Any Interests in Conspiracy Theories?

Random discussion to start here:

Anybody here in the forum believe in any conspiracy theories? I don’t really pay attention to them myself but one that I’ve been interested in is the sad tragedy of Diana, Princess of Wales. After watching The Crown on Netflix and watching documentaries on her, I have weird instincts about her death that night in the tunnel in Paris. I don’t buy it for a second that it was an “accident.”

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I love conspiracy theories. I will never say I believe in this one or that one, but I like to keep an open mind, no matter how ludicrous some of them are. Some people dig so deep and find very interesting stuff to back up their beliefs. I find it intriguing.

Take Flat Earth for instance. Do I believe the earth is flat? No. But I find it interesting and enjoy hearing from people who do.

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I feel like this thread is going to open up Pandora’s box lol, or at least it would have before half the forum disappeared.


Yeah, it’s all good fun. In the last few years though there’s been people using conspiracy theories as a vehicle to push disinformation. And where a joke stops and real danger starts is not ever really that clear.

I usually go by the idea that the simplest explanation is the mostly likely.

Did Bush ignore 9/11 warnings and use it was a way to take away freedoms aka the Patriot act? Yes, sure. Did the US Gov’t plan it? Don’t think so.


I wont lie, I kinda wish some of those forum members were still here, to get their opinions on Orange Cassidy & Kenny Omega in a title match. It would be pretty funny seeing how enraged they would be.


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How can you be so sure Wai Ting is even his real name? Wake up, sheeple!

As for theories I buy into, I am still convinced to this day that the Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm animated series from the 90’s was only canceled due to deep-state conspiracy to stop Luke Perry from voice acting and shoehorn him into live-action roles.

My partners mother is into all those crazy conspiracy theories. Aborted fetuses in diet pepsi, deep state, pedophile elites, all of them. Where most theories fall apart is when you question the motives. The question of “why?”
She doesn’t like that question…


Uhhhh… Excuse me?


May I ask what kind of media she consumes? I just came across this article.

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The weird thing about Diana’s death was that there were 14 CCTV CAMERAS by that underpass where she was killed and not one of them was working. And the fact that the ambulance took about an hour to get to the hospital while it was just a few blocks away. Diana’s death was no “accident”, in my opinion. Someone called for her murder.

There’s the conspiracy theory that Andrew WK doesn’t exist. He’s a character who has been replaced a few times. Check it out.

And that Avril Lavigne died and was replaced by “Melissa.”

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I remember reading these before. The AWK one is insane… I’ve seen him perform live several times. Back in 2002, again in probably 2009, and then again in the last few years. Same dude. But, the conspiracy theory is fun.

I always thought that Avril Lavigne one was intentionally made up to make fun of those types of theories.

On the bigger scope of things… I feel like 90’s - pre-9/11 conspiracy theories were a lot more fun than what is going on now.

Give me Art Bell and late night call-in talk or The Lone Gunmen / X-Files, over modern day “one giant conspiracy” that nearly always leads to some sort of Ultra right wing / xenophobic ideas.

Definitely strongly recommend the recent Q: Into the Storm documentary also on that note.

I’m really embarrassed that in like 2005 or 06 I remember staying up way too late and watching those “one world government” Alex Jones conspiracy videos. At around 3 or 4 in the morning I would be like. … Wait … this guy is on to something…

Don’t forget the Bilderbergs and the Trilateral commission

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This is the typical way your average person gets pulled into these things. They refute an obviously outlandish version of a story but rationalize a slightly less extreme version to themselves.