Are we on the road to wrestlemania?

Normally, Wrestlemania season is my favorite time of the year, that’s where you get the best storytelling from the creative team and it makes you excited for wrestlemania. But for some reason this year, the whole thing really stink. Sorry to say this but especially the last few weeks, it felt more like the road to NXT takeover brooklyn then wrestlemania.

O.k. so the build up for seth and Lesnar as been good so far but that’s mostly because seth can’t wrestled and Lesnar isn’t there so Heyman is carrying the build up right now. Lynch vs charlotte vss ronda as been good as well even through i feel like they could have gone without involving the mcmahon’s to build up the match and the suspension angle makes no sense since Becky is on tv almost every week. but outside of that it’s been good.

But as for the rest, normally by this time, you have a pretty good indication of where they are going for the underneath matches, but this year, for some reason, they are wasting so much time on guys that won’t even have a match on the mania card that i don’t get why they made that call to do call ups if they’re no plans for them at all outside maybe to fill a spot in one of the battle royal.

Anyway, i don’t know what’s going on backstage to make Vince panic so much that he would change is whole mindset about how to build toward the biggest event of the year but it’s not working and having new faces appear during mania season is pretty much a waste of time, time that they could use to actually build up the feud for mania. As this rate, Becky/charlotte and ronda will main event the worst mania of all time which isn’t saying much since the road to wrestlemania is pretty much none existent at the moment and feel like mania is just another event on the calendar. I’m sure glad that i don’t have to buy it on PPV anymore because this would have been a mania that i would have skip if i had to pay for it.

Besides the womens match which i think the buildup has been great, i agree. Maybe the Roman cameo tomorrow will give the Seth-Lesnar match the push it needs

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I think part of the issue is that Wrestlemania is too long, has too many matches, and everything that isn’t a major part of the show gets spread too thin when it comes to creative.

Although I think there are a few options for the WWE Championship, and I’m curious to see where that goes.

At the moment I would compare WWE’s state to that moment in History when you’re going to have a new president but it doesn’t matter because the political regime is changing and that’s more interesting.

They need to do away with unnecessarily long roads to Mania. When the fanbase is asking Are We There Yet you know it’s a problem. This is taking longer than it took the POST crew to reach Chicago for All In.

I hate the two ppvs between. I hate title defenses that are entirely unnecessary (Rousey). I hate needing to hold back on stories because of title changes or other storylines (SD women’s title, tag titles). The Rumble names two contenders and outside of that no other stories are made. We should have a good idea what’s coming based on the interactions at the Rumble but it feels like that is all meaningless.