Arrowverse on The CW thread



Wow, that looks crazy.


If you look at the end of tonight’s episode, do you think Oliver made some sort of deal with Monitor? Could he be a sacrifice at the end of the Crisis because in the original Crisis comics, Barry and Kara dies but maybe a plot twist happens? Maybe Arrow next year would be the last season?


Thats my thought. Thats why I think Oliver making the deal to go to prison and not telling Felicity, was a thing that was a point of contention. I think he will reveal it before hand to her, but then I think…if the crossover is early in the season, how do they do the rest of the Arrow season, with no Stephen Amell.

I dont know. It will be a lot tougher to pull off. Its easy to take characters out of a comic, its a completely different story when its a TV show. Thats why I think Superman is a goner for sure. He’s easy to take out, since he doesnt have his own show and he’s still a big name.


I agree dude, really interesting that Superman really had a HUGE presence here considering he doesn’t have his own show. We’ll be seeing a lot of him next year for sure.

Also, Iris is gonna have to be pregnant with Nora at some time down the road before this happens, I’m thinking.

Here’s a potential possibility: Maybe it ends with all them put on the same earth after a battle with the Anti Monitor then CW subsequently cancels all the shows and starts up CW’s Justice League. lol just kidding but I can just dream. lmao


I think this season of Flash is going to end with a bunch of changes, including Iris becoming pregnant and it will be with twins, since Nora changed things so much and the stinger at the end will be the newspaper, changing from 2024, to 2019.


@PodFatherSOH Nate, we need your insights here please!? I’m so hyped!


The only negative for me was that JWS’ Flash only had like, what, two minutes in this entire crossover? WTF??!!! And then he disappears? All the build-up for that?


Just finish watching the last part of this year’s crossover and I have to say, it was better then last year and I love how they can really make fun of the fact they do this every year now and including a character for legends so for the sake of it was brilliant in my opinion.

I’m not to excited about the Batwoman character as I feel the kinda fail in introducing the character properly and since we have to wait a year for her show to premiere, then it kinda was a waste of a debut.


Fun set of episodes. Batwoman’s debut was kind of shoehorned in and unremarkable to me, but the potential is there for her own series if that plan moves forward. I dig the mood that Kate Kane and this version of Gotham gives off. The Arrowverse’s introduction of Lois Lane was okay by me too.

I was just thinking of something regarding Oliver potentially sacrificing himself to end Crisis on Infinite Earths: in the first season of Legends, they travel forward in time and meet the old, bearded, one-armed Oliver Queen. Working alongside him is John Diggle’s son, who did not exist until Flash created Flashpoint in Season 3 or so (before this, Diggle’s child was a girl named Sara). So pre-Elseworlds, we at least know Oliver will be around in the future, looking worse for wear.


I think there’s a lot they could do. For the crossover alone they have access to at least four different actors that have played Superman (Brandon Routh, Dean Cain, Tyler Hoechiln, and I’m sure they can get Tom Welling). Imagine them all teaming up to fight the Anti-Monitor.

I wasn’t sure if this was the best place of this question, but has anybody watched Titans on the DC App? I don’t have the App and the initial trailers didn’t look great. But I’ve read that it’s been good and the preview for the most recent episode is the kind of comic book batshit crazy that’s got me interested:


DC universe isn’t available in Canada yet, but they are bringing Titans to Netflix in January and I can’t wait.


I think Black Lightning should be a part of the next crossover and it should be a part of Arrowverse. I mean one of the executive producers is Greg Berlanti.


The one issue I have heard with that crossover is just lining up logistics and schedules. BL shoots in Georgia while all the other shows are in BC.


I think what make black lightning so special is that it’s his own entity outside of the whole arrowverse and has more freedom of telling their own story without the interference of the over the top fantasy world that they other shows live in. They have a nice little story to tell that wouldn’t fit well with he arrowverse.

I watch the last crossover and thought it was better with just the three main show because they have a chemistry between the characters that I don’t see happening with black lightning.


So I’ve been thinking about this on my coffee break… if Black Lightning is involved in Crisis, does this mean there will be some sort of connection to supergirl towards the end of the season?


What makes you think that? I remember Supergirl being mentioned once, but has something else happened?


Anybody checked out last night’s Arrow? I thought it was awesome with the reveal at the end of Oliver and Felicity’s daughter, Mia. This season could possibly be the best one in years. Looked like it’s turning out that she didn’t have a good relationship with Oliver.


Considering how Oliver went into exile when he lost his arm, I’m going to guess it was when she was a kid and shaped how she turned out.

Also now another few weeks break before new episodes.


Another theory is that Oliver dies at Crisis on Infinite Earths right after Mia was born.