Arrowverse on The CW thread


Such a great fucking episode. And that Smallville nod…awesome.


One thing I hated though was Iris. She was almost unbearable in this episode.


When isn’t Iris like that? Seriously, just an emotional wreck every episode.


A great nod to Smallville on the crossover tonight.


Iris slander aside, I agree that night one was good.

This was a fun first episode, and it appears that this crossover will have lasting ramifications, which is good. Seeing A.M.A.Z.O. was great & the Remy Zero song was the icing on the cake. ☇💯


Also just thought that someone in the writers staff was paying attention to slight details, with Barry getting revenge on Oliver for shooting him with the crossbows from the first crossover 4 years ago was a nice touch on a fun first night.


Yeah, I’m gonna skip Raw this week and just continue watching Elseworlds because there are definitely more stuff there to get emotionally invested in.


Night 2 was very good, especially with all the Easter eggs thrown in this episode. Also liked the slow build for why Batman/Bruce hasn’t been in the Arrowverse yet.


John Wesley Shipp’s Flash showed up for like two minutes in tonight’s show. I hope we see him tomorrow, because that was slightly a disappointment.


• Since Supergirl and the guys know about Batman, does that mean he exists on multiple Earths?

• Does Earth-38 have a Flash and Green Arrow also?

• Which DC hero do you guys wanna see in the Arrowverse next? For me, I want Booster Gold (probably on Legends).


did anybody watch yesterday’s episode of legends of tomorrow? There was a part in the beginning where they made fun of the crossover and i just laugh at that line when it came up.


Booster gold is a good answer that I hadn’t thought of. He would make a lot of sense to add to Legends. But only if he brings Skeets! In fact, you could start with Booster Gold meeting Ted Kord in the past and then add both to Legends. They would be good replacements for some of the characters they have killed off.

I feel like Arrow has been hinting at Green Lantern since the first time they mentioned Coast City in Season 1. And a Green Lantern/Arrow road trip inspired by the classic GA/GL team-up could be good. The problem is GL requires a lot of special effects that I don’t have faith in the show to do. They seem to reserve the entire special effects budget for the crossovers now.

The Question would be a great addition for a cheap character to add to any show whose snooping ways could open up new story ideas.

Zatanna would be another easy one to add and would boost up one of the teams Magic experience instead of having Constantine do a guest appearance.

I’m a big fan of Teen Titans and Young Justice but it seems like now Titans would be the place for those characters (robin, wonder-girl, cyborg, etc.).

Whats really amazing is outside of a few blockbuster characters WB doesn’t seem to want the shows to use (Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Lex) they have used soooo many characters and just about every villain you can think of.


They teased Green Lantern in the last Elseworlds episode, when Earth-90 Flash was wondering why Diggle wasnt “wearing his ring.”

Lex will be on Supergirl in the later half of this season. Episode 15 he arrives I think.


Looks like we know what next year’s crossover going to be.


Crisis on Infinite Earths happens in 2024 in the Arrowverse timeline. Can’t even process this right now.


They’ve been setting up this whole thing from the beginning!


I’m super pumped for this, but I dont know how they can pull it off. You know there has to be some deaths and I dont see Grant Gustin or Melissa Benoist leaving their respective shows. Superman was a lot more featured in Elseworlds than I expected. I can see him taking the bite. I can also see them killing off Green Arrow in some way too and ending that show next season.


Considering it’s been announced for fall 2019, it could be a cool idea to make Crisis the season premieres, with all the fallout from it branching out into each show’s own seasons.


Also, how on earth would CW be able to pull of The Anti-Monitor? That would be a hell of an enormous budget.


I’ve never got to read Crisis. I know the story, but dont know much about The Anti-Monitor. Why would it be an enormous budget?