ASK-A-WAI: Questions Thread

Imran from Huddersfield

Random techinical question - do you think podcasts are now intentionally slowing down their podcasts to counter the 1.5x / 2x speed listens? I’m 99% sure you guys don’t, but there are other podcasts I listen to that, if you listen to them at normal speed, everyone seems to speak so slowly, I can’t help but wonder if it’s something they’re doing, maybe under pressure from advertisers?

Mahmood from Bahrain

Hey Guys, similar question to @jallonar4040

I also listened to the December 2009 edition of the LAW and there John says that the only legacy of pro wrestling in the 2000-2009 decade is as follows: the rise of MMA, the death of WCW and Benoit. Do you guys still believe that the legacy of the first decade of the 2000s is a declining pro wrestling product? Do you look back at the decade more positively?

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First off, thank you for all the content! Outstanding job in providing us so many different avenues to follow with the variety of shows on this platform. With that being said:

When is the LEGO podcast debuting? I’m looking at you, Wai! :smiley:

Love your shows! Take care guys!

This is from Wes from Winnipeg
When does the Canadian WWE TV rights deal end, specifically with the WWE Network. Do you foresee any changes? Does the network remain a linear channel or will they go to a streaming deal?

Patrick from Reverie Apparel here! With the talk about how the new WWE World Heavyweight Title will be defended anytime anywhere around the world, what do you think the chances are we see the champion defend the championship in another promotion Forbidden Door style?

I realize it’s a long shot but they seem to really be hitting the anywhere/anytime thing pretty heavily.


Just for fun I asked Chat GPT to come up with a question for you:

“Hello John Pollock and Wai Ting! I’m a huge fan of Ask-A-Wai and I have a thought-provoking question for you both: In the ever-evolving landscape of professional wrestling, what innovative storytelling or character development technique from another form of entertainment (e.g., movies, TV shows, video games) do you believe could be successfully adapted and implemented in the world of wrestling, and why?”

Hey guys. Just curious if you two have done any kayaking? More specifically kayaking around the Toronto islands. I had the opportunity last summer to go with my son and it was a really cool day. The view of the Toronto shoreline from the water is incredible.

Steve Grows Weed

Hey! My question has to do with early AEW presentation and ways to improve presentation in 2023. I was curious what is an aspect of the first year of AEW (sans pandemic) you miss and would re-incorporate with a new A-show?

Personally, the lighting and bright colors of the graphics appeal to me more than anything they’ve done since. Similarly, video packages for acts like Wardlow, Private Party are fondly remembered.

I would love for AEW to learn from WWE and begin creating entrances that make their stars appear larger than life.

Looking forward to hanging out with both of you for Forbidden Door weekend.

Hi both. Following listening to the CWC rewind a wai. Im interested to know what other concepts would you have like to have seen them test or work with on the network?

What other things would you have liked to seen on the network. I personally would have liked to see matches with alternate commentary on historic matches similar to what youd fine on dvd extras back in the day

Brandon from Oshawa

I’m currently going through a watch of Dallas for the first time. After watching the show as a kid on TNN and loving it, I finally decided to start from the beginning, since I havent seen the entire series. I was wondering what it was about the show that got you into it, John? I didnt realize it as a kid, but for me it is how great all the characters are, from the series regulars all the way down to the minor characters. They all have something that interests me about them.

Also, did you watch the newer seasons of Dallas focusing on John Ross and Christopher and what were your thoughts on that?

Alexander from Portland

What are some of your favorite things about living in Toronto?

Jesse from the 6

On Rewind-A-Wai #126: WWF UK Rampage '92, you discussed with Doug Greenwood how he discovered wrestling was a work and how it turned him off the product as a child. Wai made a vague reference to having a similar experience, albeit with a different outcome.

In all the years I’ve listened to you two, I don’t recall either of you stating definitively if there was ever a time in either of your childhoods in which you were under the impression that professional wrestling was a legitimate sport.

So, did you ever think wrestling was “real”? If so, how did you learn it wasn’t, and what was your reaction? Personally, I’m not sure if I ever viewed wrestling as a legitimate sport. Maybe I just can’t remember it because I was too young, so if that’s your answer, I certainly understand.

Take Care

Here in the UK there is a very popular prime time show called Race Across the World. The premise is pairs of contestants have to get from A to B with limited money and no air travel. The latest season saw them go from the west coast of Canada to the east. It’s a fascinating show and I’d highly recommend it if you can track it down - perhaps you’re aware of a service that allows you to view content from other countries? Anyway - my question is have you visited much of Canada, and where would be your favourite destinations if so?

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Roy from Rhode Island

During a recent Ask-a-Wai episode, you mentioned a colleague of yours from a number of years ago who covered hockey, and who changed roles because he was offered another role with a national platform, which he felt he had to take given hockey’s prominence in Canada. You’ve also discussed in the past that even when wrestling ratings are high, things like ad-rates don’t increase massively because of the ingrained perception of wrestling and its audience.

My question is two-fold

  1. Do you think there’s any further steps that wrestling companies could take that would have any chance of meaningfully changing the perception of wrestling in the wider world of sports and entertainment?

  2. Do you ever feel that this perception has put a ceiling on the success and profile of your own work, and does this ever frustrate you, given the quality of your work and the effort involved?

Lukael from Quebec!

Something that was brought up by Kenny Omega during his recent appearance on the Swerve Podcast was his interest in seeing a romance done well in wrestling, as that’s never really been done before other than more superficial or comedy angles like Otis and Mandy Rose, or villainous swerves like Trish and Christian, etc. Do you think a more serious romance storyline that the crowd can get invested into is something that is possible in wrestling and if so how would you go about it?

Sal from California

Who do you think was the most valuable ex-WWE signee for AEW: Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley or CM Punk.