ASK-A-WAI: Questions Thread

Imran from Huddersfield

Off the back of your Wrestlemania 17 review, I enjoyed hearing you both hypothesize about the different directions that WWE could have gone after Mania with Austin/HHH/Rock etc. So to that end, I’d like to hear what you would have done following one of the most infamous angles of the last 20 or so years - the orginal Nexus “invasion” on Raw. How would you have booked them coming out of that hot angle? How could WWE have effectively managed a 9 man group, and what would the end goal/target have been with them?

Also random aside, apologies in advance if I don’t get a Christmas jingle submitted this year - I’m spending all of December in South Africa so I’m not sure I’ll get the time to contribute something, and I probably won’t be feeling very christmassy in 32 degrees C (95 F) heat!

Luk from Québec!

One of my least favorite eras of wrestling was the dreadful Guest RAW GM era of 2009-2010… I hated how every show had to be built around them, they intruded into storylines, and while you had the odd big wrestling fan among them, most were just a terrible fit. I guess my question is, did this stuff actually have a positive impact on ratings and viewership at the time, or did we suffer for nothing? Do you guys have any Best / Worst picks for Guest RAW GMs that spring to mind?

Nas from NYC

Firstly I want to really commend you guys on your coverage of Saudi Arabia’s sportwashing from your brilliant Formula One episode earlier in the year to your coverage of the recent WWE show.

My question is what do you think the future is of this WWE/Saudi Business partnership when the current deal ends? Especially now that the roles have reversed from when the deal started as it’s clear WWE needs Saudi way more than Saudi needs WWE.

Anthony from Melbourne

Whats your take on the current criticism of the more sports entertainment presentation of the AEW product?

It seems that AEWs viewership/demo has stagnated and even declined. If the product is too wrestling oriented to attract new fans, I think Tony needs to try new things to engage more of an audience.

The tricky part is finding the balance of keeping AEW unique, providing good wrestling and match quality, while also adding some “entertainment” to satisfy the existing fans and attract new fans at the same time.

Or is this not the right strategy to try grow AEWs audience and should they stick to providing a product that appeals mostly to the hardcore wrestling fans so they don’t loose them.

I just canceled directv after 15 years. I have a buddy who hooked me up with all the channels live you could think of (sports/dif countries/movies) for 20 bucks a month. Hit me up postmarks if you want in. Seriously. Where in the world can i watch aew past shows and their ppv library. When will they be on max. Probably my only complaint with aew not being on a legit streaming service after almost 5 years. Quickly what does it say about aew that just about all the top free agents are choosing AEW. Thanks for all you do.

What’s up, y’all?

What were your favorite school subjects/extracurriculars growing up?

Hey Guys! I know you are both homeowners and have to deal with all the things that may come up with maintaining your home. What are some of the most important things you’ve learned? More importantly what was your proudest moment as far as fixing or repairing something in your home on your own? I recently had my washer and dryer both break down with separate issues and managed to fix them both after watching youtube videos. Thanks as always for all the entertainment you provide!!

Roy from Rhode Island

Hi John & Wai,

In instances where I’ve heard you both recount the early days of Post, you usually indicate that your intention was to give Post a period of time (around six months or so I believe) and to decide on its future viability at that point.

Do you remember a milestone, a moment, or something similar when you realized that Post would be viable, and would be your career for the forseeable? If so, can you speak to how that felt, particularly given the circumstances that resulted in Post being founded?

I don’t know if this is common Post Wrestling knowledge but can you disclose why Ask-A-Wai has kept it’s name from the old LAW days and the review shows have changed names?

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Rod from England

I’ve always imagined John being a dog person and Wai being a cat person, do you have any pets now and did you have any growing up?

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Imran from Huddersfield

What do you think about the idea that some have of the Night 1 Main Event of Wrestlemania not counting as a true “Main event”?

For me, the fact that they still have to sell tickets to night one, and at least some of that depends on a huge match to finish off the show would give it validity as a true Wrestlemania main event.

I’ve recently been going through the Rewind-A-Wai archives and just listened to your ECW Anarchy Rulz review from November 2020. Jon’s anecdote about seeing Sabu wrestle at Medieval Times in Toronto led to you both saying you how you needed to do a night out at Medieval Times when the pandemic was over with the whole Post Wrestling crew. Did this outing ever end up happening? Might be a good Post office holiday party, if not.

PS: I recently upgraded my Patreon tier to Double Double so that I could hear Jon’s audio news update.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • Gruns

With the possible return of Sasha Banks to WWE do you see Sasha Banks making a deal with WWE to allow her to do NJPW/STARDOM so that she have a match with Giulia and we soon see WWE x NJPW & WWE x STARDOM even now that AEW x NJPW is now nothing more than a “loophole forbidden door” with Jay White, Aussie Open and soon Ospreay! Have a happy new year!

Chris, Nevada

This question is directed towards Wai. With Jonathan Majors being fired from Marvel Studios, what direction do you think they should go would you recast Kang or go with a completely new villain for this phase, and if so what villain would you like to see in that spot?

Jesse from the 6

John, as an experienced Baseball Mogul™, would you have signed Ohtani to a Seven-Hundred-Million dollar contract?

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Excluding licensed music, what wrestler entrance themes would you consider your personal favorites? Would any ever make it onto one of your Spotify playlists?

Luk from Québec!

What do you think were the biggest positives and negatives from Lucha Underground? Could you see another show with a similar format come back and what influence do you think it’s had on the current product, if any?

Guys, this is more of a personal question if you don’t mind me indulge and if you don’t feel comfortable talking about it, I understand. Just wondering if either of you are religious at all? For me, I am passionate about the faith and with Christmas, I really believe that Christ is the true reason for the season. He rescued me from a path of darkness I was in as a teenager both mentally and emotionally. I’m still not perfect by any means but accepting Christ into my life gave me a better outlook on life, and a true love for myself and for others in a way that far exceeds any dreams I had for myself. Sorry for the tangent, but how about for you both on how you look at faith?

Hope you both a peaceful and Merry Christmas coming up. Grateful for this community.

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Do you guys have any insight into the finish of wrestlemania 9? I vaguely remember reading that (unsurprisingly) Bret was less than pleased to be letting Hogan take the glory but I have never really found out the story around how that finish came about and the aftermath of it.

Thanks for everything you guys provide us and wishing you and your families a wonderful festive period.

Amit from London

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Anthony from Melbourne

(Please skip if it has already been discussed in the past)

I did leave a voice memo but the mailbag looked a bit light this month so I had a bonus question if your happy to read it (I can always re-post next month if not).

Wai mentioned in passing recently that he took up Uber driving for a period.

Do you have any interesting stories from your time being an Uber driver?

Did you have any rowdy party animals that you had to calm down, maybe someone made a mess, or maybe you overheard a phone call that seemed shady and you couldn’t wait to drop that passenger off?

Or was it just a standard uninteresting job that wasn’t all that eventful?