Arrowverse on The CW thread

Looks like Arrow is having a 10 episode final season 8. That almost confirms that Oliver is dying in Crisis I think. Not too thrilled as I love the show and I’m a big fan of Amell, but when you have these big events, someone has to die sometime and it wasnt going to be Flash or Supergirl.

I can still see Superman being killed off as well.

Yeah, in this week’s episode of Arrow. Mia and William were talking like Oliver is either dead or missing. Looks like those future forward scenes are set in stone, unless the timeline is changed by Barry again.

I’m curious about Connor Hawke, since he is not Diggles real son. Maybe John Jr gets changed back to a girl again after Crisis.

Nuff Said…

Had a feeling this day would come but it’s still bittersweet. Yes, the show had its ups and downs and some seasons weren’t necessarily up to par but Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen always entertained me and never disappointed. If it wasn’t for Arrow’s success and the creative genius of Greg Berlanti, we probably wouldn’t have this plethora of comic book-related TV shows on The CW and Netflix. Only ten episodes for this next season, so it would probably end at Crisis On Infinite Earths in the fall. Thank you, Stephen Amell, for an incredible eight-year journey.

Don’t get me wrong, Smallville deserves some props for beginning a gateway for these types of shows but Arrow really set a new standard and gave birth to a multiverse of shows.

Somehow it’s ironic that Green Arrow is finishing it’s current run with issue #50, followed by this announcement today. I’m going to miss it, it was a fun ride to say the least.

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Overall it was a good run. And better to leave the stage too soon than to stay past your expiration date (we see you, “The X–Files”!).

I think the final Arrow eps will lead into COIA, culminating in Ollie’s sacrifice (cue cheesy-yet-heartwarming 2000’s WWE production).

While that may be the exit for Amell (save for a random Speed-Force cameo on “The Flash”), I do think we’ll see Lylah, Diggle, Team Arriw, and (ugh) Felicity pop up on the other Berlanti-Verse shows. :sunglasses::bow_and_arrow::100:


How bout the flash forward scenes with Mia and William? Could there be a potential series coming out of that?


I definitely think they could be used as cameos on the other shows…But I don’t know if either character is popular enough w/the fanbase to warrant a solo show (honestly I have my doubts that Batwoman will reach a Season 4 unless they introduce Alfred, Dick and/or Tim, & the Gordons). :100:

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Like Stephen Amell said during last night, this was a mutual decision mostly because he wanted to move on after his contract expired and felt the show had run his course.

It’s sad to see the show end but i really feel like it was time for the show to end his course as the wasn’t really anything else to do with the show. The legacy of Arrow will always be the fact that it accidentally started the arrowverse as we call it. I say accidentally because it really never look like it was in the plans of the producers of the show to create this universe when it first started or even when Flash started. It just came together because all the shows were on the same network and it became something bigger.

Like somebody else wrote, this is the end of the show as it is but i’m sure if they need to use characters from the series in others show.

They’re also the rumor going around that a lot of the others arrowverse show are on the bubble after the 2019-2020 season as CW might want to cancelled most of the shows outside of Flash, which would mean the end of a era as far as the arrowverse in concern. From what i’ve read, Supergirl’s ratings went down since moving to sunday nights, Legends has been on the bubble for years now Arrow is confirm as far as being over and Flash is still holding strong but i fell the writing is on the wall for them as well mostly because they are running out of good idea to fill a season…

Anyway will see what the future hold for the arrowverse after the next crossover episode. i hope it will be good news and some of the shows will be able to get longer run but who knows.

That last 15 minutes of the Arrow finale was heartbreaking, but I like that they’ve already told us that Oliver is dying and it should open things up for an epic final season, with whatever he is going to have to do, leading into Crisis on Infinite Earths. I’m fully expecting the end of that crossover or the final episode of Arrow(however that will work) to end with Felicity & Oliver meeting again in the afterlife, which I’m totally ok with.

What. an. ending. Crisis is coming! @PodFatherSOH

Curious to see how the next season with only ten episodes will look like going into Crisis.

I loved the season finale of Arrow, so much so that I don’t really see a need for next season. Maybe the first 5 episodes will lead up to Crisis & the last 5 serve as an epilogue, but other than that I think last night’s episode could’ve served as a fine series finale. We pretty much had all of our main characters take a bow besides Thea, Ragman, & a Quentin (via flashback scene). :100:


They are really putting over COIA strong this week. “Flash” had one of their best episodes in a season that’s had it’s share of ups & downs.

Old Man McMahon could learn some new storytelling tricks from Brother Berlanti…Lol! :100:

That end scene with the Newspaper articles and the years going down to 2019! Goosebumps!

They’ve done a really good build to Crisis. Kind of like a mini-version of Infinity War in that they’re removing pieces from the board to give the heroes a legit sense of danger & stakes (even though we know Barry ain’t goin’ nowhere)! :100:

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Another finale and another episode that got me all choked up. I really like Nora and I hate to see Cisco leaving. He’s probably my favorite character in all of the Arrowverse. I’m just happy he wasnt killed off.