred Biker Undertaker as he was allowed to be coherent on the mic.

I think 90%+ of all wrestling fans disagree with that but oh well.


Those are all reasonable takes but I was never very high on the biker gimmick


Not to steal your thunder, but I totally agree with your opinions. I was never a CM Punk fan. In my eyes, he’s alright. Reigns definitely gets booed way more than he deserves. It’s more so a fad, than anything else. He puts out great matches on a consistent basis. And yes, the Miz is the best heel in the company. With Tommaso Chiampa being a very close second.


Firing opinion #4 at ya:
Haven’t heard anyone on this side and here’s one situation I wouldn’t have ‘given the fans what they want.’

At WrestleMania 31, I would have booked HHH over Sting.
Whoa, whoa, hold your pitchforks, let me expound:

From the WWF/E’s perspective, Mr. Sting spent almost 3 decades playing for the competition. At many points during this time, he was regarded as the biggest star never to jump ship so to speak (even after that ‘ship’ was bought by the WWF). Some might say Enemy #1. This isn’t like the Invasion in which several wrestlers which they just acquired could play big (or small) roles for several years that would help your company. Sting had a small shelf life at the age of 55 so if he wants some WWE moolah, then get on your back!

But if you know the Cobra’s style of booking, I’m often looking for a little protection if it makes sense for something for the future. I want to do some business with the dude so I would have made a little adjustment for the match.

Answer me this, which is your lasting memory concerning Sting and the NWO:

  • Sting against the NWO (often in the rafters) or
  • Sting in the NWO (Wolfpac)

I’d go with the former, against the NWO. Book the nice little nostalgia pop mid match with DX on Hunter’s side and the NWO on Sting’s side. Little lock up of those 6 wrestlers, then they all stop, turn toward the Stinger and start beating him down (in line with that lasting memory). After a 6 man beat down, one little Pedigree and look up at the lights. The next night on RAW, Sting breaks out a passionate promo about ‘now you in the WWE Universe understand why I didn’t come here sooner. All the politics and crap like that having to go against 7 guys alone’ (and some truth in that reason so hits home more). Sting protected, crowd even more on his side, and now I can go whatever direction I need to. Undertaker could come out and say ‘I ain’t about that politic crap. You wanna go one on one with the Dead One?’ (or any future opponent could do that) (course we wouldn’t have gotten to Mania vis a vis Taker/Sting but we didn’t know that then)

I’ll be in the minority on this one, Get On Your Back Sting for the 1-2-3. :wink:


The Rousey match at Mania was terrible.


Just to let you know, you are not the only one. I thought the Triple H vs Sting match was really good and that Triple H was the right call to win.

At the time WWE didn’t know if Sting would ever have another match in the company while Triple H has years of matches left. It made sense for Sting to lose and he did in a really fun match full of other legends. It certainly wasn’t a clean win. And Sting showed he could still go in the ring which earned him a small run later in the year. It turned out to be a win for everyone.


Spicy! Fire away, what didn’t you like about it?


Yeah I’m struggling to think of many things that were better than the Rousey match. It was 1 of 3 very good things on the show.


My friend at work loved the Hogan story telling in the Andre doc and talked to me about the notes and the way they did the match on the fly.


I was so excited to tell him it was classic wrestling working the story and legend of the match. My opinion is while I love hearing and seeing people get worked by wrestling I enjoy telling them it’s fake and the ride they take you on is what makes it all fun!


It felt super scripted and contrived, like they’d run through the match a million times before and they were on autopilot. I thought that Rouseys offence didn’t look particularly good, and Stephanies looked terrible, and Steph got far too much offence on Rousey. Also the match lasted far too long.

On a side note, whilst its obviously very early days and they have different roles, Baszler looks to me to a far better fit for pro wrestling than Rousey.


A few people have already written this, but Randy Orton is overrated. I understand that within the industry if you’re a worker he does everything right, but for me I have had no time for him since the end of Evolution.

Also, I have never understood why people like Dolph Ziggler. He over exaggerates everything he does beyond any level of reasonability, and sometimes I think he’s playing a wrestler, and not being a wrestler.

As great as Gargano vs Ciampa was, it was about 5 minutes too long for me.

Styles and Nakamura had the best match at Wrestlemania this year. I really enjoyed this match. Not at the level of their match at the Tokyo Dome, but still I thought it was very good and was not disappointed.