Anyone knows about the Will Osprey situation?

Last time i check i think he posted his apology to the female wrestler who he is alleged to use his power to get her off a card.

Do you think will there be any further action to be done to him by NJPW or more outrage from the Twitter universe?

Heard of it. Looks to me he’s the only wrestler in the world to ever use his stature to get another wrestler (male or female) removed from a card.

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The “twitter universe” can fuck off to be honest.


What happened with him? Did he do this because he didn’t like someone? Did he do this because the female didnt want to date him? I saw his name, but no details.

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Who is “The Only Good Fascist Is A Dead One (anarchomushroom)”? A person with knowledge of the situation? A news source? A fan?

Twitter is social cancer

I read a few tweets from that account the other day, that person is insane. I mean look at their Twitter handle. If that’s the only source for this, and then I’m going to consider it non-news

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I just signed up for an account the other day, I didnt realize the extent of the negativity on there. I have no desire to be on Twitter, so much anger and hatred.


Yeah I had to delete my account a few months ago. I thought about going on the other day for some weird reason, read like three messages and quickly changed my mind. It’s a very horrible platform for communication/important issues.I do however think social media is good because these people are getting to speak out, but I can’t do Twitter. I replaced Twitter with POST Wrestling. More of an intelligent Fanbase.


Discussion and twitter really don’t go together. People think it’s just the “trolls” that are bad, they’re probably the easiest to ignore. Any important issue, you either have to align with the crazy people on the right, the crazy people on the left, or you just don’t say anything. Zero middle ground.


A crazy person.

I will not sit idly by while you all slander the bird app. Twitter is god tier, and you can put that on my tombstone.

Wait, so was he making sure that no promotions ever hire this female wrestler or was he just refusing to be on a card with her and so the promotion picked him? If it’s the latter then it’s not “blacklisting” or “black balling”, it’s just him not wanting to be on the same card as someone.

As far as him being an accomplice in getting his friend a gig. I genuinely don’t care about that. Your friend doing something messed up (or alleged to have) and you try to help him get back on track sounds like something a friend would do… that doesn’t mean condoning what they’re alleged to have done. Especially if you don’t think they did it.

If he was stopping her getting booked anywhere (which I doubt he has the power to do) then he’s in the wrong. Other than that, there’s nothing here.

I also dont get twitter. You cant really have a good conversation there like you could on a forum.

I understand Face Book because it is a good way to share photos with family and freinds.