ASK-A-WAI: Ask Us Anything! (July 2020)

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John Pollock and Wai Ting answer their patrons’ questions from the POST Wrestling Forum in the July 2020 edition of Ask-A-Wai.

Patrons can submit questions for future editions of the show by logging into the forum and visiting the thread here.

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John replying to a particularly stupid question may be the best thing that’s happened in 2020.
Fair play to you John.
Dead right to call out such a bullshit question.


Yeah what a crappy, rude question to ask somebody you supposedly admire. I just hope that guy realizes he made a mistake and acts like a respectful adult going forward. You don’t treat the people you respect like that.

On a positive note, Dallas is really awesome. I’m about seven episodes in already.


Ok I’m going to slightly defend the question. I am interested in hearing about some of the positives and negatives of having a specific office space for POST Wrestling. This also isn’t out of the ordinary for podcasts either. The Cognitive Dissoance podcast runs their shows (or did pre COVID-19) of Glory Hole studios in Chicago. They could do a lot of things there together, bring in guests and it was away from their home life.

I think had the guy stopped the question after asking about the office space, he probably wouldn’t be looked at the way he is.

There is nothing wrong with asking about their business as it is fascinating seeing where technology has taken us.

However, to insinuate that these guys made a bad business move by having an office space & flat out insinuating these guys don’t make enough money is nothing but rude. Very insulting & flat out incorrect.

John was clearly annoyed as he should’ve been, but he even answered the guys second question. Dude is an absolute professional. I would’ve not been as nice.


I also feel the need to step in and ensure that we aren’t piling on top of what may simply be a case of poor wording in the original question, or intonation as I read it aloud.

For clarity’s sake, here’s the question originally submitted by @maniyac:

John you mentioned COVID forced you to stop using your office space and you have realised you may be able to get away without it. (If I may ask) What was it for? It seems like a very unnecessary over-head for what you guys do, I don’t think you guys make enough money from this so save everywhere you can!

I personally didn’t read malice in the question, but didn’t feel John was wrong if that’s how he interpreted it.

This to me, seems like it’s an easy case for misinterpretation and a failing of text vs. speech. If he chooses to, I encourage @maniyac to clarify his original question.

I’d also encourage everyone to just chill about this overall.


Oh for sure. This isn’t Twitter. I just hope Tony realizes he was being rude & is better in the future. I don’t want to pile on anyone as that usually makes the situation worse. Just going forward, be better. I really appreciate Wai taking the time to post that here. Kohn & Wai Aren’t just Wrestling journalist to me, but the measuring stick of how one should conduct themselves in life.

I was half expecting the 2nd part of that dude’s question was going to be “Hey John, how much money do you make?” That was an all timer exchange. Right up there with wai’s Game 7 raptors prediction (or lack thereof)

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I work in care, and people may say to us, I don’t think you’re paid enough, as a compliment to doing good work. Not sure if this was what the questioner was trying to say as it’s very different running a private business as John and wai do, but he/she may have been saying they enjoy the content so much that it’s worth more money than what they pay. Just a thought, if not, I agree with John that it was very rude.

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Just gonna chime in with my two cents because it’s the hot topic at hand.

I understand why John was offended by the question. I could see the argument of concern if the question had ended prior to asking about finances.

The backhanded comment about how much money you guys make is where it crossed the line.


Also chiming in because it’s a hot topic and I like t Shirts. Also far more entertaining debate than most stuff these days.

Question about office space is fair and interesting as a supporter of the show. But the insinuation of $ in the question was poor taste. I have to imagine it would have been better received if it has nothing to do with money. The money part wasn’t even a question it was an assertion.

Also, it’s basic math. If anyone took 3 seconds to do do the most basic math they’d realize how stupid this question is in the first place :roll_eyes:

When I read it, the last few words are key for me. It looks like a person, who maybe isn’t aware of how many followers they have, or just hasn’t even thought of doing the math and just genuinely thought, the office is an expense that isn’t needed and he wants them to save all they can.

It seems very innocent to me and not rude in the slightest. Maybe could have been worded better. Though, I am glad John took it the way he did, because it was a funny moment in the show.

