ASK-A-WAI: Questions Thread

How do you see the evolution of digital content providers, e.g. Facebook, Twitch, Amazon, Netflix, etc, impacting wrestling? Will other companies look at WWE’s relationship with Facebook and especially Anthem/Impact’s relationship with Twitch impact how other independent companies provide shows and overall content to fans

What do you think NJPW can do to increase it’s penetration in North American markets? What do you see happening for Naito this year after failing to beat Okada at WK12? Do you see Los Ingobernables De Japon adding any new members this year?

Do you see any wrestler in the current landscape that could be the next one to transcend the business and take it to new heights like Hogan, Rock, or Austin? Has there been one in the last 10 years that could have that Wwe or the other promotions have missed or misused?

Is the 2018 men’s Royal Rumble match one of the least anticipated/exciting Rumbles of all time? I don’t mean to say the event couldn’t turn out to be fun or that the match won’t be good. However, the storylines going into the event seem so weak and the possible winners so limited and uninspired. Who would you have win the match and how would you book the winner/the lead up to Mania?

Which indy wrestlers career and potentional earning and drawing power was most hurt by signing with the WWE ?

I don’t think there is a sadder transition than the one from Kenta to Hideo Itami

How can this be avoided by the crop of newer signees ?

Do you think it’s possible for TNA to ever regain the popularity they had when they were on Spike? Realistically, what could be done to get them back to that point? With such an outflux of talent and minimal growth, I can’t see one event being a turning point for the company unless it’s purchased by an outside source with a mind for wrestling.

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Three things I’d love to hear your views on:

  1. What sort of new content would you like to see created by wwe and/or other promotions? e.g any new programme formats, shows.

  2. What would you like to see changed in the current format of wwe tv shows in 2018 (aside from reducing raw to 2 hours)?

  3. Is There any technology (whether it be physical tech like drones or virtual like Instagram, Twitter etc) you wished was utilised more? Or perhaps better by wwe and the other companies?

Do you think it’s possible to separate the New Day so they could go on a singles run without them actually letting go of the act. Meaning when they’re together they still do all those goofy New Day stuff but letting BIG E have a world championship push and Xavier a US title one (sorry if what the Shield tried to do in this recent run but failed miserably).

In my opinion there is nobody the WWE has dropped the ball on more than Sami Zayn. As much as I have enjoyed his heel run I feel there is so much wasted potential. Do you believe there is any hope left for him as a top babyface or do you think he is tainted goods similar to a Ziggler situation.

Is braun strowman being groomed to take over the Brock spot after Brock’s contract expires?

Roman from Portland, if we’re still doing that

I’m so happy for you guys and what’s to come in the future. With NXT continuing to sign a lit of established names, do you see them moving to an hour and a half or even two hours this year? With the stalled talks regarding the UK show, they could use those guys a lot more to help fill the time.

Given the relative lack of build/hype for the Men’s Rumble (Reigns, Rollins etc still not announced for the match) and the hype about the first ever Women’s Rumble, do you envisage the women going on last?

With the inclusion of a women’s rumble, more women signing and being called up, do you see a women’s only show? Network exclusive? would it be a good idea or die a death like 205 live?

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What can be done to make the US and Intercontinental titles have greater worth?

What is your take on the complete lack of managers in today’s WWE? The few they have had like Heyman and Lana show how great it can be and how much it can add to a character. There are so many performers who are great in ring but not on the mic and vice versa so why not pair some of these people up? Do you think it’s just something they stopped caring about or is it something they actively try to avoid? Considering how they insist that Heyman is an “advocate” it makes me think it’s the latter but I’m curious of your take.

Thanks John and Wei and keep up the great work!

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Good one. I think over the years, plenty of talented in ring guys could have had better runs with a strong manager like in the old days. Cesaro, Ryback, heck even some tag teams like Ascension could have been cool with a strong manager.

I’d enjoy a long, detailed discussion on Savio Vega’s heroic run to the finals in KOTR 95


What do you expect the top 5(ish) matches at Mania to be and what would they be if you had your druthers?

The question is simple. When did you started watching wrestling and what is your earliest memory got you hooked to wrestling.

How do you see the Bullet Club ‘All In’ show panning out? Will they sell 10,000 tickets? Who will appear? What does it mean going forward for the group?