Angle/New Faction created on AEW Dark 7-21

After Darby Allin defeated Robert Anthony, Brian Cage attacked Allin. Anthony tried to make the save but was taking out by Ricky Starks, Starks and Cage did a fist bump and Taz said he would explain tomorrow


Great news. Starks has a ton of potential and will make for a great dirty heel aligned with Cage

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TAZ: “That’s called business right there. That’s called Good Business.

Seems in wrestling, everyone is open for “business.”

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I hope they begin to have some connectivity between Dark and their main show on TNT. I’ve heard the only relationship is through an occasional ticker.

Not huge on AEW as a whole, but I do enjoy that everyone’s in some sort of group. I think it’s really unique and more realistic.

Haven’t watched Dark since the empty arena shows started but I think I’ve missed very little.

It’s a good idea for the talent to get more experience but it’s just matches. Not a lot happening storyline wise

That is something that is missing in WWE, they really seem to stay away from factions. Then even when they do put guys together, so rarely give them a name or a group/team identity. That is one thing I like about AEW.

I love factions, the thing AEW really needs to do though, is build a solid face faction, behind The Elite. I don’t even think they have one.

I think if Cody forms his version of The Horsemen, I could see The Inner Circle turning Face.

I’m still guessing that they still plan for the blood and guts match, just not sure if it’ll be Elite VS Inner Circle anymore.

Anyway, it’s nice to have a manager with more than 1 client

I’m currently in 1991 in my second run through OSW Review. I loved the factions and heel manager stables. They don’t all have to be the nWo… Slick had Warlord, Hercules and Paul Roma at one point. It didn’t have to mean Warlord was interfering in every Power & Glory match, but it gave you some six-man or Survivor Series teams that made sense, and it allowed guys to exist in the same universe rather than treating every program as its own miniseries. There was no need to suddenly have Earthquake join the Nasty Boys in a beatdown just because it was early November and Survivor Series was around the corner… they were already both managed by Jimmy Hart…

I don’t know how this would play out in 2020, at least in WWE, where there seem to be only two types of faction:

  1. The short-term heel alliance (usually featuring Baron Corbin) to serve a particular feud, which ends up creating a short-team face alliance by proxy.

  2. Every wrestler of the same non-American heritage or non-white ethnicity will eventually be teammates and/or rivals

I’m not much of a New Japan follower, but it seems like they might be the closest to figuring out the “guys are in stables but it doesn’t have to define everything they do” system.

If AEW have any sense they will book MJF to beat Cody for the TNT Championship and have Cody turn on Arn immediately after the match and have Tully be revealed as his new manager and then go on to build a new Four Horsemen.

It makes sense given MJF’s win/loss record makes him arguably the number one contender, losing to MJF given their history is a logical trigger, he could cut a great heel promo about how under Arn’s management he wasn’t dominating opponents like Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss which he should have been giving them an out for making him look so weak, would make him a strong heel by destroying mid-card talent under Tully’s management and finally give him the excuse to break him promise and go after the AEW title (possibly being the one to defeat Moxley).

That seems way too rushed at this point, with him breaking his promise. I agree with that general angle eventually, but the other “horseman” need more time to develop as does Cody. I think it needs teasing behind the scenes for longer and I think Spears needs not to be the 4th so something needs to happen to get him out of the picture.

I’m not saying they need to rush it. They have already started teasing the break with Arn and Cody is acting like a heel in his matches to some extent.

Easy way to get Spiers out of the picture; have Tully run in to save Arn from the beat down, have Cody hit Tully, Spiers run in to save Tully and then Cody and Tully turn on Spiers. Also makes sense given Tully’s recent promos berating Spiers.

See, it is possible to book logical angles that make total sense. I should be a booker. :grinning:

I hope you at least learn how to spell the guys name correct, when you become their next booker.

I cant wait for your headlining feud of Joey Janela vs Sonny Kiss for the AEW Title.

I think Cody needs at least another six months doing what he’s doing with the TNT title.

Like the four horsemen idea with FTR but I’m still not sure who the fourth person could be. I think it makes a lot of sense for it to be either Omega or Hangman. Problem is Omega feels like more of the main event worker than Cody. Hangman could work and that could lead to an eventual face turn and feud with Cody but I’m not sure you want to turn him heel either.

If they wanted to try something different they could have Tessa be the fourth person. I just think it might be hard to take them seriously if Spears is involved

I’ve been thinking Hangman as he has a more natural connection with FTR. I think it could be more of a “grey” stable then full heel. Like they could be opposed to the Elite, but not fully heel like say the inner circle or MJF.

No fn way should it be Omega. He acts and looks like a complete pussy.

That’s not a bad idea. As was evident with the reaction to Jericho (back in the live crowd days), a stable with Cody and FTR probably wouldn’t be received as fully heel anyway. They could still cheat and whatever, but they wouldn’t have to go full “twirling my evil mustache” heel.

Yup they also have a bunch of heel stables already with the Dark Order, Inner Circle, if Tazz is filling out his own roster as has been seen on Dark. I think if you have a lot of factions then many of them need to be kind of Neutral similar to NJPW.

I actually thought that Ricky Starks would have fit in as the other man.

He’s a up and comer and would have thought that he would have fit in well in that slot

I only need to concern myself with the A-list talent.

Yes, that will be on the Julaugust two thousand and never episode of AEW So Dark It Will Save You From Having to Endure It episode.