Anybody here use /IWTV?

With a guy like Warhorse, and previously Eddie Kingston, getting major exposure on AEW - I thought I’d suggest the / streaming service. Essentially it’s a WWE Network or a Netflix like platform for independent wrestling.

Formerly, the service has been around a few years, and features hundreds of different promotions, and literally thousands of events available via VOD / on demand, and a live streaming component as well. They’ve grown over the years and feature tons of amazing content. They’re available basically on every platform right now (Roku, Amazon, Google Play, Apple TV, and more).

They’ve got an excellent cross section of quality promotions on there, many different styles and talents, and really something for everyone. Recently they’ve added some Japanese promotions to their service too.

Also, if there are any subscribers already, as both a fan and content contributor, I’d love to hear people’s feedback on the service.

My personal shill - you can register for a free 5-day trial by using promo-code C4CANADA. Full disclosure, if you use that code and decide to stick with the service, we get a small kick-back. You can also find dozens of other promo codes out there, if you wanted to support a different promotion.


I had it for a while when it was, via a free six-month (!) subscription offered to those of us that had FloSlam when it went kaput. I might get back to it eventually.

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Would definitely suggest checking it out again, as they’ve added so much, and improved greatly in terms of layout and user friendly-ness.

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