ASK-A-WAI: Questions Thread

What do you guys think of the recent Daniel Bryan rumors about winning the Royal Rumble? Do you think that there is still a chance he could wrestle in WWE or will the next time we see him wrestle be at ALL IN?

How do you feel WWE will change once Vince is finally gone?

Not so much a topic suggestion but a constructive criticism. The roundtable is too organized and sanitized. Prime Time Sports was issued as an inspiration but on PTS, Bobcat brings forward the topic and then backs off and lets the voices carry the show. This is John asks Wai, Wai responds, John asks Party 3, Party 3, responds, repeat for Party 4, and then follow this formula throughout.

The show needs some dissenting viewpoints and emotion. I imagine some of this is limited by telecommunications but still, it could be so much more.

This roundtable has been my Wrestlemania X8 - Big hopes but underwhelmed by its execution.

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To Brian Mann:

Can WWE writers put their input in any of the wrestling part?

The last time a storyline centered around a wrestling move was the Masterlock Challenge. Does one have to do with the other?

Hi lads,

Two Questions…

  1. With Rhonda now signing with the WWE for “several years”, do you feel that this debut and announcement has overshadowed what was overall a fairly successful Rumble?

  2. What does the WWE look like post Vince, how much if at all control does Hunter get on his own and if he does get control of the product - How much of it looks like the side projects we’ve seen him implement in these past few years?

Keep up the great work, already looking forward to this next roundtable.

Question for John on Ask-A-Wai,

John I know your son Max is still in his first year but have you thought of how, when or even if you will introduce him to wrestling. With my son I think I will being waiting until at least 6 or 7 years old so I can fully explain to him what it is and why he shouldn’t try anything he sees for himself.

1 Wrestling question for John & Wai and a Riverdale question for John…

  1. If the WWE & NJPW had a best of 5 “world cup of wrestling” type series(similar to what WCW & NJPW had at Starrcade 95) what 5 matches would you both like to see them put together?

Riverdale Question for John…

  1. Who is your favorite Riverdale character?

Will the new XFL work?

And with the XFL, its obvious Vince will be taking more of a backseat when it comes to the every day workings of the WWE, so I imagine HHH and Stephanie will have more of a say than what they do now when it comes to the WWE. So, imagine for a moment, HHH and Stephanie now have full control of the WWE. What would change? What would stay the same? Would there really be that big of a difference or would the product be completely unrecognizable from what it is today?

For Ask a Wai: wai, what is your favourite comic book story/graphic novel and why? For John, what is your favorite movie and why?

  1. If The Rock can’t do Mania, who should Ronda tag with? - I saw a suggestion of Angle
  2. Do you think Braun vs Taker is a better idea for both men? - I don’t think anyone is pulling a good match out of Taker, and at least Braun would gain something from facing him, unlike Cena.
  1. Will Lio Rush get forgotten because of Ricochet?

1 .Is there any chance of getting JEFF MAREK on a show for an interview or even Rewind a Wai review? I started listening to the LAW when Jeff was on the show and Ive always been curious to know If he still follows the product. Now that your affiliation with TSN has ended, is this possible?

  1. Idea for a Patreon exclusive: John and Wai play and review wrestling video games. An UpUpDownDown style of video while you guys play the games im sure most patrons here have enjoyed. Imagine playing through WWE No Mercy with John and Wai create a wrestlers as you progress along the story mode one cheap count out victory at a time.

Why don’t we see more top guys get made into tag teams. Who can forget the rock and sock connection. Always felt aj and nakamura would be great together. Also with the women finally getting all the mens matches how soon can we see women forming tag teams. Thx. Enjoy all the shows.

Do you see Aleister black getting the call up after wrestlemania? And how would you book his first feud leading up to summer slam? I would have him destroy some local talent for the first 4-5 weeks and slowly build him up to take on The ic champ ( possibly Braun ).

Thanks. Great to have you guys back in my podcast feed

Why was Damian Abraham so much less annoying with Brian and Nate than he is with John and Wai ?

I don’t listen to Keep It 2000 (I’m not a fan of the Nate & Brian combo) but I never found Damian annoying on any Wai/Pollock show. What did he do differently this time around?

He was a little more low key. Didn’t ramble and monologue as much. Didn’t drop any names.

I’m a little iffy about Aleister Black being called up. I would love to see an Aleister Black Wrestlemania entrance. However, I’m worried that his first feud, upon coming up, is going to be against Bray Wyatt.

Yeah. That’s a good point. Bray wyatt the eater of careers. I’m worried that he will lose his lustre if he stays in nxt much longer. I thought balor stayed to long and wasn’t as exiting to see him come up to the main roster

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