ASK-A-WAI: Questions Thread

With news of UFC increasing ppv prices, do you see WWE ever charging for ppvs again or can the toothpaste not be put back into the tube? Would it even be beneficial for them or is it more of a decision of the media rights holder?

With the ascension of Braun Breaker, what are the chances the Steiner Brothers go into the WWE HOF this year?

Sal from California

First, I just want to say that I love the daily news updates. Every afternoon, I go on a walk and listen to the news show. It’s a fun routine that I’ve come to look forward to.

My question is:

Since it’s been a few years now, where do you think the Okada/Omega rivalry ranks? Is it the greatest rivalry of all time?

Luk from Quebec

I don’t think I’ve heard you guys talking about this on any of the news updates, so I wanted to ask your thoughts on the infamous Nia Jax tweet recently where she mentioned knowing a lot of performers getting fake vaccine cards from doctors in order to keep performing without getting vaccinated? To me I feel like this is a serious criminal offense that should be looked into more and I’m a bit surprised it didn’t make the news more, you’d think WWE would want to look into this for the safety of their performers?

Hey guys, love all the shows and the daily news updates. Keep up the great work.

The lackluster mens Royal Rumble this year showed the lack of true title contenders in WWE. I agree with John’s sentiment that AEW should not mimic this format BUT, if they did one with the same exact format and all, think of all the viable performers who could have a real shot and story coming out of it.

The young four pillars of course, the NXT/WWE crew of Cole Oreilly Punk Mox Malakai Black Andrade Danielson Jericho, up and comers like Wardlow or Powerhouse Hobbs, randos like Scorpio Sky or Ricky Starks, returns like Fenix or Omega, Forbidden Door entrants like Ishii or Jay White, and god forbid even HOOK. How would you fantasy book an AEW Rumble with a prize of a world title shot in the main event of Double or Nothing?

Hey John & Wai,

I have read a lot of hype this week about Keith Lee and multiple people saying he jumped right to the front of the line as the likely first Black AEW Champion. This surprised me a bit having never watched his work in NXT. I wondered if you agreed with this statement or if you had a different opinion on the subject?

Thank you!

Hi fellows, I find myself wondering lately about the ongoing changes in John’s background/ work environment. I liked the black and red pattern, but it disappeared mysteriously I think, and was replaced by a beautiful array of wrestling merchandise and books. What was the reason for this change? Also, is there a story behind the Wrestling With Shadows poster? Is it connected to John’s documentary about Bret hart for the Fite network? Finally, I find it hard to concentrate on what John says with this huge John Cena figure in the background, with or without a bucket on its head. Is John a Cena fan? I know it’s more than one question but I just had to get that out. Thanks and happy mania season.

Brandon from Oshawa

Its 2032, which of these scenarios is most likely…

Hook vs Dominick Mysterio in the opening match of Wrestlemania 48


Hook vs Dominick Mysterio for the AEW World Title in the main event of All Out

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Anthony from Detroit

When Raw moves from USA network to Syfy, it’s expected and accepted that the ratings will take it a hit. Why? AEW’s ratings seem to stay the same if they switch from TNT to TBS or when shows change time slots. What does that say about the WWE product that a segment of fans won’t bother searching the show out if it isn’t on USA?

Thank you!

Hi John & Wai,

Thank you for all the hard work, you, and the fantastic work you both produce are the reasons I am still connected to wrestling in any form, so thank you again

Totally understand if you have answered these via the various podcasts you have done so you can easily pass through these if you have. Also you can happily leave these until last, incase someone needs to skip through your answers for spoilers :roll_eyes:

Main question for you both, what did you both think of the Marvel adverts from the Super Bowl / “The Big Game”? :smile:

John, have you been able to catch up on Hawkeye, and what did you think of it?

Wai, Even though you concentrate on the MCU, is there anything this year that excites you that is upcoming from DC this year?

David from Aberdeen

Alexander from Portland

I really enjoy your year-end likely/unlikely predictions so I thought I’d throw a few your way. Are the following things more likely or unlikely for 2022?

  • Omos wins a singles championship
  • NXT 2.0 changes its format/presentation
  • Kazuchika Okada wrestles in America

With basically six weeks to Wrestlemania, I have a question regarding Corbin. What is Corbin’s dream match opponent for this year’s WrestleMania? Each season you two are very down on the prospect of seeing him attached to ANYONE on the card, but just like “Hogan must pose” Corbin MUST be on WrestleMania. Regardless of brand or stipulation, who would you pair him with to have the best possible match.

Roy from Rhode Island

If one of Post’s Executive Producers asked you to choose their Rewind-a-Wai episode, under the condition that the episode had to be about a specific feud (similar to your Shawn Michaels/Chris Jericho episode), what are some candidates you’d go to?


In reference to John’s game with Ariel in the MMA year end show, are you guys green bubbles or blue bubbles? Any particular reason why? Do you all remember when you got your first cell phone and what it was?

Inspired by the great biography episodes of The Long And Winding Royal Road, which of the All Japan Four Pillars is your favourite? Not necessarily “the best” in terms of drawing, influence, or even workrate, but whose matches or style do you find yourself enjoying the most? Feel free to include Akiyama as the Fifth Pillar if you want.

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Luk from Quebec!

When the WWE Network launched in 2014, I remember how controversial of a decision it was. Many claimed Vince had lost his touch and business savvy, while others said this was being ahead of the curve and taking a risk that would pay off in the long term. There’s no mistake that streaming services have become the standard in 2022, but now that we’re almost a decade removed, how would you assess the decision to launch the Network at the time?

Hey John and Wai. On a recent Podcast, Wai mentioned a breaking story from Ringside News, but noted that you guys don’t normal classify them as a credible source. My question is, how do you determine which source is credible and why? And what process do you have to back check a source before you report it?

Which wrestler of today would Andy Kaufman have the best feud with?


Hey both, I have recently started my own youtube channel and wondered if you had any tips for new content creators to be successful?

If anyone is interested I’m keen to hear comments and feedback.

Thanks guys and keep up the excellent work.


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Hi guys, was bored one day and started watching some old clips for the LAW days and I had a few questions?

  1. Update from an old question who is the better driver?

  2. Any plans on some unboxing videos? Really loved them.

  3. Did you guys get to keep the LJN’s from your old set?

Thank you guys.