ASK-A-WAI: Questions Thread

Hi guys. Have you heard anything about when New Japan Dallas tickets go on sale? I contacted the arena and they had no word, instead recommending I contact NJPW. I may be overlooking it but I can’t find a link anywhere on the site that provides such information. Thanks.

Scarlett Bordeaux is there still a place for such a provocative character like this on a wrestling show in 2019?

Imran from Huddersfield

Really boring technical question - but why on some of your shows is there 30 seconds to a minute of dead air at the end of the episode? Just wondering if there’s a reason for it.

Who in the last 25 years was a personal favourite wrestler or two that you loved but the trigger was never pulled on.

For example I always saw D’Lo Brown as a personal favourite though he never got out of the starting blocks into a higher position on the card. I think he could have been something bigger with a few different choices. Same with Matt Hardy for was example.

Folks like Christian and Dolph did get there but aren’t often seen as top guys because of inconsistent pushes.

With the sudden emergence of Kofi as a potential title contender (one I’d love to see win at mania) who else might the WWE be missing the boat on now?


Maybe I’ve missed seeing news, but what is the status on the Undertaker?

I read his boots were left in the ring at one show and just lately he would appear at Starrcast.

Before he went on to do non-WWE things I figured there would be a major “to-do” of it in the WWE (last match, HOF, Network specials).

This can’t be how his WWE career ends… Thoughts?

Hey guys have you seen this video (I sent a link) of Ron Garvin, Bob Orton,Bob Roop, Boris Malenko and Ron Wright exposing the business? I found it fascinating because of ramifications with Garvin and the NWA World Title and WrestleMania. Do you think it would have effected plans for anyone and the future of the business?
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Fairus from Malaysia

After years of reviewing wrestling shows or watching it live, when was the last time that you guys just got lost in the moment, putting down the analytical hat and enjoyed the wrestling as a fan?

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Thoughts on the Wrestlemania theme song this year?? it’s already wearing thin on me.

Following the events on this past Monday’s Raw w/ the introduction of 4 NXT superstars, this years shakeup may be difficult to predict. So John & Wai, who would you want to see switch brands or get called up to the main roster? Would you want to see anyone from NXT, NXT UK or 205 Live switching shows?
I’d like to see Balor go to Smackdown & maybe trade him for Nakamura as these 2 both need fresh match ups. Thanks guys

Brent from Tennessee

Brandon from Oshawa

Just curious if you guys have any stories of bad experiences while flying? Whether it be because of other passengers or just flying through bad weather, or whatever it may be.

Have you guys seen or heard of the reality show Love Island, its British based but I believe they’re creating a US version. For trashy TV it’s one of the more interesting concepts, with single men and women going to island to hopefully hook up to stay in the show. I bring this up as I remember you guys reviewing Jersey Shore eons ago.

I’m pretty sure I heard this from Bryan Alvarez but if I have my shows wrong go ahead and skip this. But do you think it would be better if WWE just did away with the brand split from Royal Rumble until the superstar shakeup after Wrestlemania? They hit refresh with the shake up anyways so why not let it be a free for all for a couple of months until then

Hey guys,
With Summerslam being in Toronto this year, which Drake song or feature would you pick to have as the show’s theme song?
I think Sicko Mode would be great because it fits the WWE’s M.O. of being months behind on something current, but is still an awesome track.

Ren from Melbourne, AUS

I was intrigued by John’s assertion on a recent show that Brock Lesnar, contrary to his presentation and popular opinion, actually loves wrestling. Can you elaborate on that a little?

2 questions that I am sure have been asked before but not recently I think so was interested to hear your thoughts.

First one, after the success of NXT UK and all the shows here, why still, is there no Mania/Summerslam in Europe?

Secondly, why don’t they have the RAW in the UK shows live on British TV? Sky Sports have the rights anyway and surely it could add new fans if they have the show live on prime time in England rather than at 1am. With the crowds’ normal reaction, people will appear stars to any new fans channel hopping and thus be more likely to stick around than a normal RAW. Also, it’s on Monday and whilst football is sometimes on on a Monday, not much else sports wise is so it would make sense. Interested to hear your thoughts.

Congrats on the 1800+ Patrons.

Evening, gents. Two quick questions, one WWE, and one MMA.

With the upcoming move to FOX, do you believe Smackdown will take on a completely new identity, down to presentation, graphics, announcing style, etc, in order for the network to brand it a thematically different show from Raw?

With Daniel Cormier recently announcing he has moved his retirement fight to spring/summer, is this the UFC attempting to either woo Brock away from WWE or for Jon Jones to win and pass a drug test following his next fight?

Thanks for the mountains of content (a CONTENTnent, if you will).
-Jonathan from Richmond

With WWE coming to Toronto for Summerslam, do you see any number of shoulder wrestling shows coming to town? Something like Game Changer? Or just expect some of the local promotions to run the same weekend?

Hi John and Wai,

John, I saw you link to the Eddie Guerrero “My Addiction” promo before the Lesnar title match in '04. Do you remember watching that live or the reaction at the time?


Hello John and Wai!

Gentlemen, in your opinion is wrestling better suited to shorter / intermittent shows that build up to a blow off at a major event? Rather than the WWE model where we have 5 hrs of tv a week and a major show every month.

The reason I ask is because I feel hyped up and have general intrigue to see a major NJPW show when they have been building it up with smaller shows that come one once in a while. It feels special and feels like a big deal. When a WWE ppv comes around, I don’t have the same level of interest as I feel I’m already burned out with too much wrestling. It feels like feuds are being shoved down my throat and I am watching just because. Thoughts?

Chris from Queensland, Australia.
With WWE’s current independent partnerships I’ve herd talk on some wrestling media sites of a “Buy Out Clause” is there any truth to this, and if so what does this involve?

(I’m referring to the United States partnership with “Evolve” & the European partnerships with “Insane Championship Wrestling”, “Progress Wrestling” & “Westside Xtreme Wrestling”)