ASK-A-WAI: Ask Us Anything! (August 2018)

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John Pollock and Wai Ting answer their patrons’ questions from the POST Wrestling Forum in the August 2018 edition of Ask-A-Wai.

Patrons can submit questions by logging into the forum and visiting the thread here.

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Anyone else having issues on the iOS Podcast app with this episode? I’ve been looking to download this episode and it’s not showing up.

Not showing up for me either.

Yeah I’m also not getting it

We are looking into the problem - I’m seeing the show appear on iTunes.

One trick that tends to work is if you unsubscribe to the feed and then re-subscribe.

As soon as we have an answer, we will relay it over. In the mean time, you can go directly to the Patreon site and download directly from there at

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File has been re-uploaded. Anyone having issues, please let me know if your feeds are updating.

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Looks good for me, already started listening on Patreon though.

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I always listen on Patreon anyways.
I am happy to hear that John will be adding in Impact, ROH or something else on the double shot. Think he’s right when he said they probably doesn’t need to be weekly shows about them but it’s nice to dip in once in a while.