Are you looking forward to evolution

The closer the event is, the more I feel like evolution look like ECW December to remember. What I mean is, the show feel like you have 1 or 2 big matches and the rest feel like filler just to fill the 3 hour plus the event will go for.

Nothing against the performers, but they either feel like mid carders that don’t mean a lot or performers that I not everybody knows.

Anyway, since I’m paying for the network, I will watch it by curiosity but it really doesn’t feel like a big deal.

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Hopefully the part timers have good spots. I think they’ll really push themselves because they’ve never had an opportunity like this before.

My interest in the event is for the following:

  • how will the show be attended
  • how will the crowd react
  • will any Women feel more over or feel like bigger stars than normal
  • will there really be no male wrestlers present on the show
  • how will commentary hold over the course of the night. Off the stop I expect a big celebration and importance but after the initial on-air high wears off what will it be presented as
  • will the show feel like an utter afterthought in the shadows of Crown Jewel (so far, yes)

and I’m not sure why WWE doesn’t throw more behind this event given the Saudi controversy. The show is actually ground breaking for the company that makes a big deal over anything and everything. But they’ve focused so much on Supershowdown and now Crown Jewel and I can’t help be think from a PR standpoint that downplaying Jewel and going all the way with Evolution promotion would be a better use of resources at this point.

The Ronda/Nikki match has completely lost me to be honest. Outside of the Smackdown women’s and NXT title matches, there isn’t anything that is too interesting to me. The battle royal is a bit of a waste as well as I think you could have done some more interesting singles or tags matches from that group. We’ll just have to see how it goes but right now it feels like WWE are trying to sell this as “it’s all women’s matches” and not actually naming the matches.

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Maybe it’s just the promotion for the event being lumped in with Super Show-Down and Crown Jewel, or that Crown Jewel has been in the news so much, but I forgot that Evolution existed, much less than it’s this weekend. So I guess that’s your answer.

I’m interested in seeing some the matches, but not really compelled by any of the storylines surrounding them. WWE treats the women with this “we’re all friends making history together” mindset, that it’s even harder than usual for me to forget about booking, public image, etc. and just watch and enjoy the wrestling.

But I think just about all of the matches will be good and Ronda/Nikki will be interesting even if it’s not good in a traditional “bell-to-bell” sense. The Battle Royal is what it is, so really, as somebody with no nostalgia for the 2000s, the only match I really don’t care about is Lita/Trish vs. Alexis/Mickie, though I hope to be pleasantly surprised.

Kind of. The Becky/Charlotte match has me really intrigued, and I believe it should close the show over Ronda/Nikki. I don’t think WWE will let this one be anywhere near as bad as December to Dismember. It may not be a show that blows us all away, but it will be around average to slightly below average quality at worst. There’s too many good workers on this card for it not to be.

I will care for it as much as the WWE care for it.

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The only decent story they’ve been telling is Charlotte/Becky and that match has been completely run into the ground. Nothing else has any anticipation.

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The big problem with the charlotte vs Becky Feud is that they didn’t expect how popular Becky would get once the turn happened and how much heat charlotte would get. So Charlotte took a really big hit with that feud and as Meltzer reported it this weekend, the rumored Charlotte vs Ronda mania main event might not happen because of this. They are walking a fine line right now with Charlotte. If she win the title on sunday, they might has well turn heel because she will be getting Roman Reigns heat from a good portion of the audience. If she lose then what. Unless the plan is to have her win the rumble in January what else can you do to rehabilitate her image enough that she look like as the top star in the division again?

So will see but right now, they are in a really bad predicament with this feud and nothing good can come of it for charlotte.

Honestly I was a little bit, but it all depends on what happens with the Saudi show.

Evolution is just another victim of the over saturation/too much product by WWE. I feel like I’d be more excited for Ronda vs Nicky if it was on Survivor Series.

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Tamina needs to win the battle royal and break a coconut over Ronda’s head as part of the build up to their match…:coconut:


Not really, the show is so tainted. The fact that it’s only really happening because of the Saudi Arabia deal and the Saudi Arabia deal itself has left a bitter taste in my mouth. Hopefully, the card will be good but I kind of have my doubts.

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Without spoiling of whom the competitors are, I’m looking forward, mostly, to the Mae Young Classic Finals’ match.

Yes I’ll be watching, want to see how IIconic do in the battle Royal, also looking forward to the Mae Young Classic Final, and interested to see if any NXT UK women make the show.

Note: Yes I know the spoilers of the May Young Classic & NXT UK, but appreciate some people like to remain spoiler free!

I’m looking forward to it. Like most WWE shows the build up to most matches is pretty mediocre. But they always end up putting on a good show.

And while Evolution hasn’t been the focus on TV compared to Crown Jewel I expect Evolution to be a much better show. After a couple of “super house shows” this year it’s obvious WWE sees them as placeholding house shows. Whereas they will want to make sure the “history making” Evolution exceeds expectations.

The NXT matches also have the benefit of being worked on before the show so they will at least be Takeover quality.

I don’t really look forward to it for 1 reason. The way they will push down my throat how this is the first all women’s PPV. That is already annoying and should only get worse during the actual show.

I hope I don’t see Steph come out during the show and take credit for everything.

At least the women on the show will work hard to try and make it a good show.

[quote=“Derek87, post:17, topic:3952”] I
hope I don’t see Steph come out during the show and take credit for everything.

HA! I fully expect her to play Wrestlemania Vinnie Mac to open the show.

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No prediction thread for this PPV?

I would have loved a tag team tournament for the tag belts instead of yet another insert curse word battle royal. I like the main events but they could have made so many dream matches without having to promote them like a Balor vs Styles.