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Hey Guys

I remember in 2023 the discussion about betting on WWE/Wrestling matches and outcomes. With Jontay Porter of the Raptors getting banned for life for working with someone to manipulate the over/under on his minutes played by faking injury and illness during games, how likely could this happen in wrestling? I know its rare but things happen and match finishes sometimes change during matches (Fenix vs Mox or Willow vs Mone). If somebody was to receive a ban for life, do you think most promotions also ban said wrestler? Im sure AEW would givin the Jaguars situation with a rouge employee stealing, but would other countries like the UK , Japan and smaller indy promotions follow suit? Also, would you put a ban on gambling on your own “sport” as other sports leagues have?


Steve Grows Weed

I’m sitting here stoned looking at my dog, looking at me with her big stupid smile and thinking, “I fucking love this dog!”
Are either of you guys dog people? Would you consider having, or do you already own any pets?

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Hey John and Wai,

I was watching the recent Sting retirement match again and realised in the opening hype video, the one going through stings career and noticed that AEW used no footage at all from Stings TNA days. Was there any known reason for this? I don’t remember hearing anything about things going sour between the two companies but there was a good 10+ years of sting footage that could have been useful.

Thanks for your time guys.

Éanna (Irish name, pronounced “eh-na”) :grinning:

As you know, I’m usually a little behind when it comes to watching shows and listening to podcasts. So I’ve just really gotten into the in-depth coverage of the Janel Grant story from February and am listening to a lot of shows from that time. In the review shows from those weeks, John often says how tired and drained he is from working those days. So my question for John: What drives you to pursue this profession? What is your personal motivation for investing so much energy that there seems to be little left in the end of some weeks and why do you think it’s worth it?

With the possibly of a MARIGOLD x WWE partnership thanks to Giulia being a part of WWE NXT and Giulia debuting at NXT Heatwave 2024 at Toronto of all places will we see Kairi Sane & Iyo Sky in MARIGOLD due to their connection with Rossy and their past in STARDOM and we know we think Asuka has some “weird beef” of some kind with Rossy “maybe” but we hope there be peace

also what is going on with AEW x STARDOM? is it a true partnership or is STARDOM “double down” on AEW?

Branavan from Ajax: Hey John and Wai I hope you are well, my question for the month concerns the recent (as of my writing this) podcast that the VOW Flagship did where Joe Lanza details the PR efforts of WWE and how the wrestling media as well as mainstream media play a part in it. My question is what do you guys make of the pod in question and what is your POV on the issues raised? I find it deeply concerning as WWE is still embroiled in the Janel Grant lawsuit and everything that it entails and yet it feels like (emphasis on feels) that besides POST, most in Wrestling Media would rather not talk about it. Thanks for all the pods and all that you do. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking about going to one of the first two nights of the G1 in Osaka this year. What do you think are the chances of there being AEW talent in the tournament, and guesses on who it could be?

Brian in New Jersey.

All the way back at WrestleMania Weekend, when you guys held that very nice get-together at Drinker’s Pub on Chestnut Street, I recall one Dickie Bird giving you guys a branding iron used by Terry Funk. Did this branding iron safely cross the border? Where is it now?

Thanks, and I’m glad you had your time in Philadelphia went well.

Imran from Huddersfield

If the WWE and Observer opened a music wing to their Hall of Fame, what single song would be your vote as first ballot entry into each? Could be a song / Entrance theme/ PPV theme etc…

Amit from London

When I see Ariel Helwani doing long form interviews with WWE wrestlers, I always think of my favourite wrestling journalist, Mr John Pollock. John, I think you would be incredible at these sort of deep interviews. Do you or have you ever had desire to do more of them?

Thanks to you both for continued content and entertainment.

Mahmood from Bahrain,

While rewatching the Gripebomb, I couldn’t help but notice that the line of questioning from the media directed at Punk consisted mostly of(for lack of a better term) softball questions about Punk’s injury, Moxley, and MJF instead of addressing the developing story unfolding before them. Do you believe the reporters in attendance should have directly responded to what Punk was saying and asked him to clarify certain points? In general what protocol should be followed in such situations and what would you guys have done?

Luk from Québec!

Not wrestling related, but since you guys are both in long term relationships, and of course only if you are comfortable sharing, could you tell the story of your first date with your partners? this stuff is always fun to hear about!

Dan from London,

Congrats on the Tower Climb!

Do you think the reports around the Rocks professionalism and behaviour on set have impacted his brand? He has tried to spin his behaviour as ‘hardest worker in the room’ mentality but it appears his mainstream Hollywood star power is on the downturn.

Do you think he leans into this perception further for his inevitable Cody match?

Thanks for all your output! Dan

Hi guys,

Question for John this month. You can choose only one scenario between the two:

#1: You are guaranteed no weekly show for WWE or AEW will exceed a 2 hour time limit however the Leafs win a Stanley Cup every few years.


#2: Raw, Smackdown, Dynamite and Collision all become 3 hour shows but the Leafs continue to never win a Stanley Cup.


Brian in Cleveland

Here’s something that I began to wonder after watching the Black Saturday episode on Dark Side of the Ring… when Crockett bought the TBS timeslot from Vince in 85 bringing back the NWA style of wrestling, why did he not continue on with Gordon Solie in the broadcast role considering he was the voice of wrestling in Georgia for years by that point?

What’s the thing you do that annoys your wife the most?

Andrew from Cape Breton

So one thing that sometimes gets discussed when talking about the Saudi Arabia shows is that people will ask about US states with regressive laws. Usually the answer is that the Saudi shows are paid for by the government. With that said, Texas and other States are using tax payer money to get pay per views. Do you consider that to be a form of sportswashing? Should they be covered in a similar light? I know Saudi Arabia and Texas aka Howdy Arabia are different, but only in degree. These paid shows are usually vehicles for tourism, like the Royal Rumble this year with St. Petersburg, Florida.

Hopefully this doesn’t come across as a weird gotcha, but more of an interesting discussion, as that’s my intention, as this could be viewed as “whataboutism”.

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Steve Grows Weed

I’ve heard that Ontario Place is going to be renovated and reopened.
What are your thoughts on Ontario Place and do either of you have any specific memories of the park?
I remember them having Summerslam day in 2004 the day before the event. My son and I got John Cena’s autograph and ended the night with a Fozzy concert.


Long time fan. You guys are great!

My question: do you think AEW’s “long-term storytelling” is counterproductive because Tony doesn’t “course correct” enough? Take Mercedes, for instance. Debuted too early, spent months talking (her weak point) and now is a heel with much less heat/spark going in to her match. Another would be Swerve — the feud with Adam Cole and MJF was pushed for way too long, especially after Adam was known to be out for a long time and the Devil storyline was being panned. Swerve was red hot after the death match and should have quickly challenged and won the title. Instead we got months more of a lame duck MJF reign and a basically transitional Joe reign.

Personally I hope they course correct and go with Osprey winning the main title at All In. He’s red hot now — waiting a year imo would be a big mistake.

Alexander from Portland

Do you have any favorite airports?