Anybody here use

Just curious if anybody here has used, or uses the service?

There are a multitude of streaming platforms, and I am just curious what people’s thoughts are with the service?

Full disclosure, a promotion I run (C*4 out of Ottawa, Ontario), is featured on the service (we have about 25 our our past events on there). And on that note, if you want to subscribe to the service, or give it a try, use promo code “C4CANADA”, for a 20 day free trial.

Anyways, there are tons (70+) of promotions on the service, including Beyond Wrestling, AIW, CZW, IWA:MS, Preston City Wrestling, a bunch of cool lucha feds, and some very interesting European groups. They also do several live streams a week of different shows and promotions.

I don’t think this is a shill post - and I am a Patreon member, so I am a regular listener to all of the Post Wrestling podcasts…

But yeah, just wondering if anybody uses the service, or if some of you use the promo code, and check it out, to let me know your thoughts.

I use the service, I’ve been a memeber since October. I’m really impressed with the amount of content on the site! I’m currently working my through the Beyond events but C*4 is next on my list. I did dip into one of shows late last year (the show with the second Bailey vs Steen match) and I really liked what I saw!

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Just got it, hard to make time with all the wrestling content out there these days.

Watched some IWA MS recently… because how do you follow up binge watching some fine technical, British wrestling? Well death matches with Light Tubes that’s how.

It’s a good service.

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Thanks for the kind word. Looking forward to some of the GIFs that come out of watching our stuff, hopefully.

One thing you mentioned, and I agree totally is the insane amount of content they have been adding lately. I think I am going to delve into the 1998/1999 FWA shows that feature so many of the North East darlings of the time.

Glad to hear you’re enjoying it. And yeah, there is totally something for everybody on there… or whatever mood you may find yourself in.

I had a good time GIFing the Steen/Bailey match, so it’s definitely something I’ll be doing for the shows.

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