Are you ordering Forbidden Door?

  • Yes - I’m excited for the card
  • No - I would never have ordered
  • No - I was excited when first accounted but not now
  • No - I’m attending live!

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Given that this PPV has likely been significantly altered from initial plans and the final straw of no BD or Ishii are you still ordering and hyped?

For me - I was firmly into the idea and would have ordered. But I can’t now - there is literally not a single match I care about. If they had given me:

Zack vs BD
Any combination of Ibushi, Naito, Ishii and Darby, Jungle Boy, Eddie, etc
A proper Osprey match and not this comedy crap
A singles match with Okada vs a major star, not this 4 way

  • obviously Punk or Omega would have helped huge

Or any number of things I would have been hooked. It would have taken very little honestly. But I feel all I got was Mox vs Tanahashi which isn’t enough. Everything else seems like it isn’t great.

Yes I know that Zack will probably face Johnny Gargano, but that just isn’t something I would care about when the tease of Bryan Danielson is there.

So I’m the end I’m passing on this. I hope they aren’t as hit by injury next year and use their brains and have an Okada singles match

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With the talent involved, the matches are going to be good. I think Cesaro is the surprise opponent, but will turn on the Kingston team on “Blood n Guts”, to reunite with Hager.

I don’t know who most of these NJPW guys are because I don’t live exclusively in the IWC, and AEW has done basically nothing to educate me on why they matter or why I should care. The only guys I was really interested in were Okada and Ibushi because I did watch their epic WK match from a few years back. Sadly, Ibushi is injured and Okada showed up dressed like he was attending a BBQ at the community centre on Wednesday night.

So, no. Not for me. If there is a true tear-the-house-down match or two, I’ll find a way to see it. Elsewise the show will probably go for six hours and I’m just not willing to commit that kind of time to watch Orange Cassidy do the same old song and dance or a series of multi-man matches with people I don’t know. I will absolutely be listening to the Post Show, however.


Yes, I havent missed an AEW ppv and dont plan on doing so. Has the build been great? No. But its not that fucking serious. They put on good to great shows and always entertain me, so it is well worth it for me.


I think BG is Yuta they said?

Yeha could be Claudio. But that isn’t BD level. This is a midcarder.

I’ve said it here before I’ll say it again, how spoiled are we when the best of NXT/IndyWrestling/NewJapan/ROH are all featured on a card and somehow it’s underwhelming. Dream show. Unrealistic expectations and some difficult builds with unfortunate injury timing has hurt the shows hype but it’s still an incredible All Star version of All In.


I was on the fence when the build started, but now I’m
Just not interested. If it was free I’d watch, but I’m not going to pay for it. If a certain match is really good, maybe I’ll DL after the fact.

I’m on the fence. If there’s a hockey game I am definitely out. If there isn’t then probably.

I think the actual matches will be good but the build has been pretty poor. I’m not a huge multi-man match fan and this show feels like they just threw as many people as possible into a match just to get them on the card.

I do think Osprey/Cassidy is going to surprise a lot of people by how good it will be and so will that weird match with Sting and his team against the Bucks team.

But way too much of this card feels thrown together. Some of it was bad luck with all the injuries but the final card hasn’t interested me a lot

I have really enjoyed AEW for the past year especially. But with a price point of $50 I don’t buy every PPV. I’m not really a big follower of NJPW so I’ll be skipping this one. But will probably get All Out in September.

But one of the reasons I would order the PPV is for Orange Cassidy vs Osprey. That match is an attraction to me, not a turn off. Orange Cassidy is hardly a “comedy” character. He is a character. And he can do comedy. But his matches are a wild variety of inventive offense, character moments, and massive crowd reactions that are fun to watch. I anticipate this will be similar to past terrific OC vs PAC matches.

Sting tagging with Hiromu Takahashi and Shingo is pretty cool. Any wrestler combination from that match is going to be entertaining.


YES! Mox vs Tana has me, and I like it WAY better then if it was Tana vs Punk. Okada in AEW is awesome, gave me seeing my gf mark out in the biggest way she ever has for wrestling, so although a singles would be better, the match should be incredible. Speaking of the gf, 2 of her favs are OC and Ospreay, so her getting that dream match, I’m excited. The pure wakey choices of Sting and LIJ members teaming I just can’t wait for lol I’m hoping for a Naito or Omega surprise, but I’m excited for the show absolutely

Yes. I’ve talked about OC before. I get people like his slacker gimmick. I get people like him climbing up a ladder with his hands in his pockets.

I don’t get him. I don’t get why he climbs a ladder with his hands in his pockets. I’m probably just too old lol. But I don’t watch anything with him anymore. I’m happier for it.

I will not be watching it.

It’s been a poor build up, there isn’t a match I’m particularly looking forward to, and I have little to no interest in NJPW nowadays but I’ll still watch as AEW usually delivers.

For me easily the hottest angle right now is Christian/Jurassic Express and I’m looking forward to AEW getting back to business as usual with the regular roster after Forbidden Door.

Random thought, is that Takeshita guy on the card at all? I actually got into a couple of his matches over the last month or so but I can’t remember him being involved in any of the build-up for the PPV. He’s a guy they should be getting behind.

Going live. Fly out Sunday morning. To be honest I wasn’t that excited about it and was having buyers remorse until Wednesday night but the card looks really damn good. The build has been shit and some of the dream matches we all fantasy booked in our heads before hand aren’t happening, but who cares if the matches deliver? Like… not having Okada on Dynamite until the go home show was really stupid, but who cares because we’re getting Okada!


wow I’m really surprised. I’ll 100% be buying and didn’t think I would bother 2 weeks ago.
I think it’s gonna be great.
Moxley vs. Tanahashi
Hopefully Cesaro vs JSJr
Osprey vs OJ - hs way more then just comedy guy whoever said that
All atlantic match will probably be really good
Do you know what i think its gonna ge an awesome PPV. it helps its only £20 in the UK ($25) not sure id pay double so close to the last PPV so dont blame you guys if thats part of the reason


I went mad seeing him come out on dynamite. Im nearly 40 but think his gimmick is awesome. His entrance music is enough for me to be honest

If someone can explain to me why you would put your hands in your pockets while climbing a ladder in a ladder match maybe I’ll change my stance on him. Right now he’s everything I hate about the indies - goofy and senseless. It’s not about winning the match with him it’s about putting his hands in his pockets and doing lazy kicks.

Anyway it’s great some people like him. I love fast forwarding every match he’s in just as much :grin:

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Yes I’m ordering it. The build could have been a lot better, the card could have been better, but I anticipate this being a very fun show.