ASK-A-WAI: Questions Thread

What are the next top five promotions worldwide after WWE (NXT / UK Live)?

With the time difference not counting as much in the network era should the WWE do a PPV in the UK(and perhaps elsewhere outside North America)?

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What do the WWE do about Roman Reigns after the steroid implication?

With the WWE purposely annoying hardcore fans recently (Jinder champ for half the year, wasting the Bayley first title win, wasting Charlotte’s streak, the Roman situation, etc.), are enough people ever going to stop paying for the network for them to change? Or is the product going to be just barely good enough for them to stay the course?

Would love to hear your take on WWE’s stagnant production style (graphics, camera angles, show structure, set design, etc) and to what extent you think it might account for the company’s ever-decreasing ratings…

Would love to hear views on the current storyline structure in WWE and whether it will be detrimental towards its business in the long-run.

Chances of Pete Dunne being in the Royal Rumble?

If you could pick one current wrestler from anywhere in the world to build a promotion around, who would you pick and why?

If Roman was the next John Cena, would you say Braun is the next Austin? Does he have the potential? What other comparisons can you see from the main roster to wrestlers of the past?

A roundtable discussion of ‘likely/unlikely’ scenarios would be a fun listen imo

Do NJPW run the risk of pulling the trigger too late with Naito as champion, like WWE with Del Rio?

Do you believe the dominance of WWE over the last 17 years has been positive or negative for pro wrestling in North America? Certainly the Monday Night Wars had higher TV viewership, but how do you believe the product compares to the late 90’s/early 00’s?

What do you think of Fox suddenly showing interest in the rights to Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live? Could you see Fox Sports 1 as a good fit for Raw? It would bring some viewers to that channel which could use them. Is there any chance Fox would buy WWE outright?

Do you see Eva Marie, assuming she is hopefully clean and sober, back in the WWE eventually?

What is the future of the UK Title?
Do you see that show ever actually happening?

What is your favourite non wrestling or MMA sporting moment ever?

One wrestler/tag team that you’d like to see leave the WWE in 2018 for other opportunities and one wrestler/tag team you’d like to see join the WWE.

Looks like I’m late to the party.

Simple question: who is each of your favourite teenage mutant ninja turtles? Discuss what that means for your personality.

Mine’s Leonardo. An analysis of that fits me to a tee.

With the observer recently reporting Goldberg was in talks with New Japan prior to his Hall Of Fame announcement, who would you have liked to see him matched up with had he gone to New Japan.

Off the top of my head:
Bad Luck Fale

who’s the number 2 wrestling company at the end of 2018 njpw impact nwa ring of honor also did you’s see the nwa empty arena match i thought it was great and well produced if you did thought’s

90 second pitch:

What’s a new show you’d like to see on the WWE Network?