ASK-A-WAI: Ask Us Anything! (July 2020)

Maybe I’m a complete Mark, but John and Wai seem like some of the most reasonable people. I think I will follow Wai’s lead and stop posting about this. It’s done.


I have a couple of responses to that.

  • I’m sorry I offended you. As you noted, I put a lot of thought into that post trying to avoid that.

  • Could I please suggest you go back and listen to what you said on Review a Dynamite? You literally justified going easy on him because he’s a patron.

  • I don’t even think it’s necessarily a bad thing if a crowd-funded podcast chooses to go easy on it’s paid supporters! The more I think about it, it’s entirely reasonable.

My two cents worth:

I completely understand John’s reaction to that question, i would have reacted the same or more angrily. In fact, i actually did upon hearing it. Unsolicited advice and baseless/misguided assumptions, especially from a stranger and let alone regarding such a personal matter, are real bugbears of mine. I can’t stand it. To me it doesn’t matter whether somebody has good intentions; my business isn’t automatically anybody else’s unless we’re close.

I had recent experience with somebody i happened to share an office with years ago like this, who simultaneously didn’t know how to take a hint or even a blunt rejection of their misguided attempts at friendliness. If you’re a type of personality who enjoys privacy and independence, people crossing these social boundaries can be infuriating.


I pay for the extra content on Patreon, John and wai provide the extra content. That’s the end of the transaction, they don’t owe me anything more than that. They have no obligation to discuss something they don’t want to, and react naturally to anything brought up. I’d say if a content maker changed their content to Pander and satisfy only their paying audience, they’re doing a disservice to them.


just listened to it yesterday, i think john’s response was appropriate but i also thought wai’s interpretation could be correct too.

the question itself was really weird, and reading it again, really out of line tbh.


I usually listen to your Tuesday shows later on while I’m working because it’s not time sensitive. So I heard the Dynamite review and heard there was a moment during this show, that was a really rude question. I get everyone doesn’t listen to every show but John has mentioned how long it takes to do the Daily update. There might not have been cruel intentions but hopefully a lesson was learned in how you phrase questions

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Can’t I just take a minute to thank everyone on this forum and share my appreciation for how mature and respectful this discussion has been.

With all the shit going on in the world it’s amazing to be a part of something where people can share opinions respectfully. Thanks everyone!


Hiroshi Tanahashi is in a very different situation than the other New Japan dads of the Third Generation, who for many reasons often beyond their control never reached the heights expected of them.

Tanahashi basically saved the company from its lowest point. And other huge stars like Muto and Hashimoto left the company before they got too old.

Do you expect a different final years run for Tanahashi the dad compared to other older wrestlers in the company?

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Wrong thread mate.

This is great! This made me pop.

Wrong thread. See here:

You need to tag him bud. Don’t want to steal your thunder. :+1:

@wai0937 @johnpollock

I have just become aware of all this fuss I have caused and before I provide a response and some context I just want to publicly apologize for my inconsiderate question.

I am truly sorry I upset you John it was never my intention to be disrespectful or demeaning to either yourself or Wai.

A lot have people have speculated and have been accurate, others have been way off, so I will provide some clarification for anyone who cares to read it.

First off, I have always had a different way of structuring the way I write things, that did me no favours in the original question and even though I am taking the time to write this now, you will probably still notice it.

I don’t have time to keep up to date, so at the time I asked the question I had just caught up on 3 months worth of Ask-A-Wais and yesterday I only just heard RAD which prompted me to go listen to the July Ask-A-Wai and find this thread (which if Wai didn’t tag me in I wouldn’t have found).

I did rush the question and because I had more than one, I tried to keep it short, I usually go back and edit what I have written but in this case, I never properly proofed the question. The final portion in regard to finance was structured VERY poorly and made the context of my question sound offensive which it was not intended to be.

