Anyone check out The Big Show Show on Netflix?

I’m almost through it now. It’s not terrible.


I didn’t check it out. It looked a little corny to me, but I could see it working for people who like that Full House family comedy type of show.


I love Full House because I love the type of humor but I didn’t get this one at all.

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A ringing endorsement that will have people rushing to watch it. :joy:

Meh. It killed four hours.

It’s just mindless TV (in a good way). It’s very soft and inoffensive, don’t make seeing it a priority, but it’s good to pass some time. Big Show comes across well in it.

Watched the first 2 episodes,my 7 year old laughed a lot my 10 year old couldn’t care less about it and I thought it was inoffensive kids tv.
Show was decent however I wish he hadn’t turned heel at the end of episode 1 but at least he turned back face halfway through episode 2.

Canned laughter track sitcoms are usually the worst, but this wasn’t terrible.

Was intrigued to watch as it has Caroline from That 70’s Show as the mom, and the storyline isnt the worst.

Stuck in on in the background while on the computer and again wasnt terrible, but not great either. Kids are good actors, Jaleel White has a good role, and the best episode and stars of the show were Mark Henry, Mick Foley and Rikishi.
Got some genuine laughs from me, that episode.

Big Show has potential but, I aint pining for a season 2.

I didn’t notice and I’m big That 70’s show fan ! Thanks !

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I Love That 70s Show, still so funny!

Definitely geared towards an audience younger than my 31 year old self but I watched it all in one stretch and it entertained me. I can see it getting a second season on there.

I cant say its good, but I also cant say its horrible. I believe the show is trying to attract 30-40 year old’s who were/are fans of the Big Show and also have children that that can watch it with. I’m sure its attracting the same demo as a show like Fuller House.