Anybody like or despises Cable News? Fox, CNN, BBC, MSNBC, RT, etc?

My XFINITY provider here in Chicago has CNN, RT, Al Jazeera, BBC News, MSNBC and FOX News. I’m a personal news and current affairs junkie, I watch these networks for my news and at times can be depressing and well-rounded. Any of you guys follow these things as well as any newspapers?

I dont watch any news outlet that have sponsors.

What are the outlets you follow?

local news…i dont care for world politics.

Ian’t Fox News just an extremely dumb propaganda channel for Republicans and MSNBC just a propaganda channel for corporate Democrats? Maybe I’m wrong but that seems to be the general point of those two organisations.

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More entertainment channels than news, mostly.

At the risk of sounding uninformed, I don’t follow the news regularly anymore. I found that when I did, it just brought too much negativity in my life and there wasn’t much I could do about many of the events being covered. The stories are also frequently sensationalized into making you feel angry and are heavily editorialized. Objective journalism is rare.

I catch up in small doses here and there, but not through the 24/7 news networks. I’d rather use that time learning a new skill, such as how to be a better cook, learn a new language, or learn some useful life hacks.

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I despise cable news. It’s not news. Its as authentic and useful as a WWE pre-show. I really hate Trump but he’s not wrong heavily criticizing CNN. Since he started doing that, democrats have been defending CNN. But Stewart/Colbert/Oliver spent years skewering CNN’s terrible reporting. It’s also awful watching Fox News flip-flopping on every issue to bend over backward defending ridiculous republican views.

Actual reporting and a free press is vital to a successful democracy and it’s so sad that these are the primary news networks. Instead I read most of my news through the online versions of USA Today, the Dallas Morning News and other papers and stay away from opinion reporting. There are some great news podcasts like the Political Gabfest that are able to comment on the news after a couple of days instead of getting stuck in the pattern of just reporting on Trumps tweets.


Ted Turner fucked up the news and major network execs exacerbated it by wanting their news to gain ratings…instead of having their big tv dramas, sports and sitcoms to cover the losses for real reporters

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I follow a couple independent news sites but I also listen to CNN on Sirius in the car.

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