ASK-A-WAI: Questions Thread


A quick game of likely/unlikely after the Endeavour sale /merger…

By this time next year (or by the end of 2024 if you think it’s more realistic):

  • Connor McGregor appears on WWE programming

  • Brock/Rhonda do something UFC related (that’s more then just being in attendance)

  • A WWE angle takes place at a UFC event

  • An active & under contract UFC fighter takes part in a WWE match/angle

  • Vince and Dana White have a fall out.

Hi Gents

Two questions, Now that we are a quarter through the year. For an important year for the secondary MMA promotions. One FC Amazon Prime deal and a show in the States. PFL European league. Bellator very competitive lightweight tournament. What are your overall thoughts and interest levels John so far this year regarding the secondary promotions?

The second part is whether there is anything these promotions can do to get a lapse MMA fan like you Wai interested in the product


On the show for WM Night 1, John mentioned that the crowds at WWE shows in 2014 had a tendency to be more hostile than the crowds today. Why do you think that is?

Anthony from Melbourne

With Cody main-eventing Wrestlemania it’s amazing to me how he has fit in so perfectly as a “WWE Guy”, sure he breaks some Vinceisums but overall he seems suited to the WWE style.

I originally thought there was a high chance Cody would go back to AEW after his contract was up but after seeing him be so successful in WWE what do you think the chances are he re-signs with AEW when the time comes? Would he even fit into the current/future AEW landscape?

(Bonus question if it’s a light mailbag)

If Vince’s influence on creative continues do you see it adversely affecting live attendance, viewership, etc of the metrics that have been up since he “retired”?

Some of the decisions may not even be his but just the fact people know Vince is involved again seems to have created a perception of negative decisions being blamed on Vince which could harm the progress that was made in the time that Vince was away.

Fairus from Malaysia,

With the talk of WWE ‘using UFC playbook’, does this mean that:

a) WWE talents would not have their contract extended with higher pay?

b) more utilization of NXT talents in main rosters with minimal changes to their contracts?

Who is more intimidating, thinner Gunther or heavier Walter?

Hi John and Wai did you watch the Australian Grand Prix and if yes how did you find the race?

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Will either of you(probably John) be reading Guenther Steiner’s new book, Surviving to Drive: A year inside Formula 1?

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Anthony from Detroit

Cheers guys!

By his choice will Paul Levesque leave the WWE this year? It seems his role has been reduced yet again with the return of Vince. He voted against Vince coming back. His wife walked away from the company her family started and owned. I guess I hope the cerebral assassin character I remember tells Vince to F off and leaves. What are your thoughts? Thank you!

What do you normally eat for breakfast? I’m asking this question as there’s a movement against cereal as breakfast as it can be as sugary as candy. In addition, I feel John is anti-cereal too…

Hi Guys,

First off I just want to commend John, Wait, Brandon, the whole Post team on the amazing coverage for the last few weeks. Between Wrestlemania week, the sale of WWE to Endeavor, and all the other great interviews with Lucas Middlebrook, Alex Sherman, you guys are batting 1000.

I want to specifically mention the Drive to Survive review series and the episode 9 & 10 review with Jaycee. I feel that was one of the best conversations that has ever been conducted on Post. I want to thank Jaycee for opening up and really putting all that out there for all of us to have a better understanding. I really appreciate the bravery and you guys should be applauded as well.

I would like to pose a scenario and here both of your thoughts:

If Fernando Alonso keeps up his 3rd place finishes this season and finishes in the top 3 of the driver standings but Lance Stroll ends up somewhere near the bottom of the top 10 or out of the top 10. Do you think Lawrence the business man will overtake Lawrence the father and decide to take his son off the team if a better driver is available?

I do think Lance is having a good season so far and showed tons of guts coming back so quickly from his accident to race in Bahrain.

John, there is a F1 manager game, where you are the team principal of your own team. If the baseball simulator isn’t cutting it, I’m sure the listeners would love to hear about you managing your own F1 race team.

As always, thanks guys for everything and to the Post Team for all the incredible work you all put in to keep us entertained.

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Roy from Rhode Island

Hi Guys,

As somebody who moved continents in the last decade, the fact that this was in the vpn/streaming age was invaluable in being able to continue to keep up with media, sport and news from home. Wai; during your childhood/teenage years, what media/sport/pop culture from Hong Kong (or Asia more broadly) did you have the interest in and access to continue to keep up with? Is there any of this you’d like to share with Oscar when he’s old enough?

Dustin from Maui,

To be honest, your latest “Succession” spoilers actually drew me to stream the show. I’m on episode 2 and it’s really good!! You have Cameron from Ferris Bueller as the hippie older brother and Kieran Culkin kills the show. So far, Tom is probably my favorite character. He is super unhinged and hilarious.
Q: What is the most remote place that you’ve traveled to? For me, Barrow, Alaska. I was just out of high school and got a job assisting an Oceanography professor at the University of Hawai’i. He has MS and needed a traveling aid.

Thanks guys!!

Agree or disagree:
At Wrestlemania 30 Vince McMahon ended the streak because he was pissed off at the fans for forcing Daniel Bryan into the main event. (The answer is: absolutely he did)

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Ron from Chicago here,

Thanks again for answering my question; as a follow-up, the bagged milk we in grade school had was small pouches. Anyway, here is a more wrestling-related question for this month, what was the shortest distance you had to travel for a show? For me, it was a short 10 min car ride to the world-famous Berywn Eagle Club to watch some local indies, but this year Impact will be running three shows in my local neighborhood sports center, including Bound for Glory, which will be a slightly shorter 7 min car ride. As for the longest one I did, it was the AEW shows at the Now Arena which is nearly an hour’s drive from the southside of Chicago.

Thanks again guys.

Vince from Sacramento

I will be going to a Tim Horton’s location for the first time ever next month. After almost a decade of listening to stories from you two about Tim Horton’s, I am pretty excited. Do you have any top recommendations for what to get?

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Do you prefer Seinfeld or Friends? (If you’ve seen both shows)

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Who in AEW do you think is most deserving of being AEW World Heavyweight Champion when MJF drops the belt, excluding the former champions (Jericho, Mox, Omega, Hangman, & Punk)?

Saeed from Vancouver.

Like how Pat Mcafee has Aaron Rodgers as a regular on his show who is an active NFL player, If you could each choose an active wrestler to speak with on a weekly basis who would it be?

What are your opinions on writers for televised wrestling, and in particular, for AEW?

Cody and TK have made their distaste of formal writers known, and the awful writing of WWE has been on display for years, but for AEW in particular, I think that is part of their issue. Although TK has said he has a booking committee, he also is in charge of six wrestling shows if you include All Access, along with is Fulham and Jacksonville duties. Writers have worked for Lucha Underground, and current IMPACT has creative wrestlers like Jimmy Jacobs who became writers. Writers could also solve continuity issues that TK could miss, like why Dark Order didn’t come to Hangman’s aid last week, or bigger character issues, like Sammy and Daniel Garcia still being Jericho lackeys instead of at an MJF or Darby level.