Are you watching AEW Revolution?

Same here for the most part. I watch AEW, but I dont normally watch their PPV’s for this exact reason.

As soon as WWE changed their model to the network, fans pretty much instantly became conditioned to expecting much more “content” for $60 then a 3 hour show. I think AEW will eventually go the direction of WWE, and once they build up their name to the next level that they will eventually team with a streaming service. Hopefully for personal reasons (ie. I have it) its Netflix.

I would assume at some point, in the states anyway, the end up under the HBOMax umbrella for streaming.

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That would be cool, I do have Crave which I think covers HBO max (I watched the Flight Attendant which is an HBO Max show), so I would personally love that as well.

Bully Ray just posted a tease, how would people feel about him?

Again, like Christian - solid, but nothing special.

Also, every legend is going to play with this on social media until it’s revealed.


For me in Canada the WWE network is 15 per month, so $180 for a year or the yearly cost of AEW shows is $200 - not a huge difference.

Now you do get a whole lot more with the network obviously but I just find AEW to be a much better product overall.

PPV isn’t going away, boxing and UFC still do good numbers. WWE has really undervalued their shows IMO.

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Well 50 dollars a show is like 200 a year as you said. Of that they get maybe 60 revenue split so 120 bucks a year (or 10 a month) and they sell about 100k a show so if the same people buy all 4 that’s 12 mill.

As for 10 bucks a month

So if they charged 10 bucks a month for a streaming service they would need more than 100k subscribers to beat their current revenue. This seems very low given WWE has like 1.5 million

If they sold it WWE got 250 million a year. If they get 10 percent of that it’s 25 million.

So either way if they sell or start their own they should beat what they currently do on the PPV market for revenue


Spot on. PPV model makes sense for certain companies (ie. boxing/ufc), but for wrestling post WWE network, wrestling companies will make more if they get a lucrative offer from a streaming service. Say what you want about WWE from a morality perspective or A creative perspective, but nobody can criticize them for not knowing how to make money.

I ordered it. Another $50 through B/R Live. Only AEW PPV I didn’t order was Double or Nothing 2020 because I didn’t want to buy a full-priced PPV so early the pandemic. Missed the Stadium Stampede because of that, but hey, I saw the replay is only $15!

My word of the day is Trepidation, as now that we know Sting’s match is in the can, my biggest worry is the main event. I totally get the need to have a big blow off for Omega vs. Moxley, but this big? We knew they could get plenty violent without barbed wire and explosives. Last Man Standing would have sufficed for me. So I do hope it’s the illusion of ultraviolence.

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I ended up buying it, the surprise got me. Hopefully it lives up to the hype. If not, I’m never buying for a surprise again.

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Enjoy. And I think that’s fair. The fact thrive hyped something so huge means they’ve risked a lot of goodwill with fans. If they burn them, that’s on the company 100%.

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The wrestler who decided to be a female 2021 Honma has me back on the fence.

BTW, they really called the exploding barbed wire death match ring the “extermination chamber”? Have they ever googled what comes up first for that phrase?

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I was away from my TV when JR just came out…did he loose his voice? Or was my audio cutting out?