Are you watching ROH Final Battle?

I would love to watch tonight, pretty much only for the dog collar match though so I can’t justify paying for it.
It’ll be a good PPV overall I’m sure but it doesn’t feel on the level of ‘Death before Dishonour’

No. It’s in DFW and I never really had any interest in going mainly I’m going to AEW Dynamite on Wednesday. Being gone from family on a Saturday and Wednesday to see many of the same acts is a lot to ask.

I do love the UTA Arlington center they are holding Final Battle though. It’s so much better than Garland. They should put the next Dynamite there.

I ordered it using Fite credits (had enough to cover the cost of the PPV).

Probably will watch on a delay.

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PPV at 1 pm on Saturday here on the west coast is not ideal. The build also hasn’t grabbed me. I’m sure it will be a good show in ring but it’s a no from me, dawg.

I will be but not live, I’ll check it out tonight. Family dinner first!

Between Dynamite, Raw, SD, PPVs and PLE’s I just don’t have time to watch the smaller shows like ROH and NXT. I’m sure the in ring will be good, but it’s a no for me.

Also one quick prediction before the main event actually occurs. John and Wai seemed to believe what Mox was saying on Dynamite that Final Battle would be the end of JAS vs BCC. As though Tony had heard online criticism of the never-ending feud and was trying to assure fans it would be ending.

BUT I thought the focus on it means that they are setting up a swerve. That AEW has set up the expectation that Claudio wins but instead Tony will swerve to have Jericho win, Claudio be in the JAS and for the feud and more hijinks to continue.

Claudio winning and going over to ROH full time with BCC breaking up makes the most sense but god knows

I ordered, and I enjoyed it.

FTR and the Briscoes have now had three Match of the Year Contenders within the same year.

Pleasantly surprised I was wrong. Looking forward to a new direction for both Jericho and the BCC now.

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With two World Cup games and work I passed on it. Hopefully it was a good show!

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I’m watching now! Skipped most of Zero Hour (just watched Kingdom vs Top Flight) but everything’s been very good so far

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