As someone who works from home, agreed with John that it was a very rude questions. I don’t have the distractions that John has at home, including a young child, and I find renting an office space 100% worth the cost. I get so much more work done when I’m away from my bed, refrigerator, etc.

Either way, who is that guy to say “you don’t earn enough to have an office?” I’m sure he’s not a bad guy, but I would have been offended by the question too.

Listening to the FF review now, I can’t believe how nice of a guy Wai Ting is, almost taking credit for how rude the question was (from the way he read it). It wasn’t your fault Wai!!

I might also just be salty because my question was the one directly after. John and Wai provided a very professional and totally normal answer, but I can’t help but think about what could have been…


It was a fair question to ask, but worded very poorly so that he came off as a bit of a dick-head. It seems like the kind of thing one might ask if they have a five minute bathroom break at work and didn’t have time to take a few seconds to reflect on what he was saying or insinuating. As John said on RAD, it simply lacked tact.

End of the day it came off dickish and he deserves to be roasted a bit, but go easy on the guy. I wonder if this person perhaps has an imperfect mastery of the English language or lacks some form of empathy or understanding of Canadian social cues/norms. For some non-Western cultures asking how much someone makes or giving unsolicited financial advice isn’t as taboo as it comes across here in North America.

In general, I think it’s always important to remember as patreons just because we give John and Wai money doesn’t mean we deserve to know every aspect of their off-mic lives. I know Ask-a-Wai is designed to cultivate intimacy with subscribers but as a listener some questions come off awfully prying.

I certainly appreciate the conversation & the fact that this isn’t a place like Twitter where we just attack somebody saying something stupid.

Bottom line, no excuse, it was a dick move and a tactless question. Think some of you were giving Tony a little too much credit. Either he was being an asshole, or he’s completely oblivious. Either way, step your game up Tony.

Maybe the guy learns some thing and realizes how to talk to people. Something good comes out of it.

If an innocent and poor worded question like this is being jumped on, I wonder if anyone will jump on the borderline racist French Canadian question that was recently posted. As if John & Wai are going to alienate any of their French Canadian listeners they may have. Now THAT is a dumb question.

Most of my family grew up poor, but one of my uncles made it out of the slums. Whenever anyone would bitch or get jealous my nan would say “it’s rude to count other people’s money.”

That’s probably what it comes down to. Asking about resourcing and office space is interesting in a new media space like a podcast-driven website, especially in the midst of a global pandemic.

But the question about money, while not malicious, was pretty tactless. That said, the reaction was probably a little OTT. I always try to be mindful of people’s different levels of English, English as a second language, education levels etc. People don’t always have the ability to say what they mean.

I think this discussion became much more interesting after it was touched on during the RAD intro. In this new media space where our hosts are fully crowd-funded, you can run into competing priorities.

Is your priority your integrity as a host, to be honest with your audience and say what you feel? Or is your priority - to put it callously - to your family (ie. your back pocket.)

I don’t have the answer, but it’s something I’ve thought about before, and something that I think John & Wai have always been able to avoid - this is the first time since POST started where I remember a question of integrity vs money (ie. do we clap back even though he’s a Patreon.)

I hope the mention of integrity and money isn’t too crass. It’s a hard topic, I don’t think I’d be too hard on the choice that anyone in that situation made.

This is what we call it what about ism. Completely changing the subject and moving it to some thing to forget about the actual point.

it’s OK to be upset when somebody upsets you. I don’t see anybody calling for Tony’s head. Is he banned from anything? The boys even said if he would like to clarify they are more than willing to listen.

Sorry but I’m not playing the victim card for the perpetrator. Fuck all that.

I appreciate the care that you put into your post, but I’m bothered by the assertion that my defending of the question was somehow related to my fear of offending a patron; that I’m willing to sit on the side of “money” against “integrity” over $6/month. Now that’s offensive.

Is it that difficult to believe that I’m actually defending what I perceive to be the truth? That I’m actually exercising my integrity by saying what I believe, rather than letting the masses pile on?

To minimize the risk of this topic scorching even more earth, these’ll be the last things I say about it for the audience. Will be happy to continue via DM if you’d like.