An update on Randy Orton following Sunday's house show in Hershey

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On Sunday night’s WWE live event from Hershey, Pennsylvania, there appeared to be a knee injury sustained by Randy Orton, but we are told the injury was storyline driven.

In Orton’s match with AJ Styles, Orton went for the RKO and landed awkwardly as he sold his left knee and the match was called off.

POST Wrestling was informed that it was designed to lead to something on Raw and that Orton is fine. Dave Meltzer also reported this news on Monday.

Orton has been selling a left knee injury since his singles match against Styles on the December 16th edition of Raw in Des Moines, Iowa. The injury continued this past Monday with the knee wrapped up and being focused on during a six-man tag with Orton & The Viking Raiders vs. The OC.

There was a video of the aftermath from the match in Hershey that was posted to Twitter from a fan in attendance.

Randy Orton goes down with an injury at #WWEHershey

— Jessi Davin (@jessithebuckeye) December 30, 2019

Not a knock on John/Meltzer/etc. for doing their jobs, but I hate that stuff like this gets reported. It’s not like it was the Chyna neck injury spot from eight months after Owen died, it was a knee injury spot in the midst of an angle that’s already focused on a bad knee. We know that wrestling is a work, but can’t we just let pro wrestling be pro wrestling sometimes?

From what I saw the reaction was some people were legit feeling bad Orton might have a serious injury going into Mania season.

So the people at the house show were not given a match that was advertised.