Any progress on the network getting Superstars episodes up?

I need to rewatch my childhood.

Usually is a good source for upcoming Network updates and I haven’t seen anything. What era of Superstars are you looking for? They uploaded a lot of Prime Time Episodes from the late 80s last fall so you might get your fill fix there.

Ya I’ve tried Prime Time. It’s not the same. I don’t remember watching it as a kid. 10 am Superstars or Wrestling Challenge was more what I remember. Thanks for the link.

They don’t own the rights to the name Superstars Of Wrestling(hence changing the name to Superstars) so all pre 2992 stuff wouldn’t be allowed to be used without a lot of editing.

Any talk about working towards getting those rights?

I don’t recommend this but if you want to watch old episode of superstars and wrestling challenge, there a lot of those episodes on YouTube, sure the picture quality is not great but it’s still a good quality.

That’s kinda the only way you might be able to see those show for a while since the rumors is that they aren’t a priority as far as being added on the network.

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I’d rather see WCW Saturday Night uploaded first before Superstars and Challenge. That was their flagship show all the way until Nitro debuted in 1995 and I think it would compliment the pre-1995 WCW PPVs quite well.

Prime Time covers all the key angles for WWF but I think it’s time for them to upload beyond 1989.

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Ya I noticed them. Now I have to figure out where to start. Thanks.