An Opinion of yours about Wrestling that 75%+ of the board wouldn't share


I agree - to be fair, it wasn’t too bad by HHH/Stephanie standards. I have to admit though, at one point in the match, I saw HHH and Stephanie winning (via pinfall on Angle)


Good passion @GH84, I probably don’t even disagree with the 3 dudes you listed at the end. I had 2 main points there:

  1. people look at ‘corporate Hunter’ and think he should have had that mindset his whole career. Well, he wasn’t corporate Hunter most of that time regardless of his marital status. I’m not even saying overall he hasn’t had ‘favorable booking’. He has. I think this ‘corporate Hunter’ has done a great job at trying to get the shine on his talent. Over the last 5 Manias, he’s put over Ronda Rousey (and Angle), Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Daniel Bryan. Those are certainly some of your major players. Only win was against Sting and I have a long post in this very thread agreeing with going over one of the top dudes that they were competing against for 3 decades. I would go as far to say as not one person in the entire damn company has done more at least in the last 5 Manias to elevate other talent.

  2. I’ve always wondered why that HHH vitriol isn’t at least directed at the wrestler that has BY FAR received the most favorable booking of any wrestler over the longest period of time: Taker. And it’s not even close. Wins 80% of his matches over 25+ years. Has gone 24-2 at WrestleMania including a 21 match winning streak. Not only gets to no sell other wrestler’s offense, he gets to ZERO sell some of it.


Thanks for understanding :grinning: I’m not the biggest HHH fan as you can see…however

  1. You make a good point and I think you’re right. I’ll give him credit too - HHH doesn’t have to be in the ring in 2018 putting people over, he could get someone else to do it. I just don’t think he’s very good at it…I find his matches self indulgent personally, but I laugh at every Toru Yano match so maybe I’m not the best person to ask :thinking:

  2. Completely agree. Don’t worry, I do direct some of that vitriol at ‘Taker. I remember American Deadass Taker surviving a simultaneous crossface/ankle lock and just shaking my head…I guess he was a star for the company and as he’s a 6’10’’ zombie you can’t have him lose much…I guess HHH gets more vitriol though as 'Taker didn’t hog the title for years on end and actively bury people :grinning:


Mr Mulligan… I feel like I’ve missed the boat on Finn/Devitt and just cant get into him. I find him bland and uninteresting. IMO the character is shallow and could really use a few story lines to beef it out (even if they are repeats of NJPW for example).

Love to hear why you think he deserves more? Genuinely curious to see another side to this character.


In a vacuum, I don’t think CM Punk was ever the Best in the World, or even in the company.

At any given time during his WWE run, there’d always be someone better, whether in the company or elsewhere. Benoit, Jericho, Bryan, Cena, Tanahashi, Nakamura, Okada, etc.

But that’s just me. I used to be a huge fan of his, but hindsight and increased viewing options opened my eyes to this thought.


TNA from 2007-2012 had a much better roster than WWE, and for the most part was a better TV product.


Considering how terrible WWE was during that span IMO, and coupled with the sheer number of ex-TNA talent currently thriving under the WWE umbrella, that’s a fair assessment.


I loved them in 2012. That Bobby roode run was "glorious "


Haven’t been able to read all of these… so if said already my bad. But I have zero issue watching Chris Benoit matches.


Joey Ryan in a 1-spot wrestler who’s signature move, a Dick Suplex, belongs in the Attitude Era. It would make me embarrassed as a wrestling fan for anyone to ever see me watching his matches.


I was showing somebody BTE and they had never seen Joey Ryan before. I was mortified


I really wish I could feel the same, because there’s a ton of tremendous wrestling nostalgia available to watch that I’m not comfortable with reliving. Maybe one day I’ll reach that point. For now, Benoit matches still make me feel weird.


I have the same issue. I don’t dislike him and think he’s ok in the ring, but I just don’t have any connection to him.

I think it’s just a lack of character development. All we see is the entrance and the Demon stuff, nothing else.


Roman Reigns doesn’t have bad matches and he is one of the best on the Roster.

The fans are just still upset he’s not Daniel Bryan from the 2015 Royal Rumble.


Wrestlemania 9 is one of the greatest wrestlemanias of all time. #nostalgia


I liked Finn in NXT, he seemed to be a solid worker. I never understood the Demon gimmick, it wasn’t fleshed out and in NJPW it was just special ring attire. His push to the Universal Title was solid, I like his move set, his showing at the Royal Rumble showed he was capable of extended matches.

I don’t like his current gimmick with this “Balor Club is for Everyone” schtick, it feels too much like he is the male Bailey, and it is too cutesy. I feel like he is just going to start hugging fans, in his rainbow socks. It is fine to be inclusive, it is good for WWE’s brand image but that should be a company initiative like “Connor’s Cure” not one man’s gimmick.

Balor needs an edge, but they just won’t give him one. I like the man, and had high hopes when I saw him pair up with Gallows and Anderson at the beginning of 2018.

All you have to do is watch like Ride Along, or something that showcases his personality to know that his gimmick right now while good for WWE PR is bad for Finn Balor.


I can’t stand Corey Graves… like, he was good, to start, came across like a young Jesse Ventura… now he grates on me. Whoever told him to mock the other commentators at EVERY opportunity needs shooting. It’s horrid to listen to sometimes… Like, atm, I can’t STAND Corey Graves.


Corey Graves is WAY too exposed and is quickly becoming horrendous


I enjoy the PG era.
I think it’s important to get the new generations ready, make them fans. I think it’s WAY more important than listening to ‘smart mark’ fans in their 30’s… the product isn’t for us, anymore. It’s for the kids.


I was pretty sure 75% of folk wouldn’t agree with this. But, yes, horrendous. Painful at times. Would prefer just Byron and Tom at the mo…
And fuck, bring back Booker. At least I laughed back then… now I just cringe.