Are you watching AEW Revolution?

Really curious about this one - not only is it on a Sunday but it’s head to head with the NBA Allstar game and also has a very polarizing main event. More over none of the matches (whole all look good) scream out a five star match either.

personally I normally order their PPVs but this time I won’t be mainly bc of the Main event
Not being the kind of thing I want to support. Also the Allstar game gives me something else to watch. Curious what others thought.

Are you watching AEW Revolution
  • Yes - ordering PPV
  • Yes - but not ordering :slight_smile:
  • No - don’t normally order
  • No - mainly because of NBA Allstar Game
  • No - main event turns me off
  • No - whole show underwhelming

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I put no, don’t normally order but it’s more to do with time zones than anything else. I may order a replay tomorrow evening but I’m undecided just now.

Ordering it.
Honestly the most interested in a show I’ve been for in the pandemic era.

The main event gimmick itself strikes me as something no more dangerous than an obligatory monthly gimmick themed main event that we see elsewhere with 1/10th of storyline reason.

I think it seems like a fun throwback match, that won’t be don’t anytime soon again, and hasn’t been done on this scale in decades.

I know it’s not for everyone, but I honestly don’t think it’s that much more dangerous than most things presented on PPV. It’s the controlled illusion of violence. Just like all of wrestling.

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If you support this company and want it to do well, then don’t be cheap and do illegal streaming. Order the PPV outright if you want to support them.


I order every AEW ppv and I’m especially looking forward to the main event.

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I’m ordering, all things considered I think it looks like a very strong card. My only concern is length, this could turn out to be wayyyyyy too long

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Fans are always going to illegally stream wrestling, especially when they are charging $60 in 2021.

As long as it gets more eyeballs on Dynamite I honestly don’t even think the Khans will care as they are doing ok right now.

Sure, but that’s not what his statement said. If you actually support this company, pay for their content. Not a crazy concept.
Yes, piracy happens - but that doesn’t make it right. And, yes, in fact, it does hurt a company of any size.

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I am no advocating anyone pirate this at all. But sadly people do so I left it as an option to get an idea of what is actually happening


Oh, I wasn’t commenting on your post or poll option regards to piracy - simply @kliq’s post.

I’m very touchy about the subject, haha

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I definitely get the reason for being touchy about it. Anyone can make the case that there’s reason they’re illegally streaming something, but there’s a whole lot of people who get mad when companies eventually let go of people to get to a bottom line and if we think taking them out of money for their work doesn’t in some way effect that, we’re kidding ourselves. AEW getting an under-market second deal from TNT doesn’t exclude them from the same risks any other entertainment company has at this point, so I don’t think we can just play off PPV $ as something they can afford to lose (as a private company, we really don’t know for sure that they’re doing well, just that Khan seemingly has no problem footing the bill). So that’s just the condition - and that being said, I feel weird telling people I don’t know what they can and cannot do. There’s probably a lesser price point that would probably drive me more crazy.

In regards to the question at hand, I’m currently not planning to buy it, though I’m waiting until the last minute to decide. Enough competition and price is enough for me to most likely pass. I’m normally not much of a “you’re giving me too much content for what i’m paying” kind of a person, but I feel like this is the 10th straight card with some sort of battle royal and some sort of ladder match that’s just there to get a ton of people on it and when these cards have been running 5-6 hours, I’m getting burned out by the time the matches I’m actually excited for are arriving.

In regards to the main event - it’s not even so much that I’m turned off by the stipulations, but it’s really not the type of Kenny Omega main event match I’ve been looking for.

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I’m working tonight😥

Shahid Khan has a net worth of 8 billion, so put that in perspective, that is 4x more than Vince McMahon.

I’m not saying people should illegally stream it, and I’m not even going to do that myself (I do pay for my programming), but if there is a wresting fan out there who is struggling financially, especially given the times that we are in, I’m not going to get mad at them for doing it. Not everyone has the financial luxury to spend $60 on a wrestling show.

It’s one thing if we were talking a small independent company where the owner is struggling, this is not that situation.

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Again, don’t want to get into a debate over piracy. But stealing is stealing, regardless of what somebody or an organization behind it, is worth. Whether they are billionaires, or an independent promotion just trying to get by.

Also, I understand people wanting to watch things… But just like a movie somebody justifies downloading from a torrent - people are not “entitled” to watch these things, just because they want them.

As well, there has never been so much free to cheap content out there, that people can fill their time with those options if they’re really starved for entertainment.

I know I’m on the unpopular side of this discussion, so I’m not looking to debate. That’s my opinion on the matter though.


In all seriousness, I respect your opinion and I cant say anything you are saying is wrong. It just doesn’t bother me if someone does it during these times.

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Totally understand your perspective.

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“Nefarious Means Cable” has a long & storied history in the world of sports & entertainment (I say that as someone who has an unnamed uncle who used to get the Tyson fights via NFC’s predecessor, the black box).

It’s definitely wrong, but I do think the conversation around it does speak to the current inefficiency of AEW’s PPV model, IMO. I think lowering their prices by $10-15, or doing some sort of bundle (buy access to all of the year’s PPVs for $100-$150) would drastically improve their potential reach (especially in the midst of a pandemic that has wrecked the U.S. economy).

That being said…They had my $50 the minute they booked that “Man Called Sting”…Lol!



Oh, not disagreeing that it would be beneficial for them to lower their price point. However, anybody who is claiming they’re pirating the show as a way of making a stance against their prices, are frankly, full of shit.

People who are going to pirate stuff will do regardless of price. People illegally stream WWE PPVs every month regardless of the fact that they will soon be accessible for $5 a month in the US.

And it’s that accessibility that makes the difference to me in this day and age. As a kid, I “listened” to many a PPV on scramble-vision, since I couldn’t afford them. I also deeply appreciated those friends with “nefarious means” black boxes who would tape me a copy of the show now and then… But I was also in a country with very limited access to keep up with many of the products. Now, you’re literally flooded with cheap and free content.


I agree. If you don’t want to pay the money then don’t watch it. Less buys and they will get the message. It’s not an excuse to steal it. Imagine using this logic with a Louis Vuitton or a Corvette

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I don’t watch AEW, so I’m clearly not watching the PPV. That said, there is nothing any wrestling company can put on a PPV that will get me to pay $50-$60. Unfair as it might be, I judge it based on other streaming services. $60 will soon get me and entire year of Peacock, or damn near a year of Disney+. A 3-4 hour PPV just does not have the same value.