ASK-A-WAI: Questions Thread

Branavan From Ajax:

When do you guys think was the point of no return for World Class?


John and Wai have mentioned that they do not wish to talk about this.

Two very different questions.

Firstly, I LOVED John on the Fishbulb podcast and Braden and Davie’s episode 0. Have you considered doing more in depth interviews on your site with Wai, WH, N8, ect. ? I love you guys as wrestling reporters but love you even more so as people. Sure others would agree.

Secondly, are you familiar with the concept of relegation in sport? Very popular in Europe but North America. Do you think it should be introduced in the G1 to help tell compelling stories for individuals. For example the bottom two finishers from each bloke are band from competing next year. I think it would make the last day of matches much more compelling.

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Imran from Huddersfield

How much value do you place in impartiality in reporting/journalism? How do you feel about getting news from left/right leaning sources, and how much importance do you place in not showing bias in your own work? Obviously there will be some inherent bias as you’re largely stating your personal opinions on things, but how good do you think you are at being able to judge wrestlers/matches fairly even if you don’t particularly enjoy the participants involved? (for what its worth, I’d say you’re both very fair!)

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Chris Thunder from Down Under

I’m not a fan of NXT’s gymicked gymick matches.

A 4-way 60-minute iron man match.

A 5-man Gauntlant Elininator match.

Personally what are your thoughts on these stipulations on top of stipulation matches?

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Was watching some old Nitro and they advertised the Boston Brawl in 1998 as an IPPV. I’m not sure if I misheard but I swear Schiavone said this was a ‘listen-in event’…

Do you know how this was received at the time? When did Internet PPV’s start to really gain traction?

Keep up the good work!

Dan from London

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Alexander from Portland

A lot of talent that was in Lucha Underground has made their way to AEW. From Pentagon and Fenix to Jake Strong, Angelico, Brian Cage and more. Do you think it’s possible in the future we see AEW have a Lucha Underground themed episode of Dynamite?

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Mike from Chicago.

Serious Question: I feel like the story of AEW hasn’t been the ex-WWE talent or the Elite, but their building of indie talent. It’s funny to look back to the set of pre-Dynamite events and see how they’ve established people who were just names on a roster - Jurassic Express, Sammy Guevara, Britt Baker, Uno and Grayson, MJF, let alone names that were added later like Eddie Kingston, Ricky Starks, and Orange Cassidy. Given that these wrestlers were “on the market”, why do you think companies like WWE or Impact didn’t scout them when they had the opportunity?

Joke Question: John, if I come to Toronto can we do an improv show?

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Straight up no-middle ground question: Is AEW and its ratings/demo numbers more the result of those my age (under 45) supporting a show that isn’t WWE, or is it the “minority” wrestling fans finally putting their money where their mouths are and actually supporting a wrestling promotion? I never paid attention to ratings but I feel like TNA used to hit over 1M before consistently, so I’m wondering if this may be a case where there’s a pocket of wrestling fans who just don’t like the WWE and will watch a non-WWE show if they can easily access it (for example, if AEW was on the blah blah channel like TNA in the past years, would it have the same following and backing?)

Never heard you guys talk about this theory before.

Chris Thunder from Down Under

I’ve really been enjoying the G1’s un-official C-Block of young lion matches which got me thinking.

Moving forward, I’d love to see NJPW replace G1 undercard tag matches with the Young Lions Cup. Last year’s Young Lions Cup was a 10-man single block with no final so you could do 1 or 2 matches across the 18 block days.

What are your thoughts??

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Ian from Best Film Ever

Who was the first heel you can remember rooting for in a match against conventional direction? For me, it was Mr Perfect. Despite being a massive Hogan fan. Every ounce of Hennig and his packaging sold the idea that he was faultless. From the amateur style singlet to the gum and the towel and Heenan and the Perfect Plex and the perfect theme. How could you not?

How about you guys? Who was the first heel that you just couldn’t boo.

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Hi Guys,

Can we come up with a word for a match that you really love, but that you feel uncomfortable watching either due to the guys involved, or the amount of dangerous stunts performed?

For example, “That Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle match was a 5 star ___________”


“That Parking Lot Brawl from Dynamite was a real ___________”

I find that more and more, on this forum and others, I feel the need to express “I loved that match, but I hope they never do that again”. Can you guys think of a term that makes sense for wrestling fans to sum up that feeling?


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Hi guys.

Alex from Edinburgh here.

I have been reading a little about the worked shoot phase of early 2000s NJPW Inokism and promotions like Pancrase. I still haven’t seen a whole lot of matches in this style but with raw underground doing a similar thing in a sense, have you guys watched much of that era of worked/shoot and if so what do you make of it?

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Chris Elliot

I’m currently listening to the 7th October RAD show and whilst talking about Raw’s rating for the week, John mentioned about a show in July doing the lowest numbers in the modern era. How far back would you class as the modern era and what is the differences between that and previous eras of Raw?

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Good Day gentlemen,

Going back a couple months, I had some buddies over to watch All Out with me and I decided to let my 6 year old son stay up and watch the first couple of matches with us. I made sure to tell him that this was pretend fighting and no one was really getting hurt. And maybe that is where I made my mistake. As he was watching Britt Baker and Big Swole destroy a dentist office and being thrown into a dumpster his only reaction was to laugh hysterically. I thought maybe the next match might interest him with The Young Bucks and Jurassic Express tag, but he lost interest quickly and wanted to go read a bedtime story with his mother.

Maybe letting him know that everything was pretend was a mistake. Have I ruined my sons wrestling enjoyment? Do I need to go the Damian route and show him Joe vs Necro Butcher so he can see that it can be real? I only joke about his reaction and his interest but I guess when I was growing up thinking it was all real made it more interesting and I took it more serious.


Phil from West Virginia.

Hey guys, continued love and success for all you’ve built. On that front, what would you say are your proudest moments professionally? An interview? Relationships forged? Initially breaking into your field? The launch of PostWrestling? Thanks as always.


Nic from Chatham

Would Bray Wyatt be better served as a babyface? His opponents are supposed to fear him, but we want our babyfaces to be fearless. Given WWE’s inability to tell a story with any character depth, should Bray Wyatt be a babyface and instill fear in cowardly heels?

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Anthony in Detroit

If fans were allowed in arenas, what do you think the reaction would be to Retribution? Boos because they’re heels? Cheers because the fans aren’t happy with Raw and they’re attacking Raw? Or crickets because because their is little to no interest in the group due to the way they have been introduced and booked?

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Walter from Texas

Does anyone know what the whereabouts of Shota Umino? I thought he was doing an excursion in the UK around the same time as Hiku Leo? Surprised he wasn’t included in the G1 young lion matches, but assumed it was cause he was in the area between Young Lion and Regular Wrestler

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Hi John and Wai,
I’m not sure how much you guys watch kickboxing but was curious do you enjoy the sport?(I’m a casual myself) Besides MMA, why do you think the sport never took off in North America? Do you think we could possibly see Rico Verhoven transition into MMA permanently as he has fought previously, and how do you think he would perform?
Stay Safe!