ASK-A-WAI: Questions Thread

Would you guys consider the Bella twins strong female role models? They sure do whine a lot about having babies and a man in their life despite all their professional successes, Nikki especially. That is what I take from Total Bellas and Total Divas anyways.

Branavan from Ajax Ontario: Since you guys are OSW Review fans I wanna know, which wrestlers are in your Boy Stables? Remember: A boy cannot be a former world champ (but I’m not sure if there can be exceptions) and are not super popular with fans (like Regal). Basically there has to be a twinge of shame in enjoying them. Also a boy is a wrestler as a whole, so you can’t choose Spark Plug Bob Holly and leave out Hardcore Holly. And yes women wrestlers can be boys too.

My Boy Stable for example: PJ Black FKA Justin Gabriel, Crash Holly, Test, Eric Escobar, Mason Ryan and Brad Maddox

Did you guys hate doing the wrestle crate unboxings? It felt that way which made them funnier

Colm from Ireland

Hope Wai is enjoying his vacation, it is well deserved!

Feeling a bit underwhelmed by Wrestlemania this year as I feel they are even blowing the Becky push. Is there any match on the card that you are really looking forward to?

Also, since ye have both have had birthdays recently I was just wondering, what is the best gift you have received?

Fairus from Malaysia

What is your opinion on GIF-ers (people who uploads GIFs of wrestling on Twitter etc.)? Are they a hindrance to pro wrestling in general?

Do you want to see Hiromu vs Naito in the G1 this year?

Colin from Massachusetts:

How do you find your tastes in pro wrestling have changed over the last say 5 years, if at all? I kind of find myself enjoying more storytelling in matches and a little less go-go-go.

Brandon from Oshawa

Who will become WWE/Universal Champion first, Killer Cross or Brian Cage?

Not so much a question, but more I’d love to get your opinion on house shows. I’m from Vancouver, and the best we’ve gotten in recent years is a house show once a year. Recently there was a Smackdown show the week after the Rumble, which they had advertised for three months leading up to the event as having AJ, Becky & Bryan. AJ was apparently banged up, so it’s unfortunate but understandable, but Becky was held off the card to sell her leg injury despite being on Raw & Smackdown the next week.

I get that it was a house show and that the card is subject to change, but we spent a decent amount for these tickets, and my 8 year old nephew asked 3 times if this was the time The Man was going to come out. I really felt let down by a bait & switch. When I talk about it, people act like I’m the one in the wrong for expecting the wrestlers they advertise with to actually be there. I tend to overthink things, but this frustrated me a lot.

Are there any games you play on your phones to kill time? Or is Twitter your main time killer?

John, how much time does it typically take you to write up the news updates? Do you ever hesitate to share personal takes or opinions in the updates? (they are always appreciated by the way).

Robbie from London, Ontario

Hey guys, a quick one here. Who are both of your personal favorite wrestlers of all time? And who in your opinion is the best wrestler of all time. For me its Sting and Kurt Angle. Thanks!

Anthony from Melbourne

I just wanted to get your opinion on how the Elite have been treating their run in’s on the Indy shows lately. I’m all for some of the tongue and cheek comedy they do on BTE, specifically breaking the fourth wall at times but don’t know if I like how it translates to the in ring product.

I haven’t really seen this get called out but when they do a run-in for the save, they go around hi-fiving every fan and doing their entrance like its before a match, pose in ring and all, while the heels just stand there waiting around looking like chumps. Admittedly I don’t listen to Cornette’s podcast and enjoy hearing his views but don’t agree with many of them but I imagine the amount of expletives he would bestow upon these guys for this would be warranted.

On a broader issue, BTE’s relationship with AEWs story-lines could become problematic if they start to integrate the two once TV has started, unlike Nightmare Family specials. They feel more like a documentary style but they have recently integrated some story-line stuff into it which has been well done.

Lucas from Milwaukee

Hey guys, in your opinion, which one of these aquisitions has had the biggest long term impact on the UFC? Strikeforce, WEC, or Pride FC.

Jeremy in Texas

Not sure if you guys know much about this, but with the recent injury and major surgery to Tommaso Ciampa, how much of that procedure and rehab comes out of his pocket? In general, if wrestlers/superstars are “independent contractors,” are they able to get some sort of health insurance so when they have these major injuries, it won’t cost them an arm and a leg, for lack of a better term.

Mahmood from Bahrain

Hey Guys two questions:

First, are you guys familiar with Simon Millar from Whatculture, Brandon Stroud from Uproxx, the Lapsed Fan podcast or the Tights and Fights podcast? These are just some of the other wrestling media personalities that I follow and was just wondering if you were ever wondering of having them on one of your shows?

Second, what would you say are the top three Wrestlemania main events? Bottom 2? In modern day pro wrestling (not just the world of the wwe) how important is a mania main event to a pro wrestler especially with the rise in prestige of an NJPW or possibility of a competitor in an AEW

The White Album is also great

Hey guys. I did a quick google search and couldn’t find anything about this topic. I was wondering if AEW or Khan have said anything about implementing any sort of Wellness Policy, PED testing or other form of drug testing. I assume doing so is pretty uncommon or unheard of for most promotions, but I’m curious about your guys’ opinion on if it would be a good idea for AEW to look at something like that or would it be more harm than good.

Thanks guys. Love everything you do

John, how disappointed will you be if Max EVER has a cavity?

What ever happened to Sawyer Fulton leaving NXT? Unexplained removal from SAnitY and quietly left TNA; in a good position joining oVe in Impact.