Arrowverse on The CW thread

Ever since the start of Arrow in 2012, I’ve become a huge fan of the DC Arrowverse on The CW for many years. I would like to begin an ongoing discussion thread of Arrowverse today going into next week’s exciting Elseworlds crossover. What are some of your favorite episodes, characters, storylines, etc. of The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, etc. And some fantasy booking into the future as well. I would appreciate if we keep the discussion going.

In anticipation of next week’s crossover episodes, here’s the bone-chilling, long-awaited teaser for next week. 90s Flash baby!!!

It is the best depiction of DC characters on TV or film today. They just CW’d it up too much for me personally to keep following.

Arrow became waaaay too much about Felicity and her moral compass when I stopped watching the show. She grated on me so much I had to stop watching. Even though with Ragman, Wild Dog, etc. entering the show I was excited.

Flash was awesome, the last few seasons I watched were all him overcoming other speedsters so it got formulaic. Legends had its good and bad but I did like it for the most part.

Supergirl started out awesome and then floundered hard.

Have the shows got back on the right track, I’m gauging whether or not it is worth the investment presently for me to catch up. Would I still have to soldier through the CW melodrama and poor characters that I did before I left?

I know it isn’t your job to sell me, just figured I’d ask someone up on the Arrowverse.

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Arrow has had 3 solid seasons in a row with 5,6 & 7

Flash hasn’t had a speedster villain the last 2 seasons. This season is probably its second best.

Supergirl has been awesome last year and this year.


Arrow and the other CW shows are really hurt by the number of episodes they put out. If you only took the 10 best episodes of each season of Arrow or Flash it would rival the quality of Daredevil and the other Netflix Marvel shows. But watching them week-to-week there is a lot of filler.

They also run into the same problem as Raw/Smackdown sometimes where different shows will have a similar storyline in the same week because the writing staffs don’t coordinate.

That being said, considering there are over 100 episodes of Arrowverse shows out out each year, the fact that they maintain the quality level they do and the shows are consistently entertaining is very impressive. I do think Flash and Supergirl have fallen the farthest though from very good early seasons while Arrow is on a high having maybe it’s best season yet.

I haven’t watched any Black Lightning. The trailers and commercials make it look good but it’s just one show too many and it hasn’t crossed over with the other shows yet. It’s on my Netflix list to get to at some point. Maybe now that Netflix is cancelling all the Marvel shows I’ll go back and watch it.

I definitely recommend at least catching up on this season of Arrow. They set up a whole new status quo for Oliver which has been really good and felt very different from the previous seasons.

Have you been watching both shows this season? Flash I think and it feels like a pretty widely shared opinion, is having its best season since season 1. I thought last season of Supergirl was actually its best season. I loved the build of Reign and I’m enjoying the Agent Liberty storyline this season. I cant wait for Lex to show up in the second half of the season.

Actually I haven’t. I thought last season of Flash was pretty poor so I decided to give Flash a break and catch up when it comes to Netflix instead. But maybe I’ll jump back in before the crossover. Which have always been great and this years crossover looks really good too from the trailer.


I would definitely recommend jumping back in. Especially since tonight is the 100th episode and it looks to be fantastic.

I only watch Flash and Supergirl if I have the time. Although I have recently got into Black Lightning and the soundtrack of that show is more than enough to keep me watching.

Only time I watch Arrow, Legends of tomorrow when they do the crossovers.

personally, i feel that Arrow really need to end. Out of all those show, it’s the one that has the longest run and is starting to get boring mostly because the storytelling isn’t what it use to be anymore. Flash suffers a little bit from that as well but it still pretty young in his run as still as legs. As for Supergirl, it’s a good show, i still watch it but again, they are starting to be a little bit more political on that show which takes me out of it a little bit

As for Legends, it’s only part of the arrowverse when the producers wants it to be, so right now, it’s a pretty funny show but it doesn’T feel that important in the grand picture since it’s the first show to be postpone for a long period of time every year.

Now just wondering this for those who follows this universe. Are you excited about this new batwoman series that will be added to this universe soon. We are going to get the first peak of the character during the crossover shows next week and i i’m intrigue by the series once it debut but not being as fimiliar with this character as i am with the rest of the arrowverse, i not as excited as i was with supergirl and the rest of those shows.

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I thought last season was poor but I thought the writing and directing really got back on track this season now that Nora is a part of the show. Still, The Flash is best out of all of them. Cant wait for the next crossover.

Black Lightning is the best Arrowverse show, hands down.

I’d love to see the Power Rangers adapted into an Arrowverse style series.

I agree that black lightning, is a good show but it’s not part of the arroverse and it’s a stand alone show. I would love to see thoses characters work within the arrowverse, it would be a really interesting dynamic .

I hate that they don’t just put Black Lightning as part of the Arrowverse. It is an ok show, but I only watch it because I believe they will add it eventually. If I believed them when they said they won’t add it, I’d probably drop it.

Black Lightning will eventually be the flagship show of the DC/W based off its production budget and name actors on it.

I’m really interested in seeing her in the Crossover. The costume looks terrific!

But it will entirely depend on if the actress (Ruby Rose) who I’m not very familiar with will have the same passion and charisma as Stephen Amell, Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist.

The challenge Batwoman (or another Bat character like Nightwing, Robin or even Batman) will have in Arrowverse is that Arrow has used so many of the tropes and similar characters from the Bat universe. Is there enough Batwoman can do that would be different than Arrow or Daredevil or Jessica Jones? I guess we will see.

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I believe I’ve heard that the Elseworlds in the comics lead to the Crisis on Infinite Earths which united all dc comics onto one Earth back in the 80s. So this may be what they are doing to put Supergirl and Black Lightning eventually onto the same Earth. Of course this is all a theory at this point.

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I’ve been watching these shows since the beginning, and only dropped off of Legends of Tomorrow after the first season as I felt it got too silly.

I’ve always considered Arrow the strongest, with both this and Supergirl coming off the most socially aware in recent years. Flash last season had a lot of missteps and bad comedy, but I think they ended strongly and have been back on track with this season.

Black Lightning has such a different vibe to it that I’m glad it’s not tied into the other series, at least not yet.

Not exactly. Prior to the 1980’s DC’s continuity did include characters and published series from multiple universes. Earth 1, Earth 2, Earth X, etc. Similar to the Arrowverse today with Flash on Earth 1, Jessie Quick from Earth 2, Supergirl on Earth 38. Crisis on Infinite Earths was an attack by the “Anti-Monitor” to destroy multiple universes, and all that was left was one “new earth” which was a merger of the earths from different realities.

The new crossover has shown a Monitor, but not the “Anti-Monitor.” I guess its possible they are planning on still merging the universes in the Arrowverse to put them all in one earth.

Elseworlds were stories told by DC after Infinite Crisis of alternate realities with weird twists (Superman landed in Russia, Batman’s a vampire, etc) which officially could not exist in the cannon DC universe where the multiverse had been destroyed.

Dude! Tonight’s episode of Flash was awesome with the first part of Elseworlds! And to hear that “SOMEBODY SAVE MEEEE” Smallville theme song when Barry and Oliver went to Earth-38 gave me chills. Looking forward to tomorrow.