To clarify the question, I was intending (and I know this may still come off poorly) to reassure John that getting rid of the office space could be a good move. Freshly hearing John talk about the office space, it sounded as though he was in 2 minds about getting rid of it. The question come from a genuine curiosity for what the office space was used for as all shows I know of are done at John or Wai’s homes. I am also a very logical thinker, so if there was no meaningful reason to have the extra office space, then it seemed like an unnecessary overhead.

Some people have suggested if you do some basic maths Post Wrestling make plenty of money, I don’t want them to disclose what they make, nor should they need to but my intent with the finance remark was indeed meant to be a compliment. “you guys don’t make enough” is a common expression where I am from to suggest you are worth more, it is not sarcastic or demeaning.
My basic maths from the rough numbers of Patrons you have hinted at, suggest to me that in my opinion you are both worth more than you currently get. I would hope that you also generate money through Youtube, the website, merch etc but I was honestly saying, I feel like you guys are worth more. John especially to me is the next Meltzer, he should be in that league. He does not rely on clickbait headings or misleading articles, does not over speculate on rumours, you are both full of integrity and always ensure you have a reliable source.

Some people may think these guys get paid to watch wrestling while the rest of us do it for free but the level of work that we hear about and I’m sure there is more that we don’t is HUGE, so I think both these guys are undervalued and although I can’t afford to give more I believe they deserve more. So, I was trying to say, if John has revaluated that he can work without a separate office then it seems like a good move.

I would never intentionally demean you guys, I have been a listener since a UK podcast known as the Ministry of Slam recommended the LAW when they took a hiatus which was around 2009 and I know I was certainly listening to you in 2010 because I still have some Review-an-Impact podcasts from that period. I have been a Patron since fairly early on and pay a little over $9 AUD a month to support you guys and get access to some great podcasts, so I am indeed a loyal fan.

This is where an interesting topic that I know you guys have touched on in the past presents itself, John called me a complete stranger and he is right but in another strange way I feel like I know him. It’s been at least a decade that I have been part of your conversations and shared many of the same thoughts. It’s a bit of a one-way relationship but I do feel like I know both of you, so maybe this led to me over stepping in my opinions and what I though was “being helpful”. It was a full day from when I heard RAD and had time to listen to A-A-W, I could not sleep most of that night, during that day I become quite upset and unable to focus on my job because I found out I upset John, it really felt like I let down someone I care about, so I truly am sorry John.

Someone also suggested Wai compromised his integrity because I am a Patron, not only do I not believe that to be the case but my interpretation is that Wai was attempting to point out to John that because I am a Patron, it would be unlikely I would be paying money and think poorly of Wai and John (which is accurate).

I know this is very long but given the hysteria I caused I felt like it had to be said. If you would have me, I would be more than happy to apologise on the air via Skype this weekend on RAS. If not, I hope this will suffice, I appreciate John still answering my second question and I will refrain from posting for a while as I feel like I have taken up enough of everyone’s time.


Think you’re being a little hard on yourself. Your comment was misinterpreted, you’ve explained yourself, no offence or malice was intended, end of story, no need to feel guilt or feel like you can’t post on here for a bit.


Agreed with @Tony you’re being too hard on your self. People love to gang up online and unfortunately that happened to you. Sure John seemed annoyed on the Podcast, and he’s allowed to feel/react that way, however this shouldn’t have gone past that. I hope you continue to post here and contribute to the board.

Top man for going to that length to explain /apologise, though at others have said, don’t be too hard on yourself.

Now, forget all that and cut a promo on Wai and John. This feud has the potential to go through Summerslam!


To me, it’s all good. Forgotten. You’re a part of the family sir. It happens.


Forget summerslam, save this for grapple kingdom!

I’m fine with that, but somebody’s gonna have to go through a barbershop window if we plan to stretch it out.

Thanks for all the kind words guys, glad everyone could see it was an honest mistake.

I was going to call in on Friday to make an on-air apology but the live show got moved to RAW, I will be working so can’t call in. Plenty of time has passed and there is no need to bring it back up, everyone has moved on and I will certainly be making time to proof read everything from now on.