ASK-A-WAI: Questions Thread

:joy::joy::joy: Eater of Careers!! You’re right, Balor stayed in NXT for way too long. The thing is that the NXT roster so deep right now compared to Balor’s NXT tenure. And I think it’s pretty cool that we get to see Aleister Black every-other week. The break makes the wrestlers seem special, instead of seeing them wrestle the same opponent, every week.

He’s probably my favourite right now. I’d like to see aleister against ricochet before he gets the call up. Can imagine them 2 having an amazing ladder match

I’m a huge fan too. Different Aleister Black/Tommy End than the one that we saw with his thumb up Ciampa’s ass in PWG.

To be honest man I’ve never really followed PWG. Ive mainly just watched wwe from around 97-98 onwards. Started watching a lot of the NJPW shows past couple years

I don’t know if this is where you leave questions here for the next roundtable but I wanted to ask 2 questions. Ill try to watch the grammar

Do you guys anticipate expanding a little bit if you guys had time to review television shows that are popular or ones you enjoy like a Stranger Things, American Vandal, Glow recap for each episode or for the whole thing. If there is a demand for it I guess if it is something to consider, but if not I don’t want you guys wasting your time

Second.Do you guys think that with this metoo movement and ties to Trump will lead to the blowback from WWE’s past with things like this Lawler case being revisited or that even McMahon’s alleged sexual assault back in 06 is resurfacing? With how much people are under the scope and WWE putting up an article from Breitbart, do you guys think the wrestling business is going to be examined, especially since with this recent mainstream press of the XFL potentially returning

Why is NJPW so passive and conservative about breaking into the North American market? I have to order through pro wrestling tees for njpw merchandise because they never bring enough during their Global Wars tours. They are not expanding big enough in my opinion re: arena size, merch, you name it. The demand is there but they aren’t satisfYing it.

The wake up call for me was last weekend at Hot Topic. I asked if they had bullet club shirts expecting one or two items but they had a whole display for not just B.C stuff but LIJ and njpw merch too.

What would you suggest njpw do to take advantage of what I see as huge demand for their product here in North America?

Please see update in original post regarding the repurposing of this thread.

Imran from Huddersfield.

If “POST Wrestling the Movie - the incredible journey of John and Wai” was to be put into production by WWE Films, who on the active roster would you want playing you both? Remember, you’d want someone who can adequately replicate your unique levels of charisma… And on top of that, which Oscars would the movie be nominated for?

Also Did you guys see Black Panther? If so what did you think? You guys should do standalone movie review podcasts for the big film releases that you’ve both seen.

If the WWE had a brand roster shake up like they did after Mania last year, who all do think would switch brands or who would you like to see switch brands this year? What fresh match ups would you enjoy watching?

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Again, not a question but comment. Loved this week’s roundtable. Felt much more organic and for large portions Damian seemed to be carrying large portions of the conversation.

Very much an improvement from the first version. Please keep it up. I really enjoyed it.

Whats the greatest finishing move of all time?

New Japan’s recent tour of Australia was a massive success, and now, they’re opening a dojo in LA. What do you think is New Japan’s gameplan? Simply spreading the brand and bringing more talent back to Japan? Building relationships with smaller promotions in other countries (RPW in England, MCW and others in Australia)? Even more than that? Would love to know your thoughts.

Wai, do your parents understand what you and John do for a living? Or do they think this little wrestling thing you guys do is a hobby and are waiting for you to find a “real” job? I’m curious because I don’t know if my parents would understand.

  1. If you had to pick between these 2 options, what would you rather have in a pro wrestling product; dynamic, well-written storylines with poor to average match quality or awfully written storylines with excellent match quality?

  2. Are there any wrestling podcasts you guys listen to outside of the Post Wrestling umbrella?

Where do you see MMA in 5 years? Can it get back to its 2009 glory? Or will it be like WWF in 1995/1996 ?

I’ve got a wrestling question for both of you and a Riverdale question for John…

If you guys were to start up the POST Wrestling Federation and had to build your company around 1 heel and 1 face, who would be the 2 wrestlers that you choose?(You can choose from any wrestler in the world, but no one who has been a world champion in WWE, NJPW or Impact)

John, who is your favorite Riverdale character? Also, Betty or Veronica?

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For Wai,

Any spoilery thoughts on Black Panther?

Hey guys, do you think wwe are being a little too over ambitious with the reporting, that they are looking to run a show in a 100000 seat stadium in Melbourne Australia. they will be lucky to sell half the capacity in my opinion discuss

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Since the UFC’s TV contract is running out soon and they’re looking for the biggest money offer possible, why don’t they load up the FOX shows?

The ratings are seemingly getting worse and worse and it’s not like they’re putting on enticing match-ups, but the audience just doesn’t tune in. No, they are putting random match-ups like Jacare-Brunson or Emmett-Stephens on there. Compared to the early FOX shows where you had title fights or very interesting match-ups (Lawler-Brown for example), there is nothing special to those shows anymore. How is the UFC trying to get a big money by doing such things?

1 .Is there any chance of getting JEFF MAREK on a show for an interview or even Rewind a Wai review? I started listening to the LAW when Jeff was on the show and Ive always been curious to know If he still follows the product. Now that your affiliation with TSN has ended, is this possible?

  1. Idea for a Patreon exclusive: John and Wai play and review wrestling video games. An UpUpDownDown style of video while you guys play the games im sure most patrons here have enjoyed. Imagine playing through WWE No Mercy with John and Wai create a wrestlers as you progress along the story mode one cheap count out victory at a time
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