ASK-A-WAI: Questions Thread

I’ve heard John say that Kyohei Wada is the best big match referee out there. I agree and he’s my favourite referee of all time. He’s still awesome to this very day and his interactions with Kento Miyahra when he’s breaking the rules are priceless.

Just wondering if John has an overall favourite referee and who Wai considers the best big match and/or his favourite referee of all time is.


How important is Konnan in regards to his significance to the overall wrestling scene today? Konnan is partly responsible for bringing in select luchadores to WCW, and it only takes watching a few matches of virtually any modern promotion to see the influence the lucha libre and the WCW cruiserweights had on the current in-ring product. More recently, he has been head of creative for The Crash and AAA, is all over Impact and MLW’s TV and is associated with their hottest acts (while also clearly having a hand in creative), and he was the best actor outside Dario Cueto in Lucha Underground season 1. I’m sure you can elaborate on some of these points, but do you see Konnan as one of the more influential wrestling minds, actors, or personas overall in regards to the current North American wrestling scene when you take in to account his introduction of the luchadores to WCW and his more recent ubiquity across North American wrestling television?

Joe from Niagara,

Just keeping this short, do you guys see Dean Ambrose or Tye Dillinger signing with AEW? Or maybe both?

Thomas from New Brunswick,

I believe I asked a similar question before but worded it poorly and didn’t really get my thoughts through. Anyway, do you guys think that a wrestling show could be successful long term if there is a larger overarching story line (like Lucha Underground’s Aztec gods plot) as well as the smaller interpersonal conflicts going on? Or does the larger story line make it too difficult for new viewers to start watching part way through?

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Sean from Toronto

In a follow-up of sorts of the Weezer question asked last month, has anyone recommended to you their 2014 album “Everything Will Be Alright in the End,” which is considered to be one of their best post-2000 albums?

P.S. I listened to a few tracks from (their proper 2019 release) “The Black Album” on Spotify and I was quite underwhelmed.

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Maybe more of a Dave Meltzer question, but why did the Steiners run in the WWF in the 90s end so abruptly? In 1993, they came in with their WCW gimmicks, won the tag titles by SummerSlam, and seemed to be gone by the end of the year after losing to The Quebecers of all people. Did they do something behind the scenes that caused Vince to sour on them?

Unrelated question for John: when did you get into Dallas? Are you just a new series guy, or also a fan of the classic show from the 70s and 80s?

Anthony from Melbourne

Had a real busy week but was a little disappointed I didn’t get a quick shout-out on Review-A-Raw or at-least “as was mentioned by one of our patrons” after picking the Batista & HHH kickoff to their feud before it happened. I didn’t hear it being noted as a prominent theory so had to toot my own horn a little.

As an actual question though, do you think we as wrestling fans can be somewhat hypocritical when it comes to wanting something different then not being happy when they try new things?

I personally knew something was up when they did all the video packages without Flair being in the ring but figured they might of been scared of what he would ad-lib, so they wanted to limit his time on the mic. They easily could of had Batista come out for the party and turn on HHH and Flair in-ring, which would have been a predicable segment, they tried something different and less predictable and for that I have to commend them.

One thing I disagree with though is they easily could of still had flair come out after they went of the air, selling serious injuries for the live crowed and cut a promo on how nothing can keep him down for the fans, I’m not dead yet etc to keep them happy.

Adam from Barrie

Hey John,
My wife and I are expecting our first child in early April. What is the one piece of advice you can give us for the first year of parenting?

Also, at what age will you let your son watch the current WWE wrestling product?

Imran from Huddersfield

This year will mark 10 years since the passing of Eddie Fatu. As he’s not a wrestler that gets brought up too much in conversation today, just wanted to get your thoughts on his legacy and particularly his run as Umaga - which turned out to be far better then probably anyone expected when he debuted. He was one of the best big men the company had in that time period, and apart from the match everyone remembers with Cena, he also had great chemistry with Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio if I recall.

Josh from Edmonton

Where do you see GCW being in the next two years? Do you think having Janela in AEW will help raise their stock at all? Do you think their brand of death match has lasting appeal to the general audience?

Nic from Chatham,

John, with such a stellar record at the dentist, do you use an electric toothbrush or just a regular one?

Ari from Montreal

Two questions:
Any news on bray wyatt?
And also why isnt that wwe does not cut ppl anymore? I understand if they have name value and could help the competition…but what about ppl like no way jose or b team?

Brandon from Oshawa

What did you guys think of Maven? Do you think he could have gone further than he did? Could you see him as someone who makes a one off appearance on a Raw sometime or is he totally cut off from the business for good? I always saw something in him and thought he was going to be a star someday.

Who were the fighters to get you into MMA? And who are some of your favourites?

Where is jojo? She seems to have dissapered like bray

Jake from The Windy City here!!!

What do you guys think of Sony/Columbia Pictures developing their own Marvel Universe with the characters of Morbius, Nightwatch, Kraven, Black Cat, and the Sinister Six, along with a Venom sequel? I genuinely think that Sony is wasting their breath and money. The MCU’s already been in full gear for a decade, and there’s no point in bringing all these characters that revolve around Spider-Man without even having Spider-Man in the movies. I did enjoy Venom and was glad it did well in the box office but after that, I personally don’t see it going anywhere after that.

Also, why do you think Sony is still hanging on to Spider-Man and not give it back to Marvel?

Chris from Queensland, Australia.

How do you get the clearance to use even audio and photos on your podcast? (For example the starting 30 second audio clip at FASTLANE and the podcast cover art including a photo from the broadcast)?

Brandon from Oshawa

While discussing Fighting with my Family recently, you guys discussed what other movies about wrestlers you would like to see. I remember a couple years back, a rumor about a Chris Benoit movie with Liev Schreiber playing the role of Benoit. I’ve got a couple questions regarding that…

  1. What do you think of the casting choice?
  2. What ever happened to this and do you know what exactly it was going to entail? Was any of his finals days going to be included in this?
  3. Would you watch it if it were made?

Daniel Holmes

Most people agree that Goldberg should have taken the belt from Hogan on a PPV. However, Hogan was going to be part of the headlining matches with Rodman and Malone at Bash at the Beach, Jay Leno at Road Wild, and War Games at Fall Brawl. The next singles match he had at a PPV was at Halloween Havoc.

Goldberg won his first US title two-and-a-half months before beating Hogan. Do you think that they could have kept Goldberg hot as the US champion until October or should he have jumped straight to the heavyweight title at The Great American Bash in June, just 9 months after his debut?

Alex from Maple

Rank movies that are you more excited for in order:

Avengers Endgame, Star Wars IX, Lion King, X-men Dark Phoneix