And the best weekly wrestling show is .....

NWA Powerrr. Discuss.

Still NXT for me.


I don’t watch NWA. I have a high tolerance for stupidity And sketchiness on the people the run a company but going on infowars I really can’t look the other way.

I agree that NXT is the best although the last couple of weeks AEW has been better.
Worst is RAW

NWA is up there for me but they’ve lost me a bit during the build to this PPV.

Worst is easily Smackdown

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I enjoy NWA Power, it is easy to watch, the wrestling is solid. They have to work out some of the kinks but given their budget and that they really show 1 hr a week, I think they do a solid job.

It makes for a consistently good product when the majority of your talent can cut promo’s and have above average matches in a short amount of time.

I like AEW when I can watch it, and I gave up on weekly WWE. I follow NXT but often choose to watch AEW instead.

I couldn’t get into Power not enough in ring for me. I’m on NXT being my favorite, with AEW being a close second. Smackdown is the worst by quite a lot.

I prefer NXT but I’ve watched NWA and it’s pretty good, better than AEW for me.

AEW for me - only because I like the variety and, like Nitro, never really know what I’m going to get week to week.

I think NXT is the best match-driven show but for me I do need more story in my weekly tv with the purpose to drive to a monthly or quarterly match-driven event vs attempting to do that every week.

AEW, while their quality of show has been up and down have, in my opinion, he best production for their story work and Road To web content. That makes up for some of the half-baked angles and storylines they’ve tried since being on TNT. I do think AEW is on a great pace and has some long term build in place so feeling excited for 2020.

That said, if you’ve followed the indies it’s impossible to not be extremely excited about either show. Pick one to watch live and pick the best pieces of the other. Great time to be a fan.

Raw and Smackdown do nothing for me - very talented people on the roster but just is not the type of wrestling show I’m interested in and with so much great accessible content out there - I just would prefer to keep up with them through John/Wai and the Post team

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