ASK-A-WAI: Ask Us Anything! (February 2018)

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John Pollock and Wai Ting spend an hour answering a mailbag full of their patrons questions from the POST Wrestling Forum.

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I swear WWE experimented with a fantasy sports type game in the mid-2000’s. Does anyone else remember this or am I going crazy?

Tanahashi vs. Cena

Okada v Reigns
Tanahasi v Cena
Omega v AJ
Naito v Orton
Bucks v Revival
GoD v Usos
Kushida v Mysterio
The Bar v SANADA and Evil
Rollins v Jay White
Ambrose v Suzuki

Also, shows I wish the Network would do is two guys doing directors commentary over their Match. But I suspect it pulls the curtain back too much.

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I remember some sort of fantasy thing but I can’t remember the details of it. Think it was around 2005-2006 time.

There’s an article from 2004 below describing the fantasy game launch for anyone who is curious. I don’t think this lasted long.

Can 205 Live be saved or is it a lost cause?

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