Any Draft predictions?

Raw: Daniel Bryan
Smackdown: sasha banks
Nxt: nakamura (part of me dies every time I see him on the main roster)

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This is a picture of the Smackdown ad FOX played during the NFL and College Football games this week. Literally some of the most watched shows in America so I think the ads are accurate and not “subject to change”.

Smackdown gets Becky. My prediction is they move Bayley to Raw and just switch the women’s titles they’re holding.

Smackdown also obviously keeps Kofi, Roman and Charlotte. Keeping Bryan makes sense too.

Raw gets Orton because if he looses to Kofi again at HIAC it would be a natural time for a change.

What happens to the 24/7 belt? Wildcard rulez are back bitches

Same rules likely apply to the Women’s Tag Team Titles. Only one championship between the two brands.

As Triple H implied on his conference call, NXT is likely not involved in the draft. If there are wrestlers being moved from NXT to one of the other shows, they better have really good reasons for doing so.

Only moves I can think of are housekeeping related. Sasha to Smackdown to be paired with Bayley, Sami to Smackdown to remain with Nakamura, Revival to Smackdown since they have the tag titles for now, along with the alliance with Orton. Or the Revival lose thoae titles, stay on Raw, and Orton joins them.

Maybe King Baron Corbin to Smackdown to add to his refresh. Maybe Fire & Desire or the Kabuki Warriors to Raw.

Not necessarily. The 24/7 championship could be on smackdown while the women’s tag team championships are on Raw (and the cruiserweight belt is on NXT) until they all get forgotten about.

I totally believe this may be the mindset today, but who knows a month from now. I do think NXT will be mostly left alone except for the street profits officially moving to Raw.