Ash by Elegance appears at NXT Battleground, confronts Tatum Paxley

Originally published at Ash by Elegance appears at NXT Battleground, confronts Tatum Paxley

Ash by Elegance, formerly Dana Brooke, made a surprise appearance at NXT Battleground.

She appeared during the semi-main event between NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez and TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace.

During the match, Tatum Paxley appeared and attempted to run off with the Knockouts Title.


With a little bit of chaos, @roxanne_wwe defeats @JordynneGrace 🤯#NXTBattleground

— WWE (@WWE) June 10, 2024

Ash by Elegance then emerged to confront her. Grace would regain the belt after blasting both Paxley and Ash with it, but she then lost the match.

Other TNA talent and executives including Gail Kim, Jonathan Gresham, and TNA President Anthony Cicione were in attendance.

I don’t understand the point of any of this. Why would NXT want to run a TNA angle on their show? and why would TNA want their champion to lose in such a nothing match?

And then TNA thinks people will want to watch their show by promoting Dana Brooke? Just super weird by all sides.

Also funny that they fired her now hers Ash by Elegance on NXT lol since I’m sure WWE had a say on who on the roster appeared

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Just dumb. I don’t see how that benefitted anyone.

I howled when Vic halfway said her WWE name and corrected himself immediately.


Why did you howl? Please dont tell me, you think he messed up and genuinely almost said Dana Brooke? I’ve noticed more recently Vic Joseph especially is a pro at doing shit like that and its annoying as hell. Like when he constantly pretends he’s gonna say “Holy shit”, but never actually says it. Or when he pretends like he’s actually gonna say “AEW”.

This guy is one of the worst out there right now.