ASK-A-WAI: Ask Us Anything! (September 2020)

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John Pollock and Wai Ting answer their patrons’ questions from the POST Wrestling Forum in the September 2020 edition of Ask-A-Wai.

Over 2 hours of discussion to questions about AEW, WWE, NXT, NJPW, show ratings, DC and Marvel, TV, sports, broadcasting influences, Apple vs. Android, Lego, when John & Wai will be in the same room again, and many other topics.

Patrons can submit questions for future editions of the show by logging into the forum and visiting the thread here.

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Re. Jack from Vejle, DK, question about a international WrestleMania possibly in Australia.

I’d this is incredibly unlikely. Since July Australia has had new cases in the hundreds daily. Borders between states are closed and if you cross you need to isolate for 14-days at your own expense.

Most mass gatherings in public such as concerts and sports have been canceled. Local wrestling has been hit especially hard with many running for the first time in 3-months with little or no fans. Some promotions will probily not return before 2021 with their states restrictions while some sadly closed down all together.

Melbourne, Victoria, the city that hosted WWE Super Show-Down in 2018 has been hit incredibly hard. They are currently in a 6-week lock down, face masks are maditory and a curfew from 8pm to 5am.

Their has been so many deaths in aged care / nursing homes and without getting too political our Prime Minister hasn’t really stood up during this time like a leader should during a national crisis.

Figures as of Wednesday August 26th 2020

  • 25,053 - Total cases
  • 19,809 - Total recoved cases
  • 525 - Total deaths
  • 151 - New cases in the last 24 hours
  • 3,877 - Active cases (estimated)
  • 644 - Total hospitalised
  • 56,678 - Tests in last 24 hours
  • 1,270 - Locally acquired last 7 days
  • 18 - Overseas acquired last 7 days

While these may not seem big compared to the United States Of America they are huge compared to New Zealand.

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@wai0937 Was there a slight delay on both of your feeds? You both seemed to have overlapped each other at times.

Just because this is going on now, why does it mean that it’s unlikely? I don’t see it happening, just because. It’d be back in Canada first. I’d suspect the UK too, before Australia, but not because of anything to do with the virus. This should be getting much better, before that thought even crossed WWEs mind.

I noticed audio issues as well. It created weird moments where it seemed like you were talking over each other which you guys never do, and others where it came off as awkward silence. Still a great show though.

Apologies. We each record locally before I use a Skype recording as a guide to help us match sync. As a result of lag, looks like there was much more variance than usual between the Skype track and our local tracks, resulting the sync issues. I’ve re-edited and will be re-uploading shortly.


Nic from Chatham,

Do you prefer MMA in a cage or ring?

I work in digital marketing, so I apologize for my geekiness, but where do most of your dedicated listeners and Patreon subscribers come from? Word of mouth? Referrals from other wrestling outlets? Leftover listeners from the LAW? John breaking news and stories that get his name out there?

I will personally tell you my story. I was channel surfing while eating lunch and saw a random show called “Review A Raw” on the Fight Network and saw John and Mouth. It was the strangest thing because you two were riffing away together and regurgitating the same thoughts I had on the show! I couldn’t believe what I was watching, so I had to find out more about you guys and found out about Wai’s involvement, which was the cherry on top. I’ve been invested ever since.

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Some great questions this month. Possibly the best one of these particular shows that you two have done I thought so thanks John and Wai.


Fun show this month!

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