ASK-A-WAI: Questions Thread

Hi, likely unlikely. Hardy boys v edge and Christian in 2020?

Chris from Melbourne’s monthly music question

John, what are your thoughts on Aqua’s 2011 comeback album, Megalomania?

My main take away from it was how explicit it was, with lyrics like “fuck me like a robot” and “DJ, DJ, on the floor/ who’s your slutty little wh*re”. At first I was very surprised that the once kid-friendly Cartoon Heroes had become so provocative, but then when I figured that even the youngest kids who had been fans in their original run would now be of age to go clubbing and party, I felt it made a lot of sense and was perhaps even calculated to grab the attention of the now grown-up Barbie Girl fans.

Was it a hit with you?

Hi guys any good merch you picked up I Japan or good food you ate?

Brandon frm NJ

My dearest Postops

I’m back and you can’t hold me down so my dearest Wai I have some questions to axe u


-ever notice the sound fx that robert roode makes when he attacks someone or is it just me. I know it’s ridiculous but hey

-That Roman reigns statue whatever you call it came out at the perfect time before Valentine’s Day/Easter season. That Godiva chocolate statue will it be in shopzone with the Rollins statue that sting destroyed or nah

-John you fellas mentioned aew having shows at weird locals what if aew holds a show in the old titan tower building they would totally own the libs eh

-was that molly holly or Elizabeth Shue at the rumble

-is it me or Jerry lawler’s face is so peeled back it looks like the fiend belt

-its so WWE for shemus redebut to be behind a paywall thoughts

-John if Dick Togo went to that mania at Caesar palace would he wear a toga

-he guys it was me who put Ric O Shit

-with this ring I thee wed night dynamite

Have you listened to the Eric Bischoff podcast 83 weeks? I don’t want to be a jerk, but he brings almost nothing to the table. Every single episode is Conrad asking him about the event they are covering, him knowing nothing about it, and then giving some general sentiment about presentation or the NWO or ranting about Dave Meltzer. I think 70% of all wrestling podcasts out there (excluding Post Wrestling) are just repetitive rants and a waste of time.

Jesse in Taipei

Re: Expos '94
John, you believe the Expos would have won the 1994 World Series had there been one, correct? If they had, do you think the Expos would have stayed in Montreal? Would they have been celebrating another World Series win this past October and not Washington? Also, any plans to start up baseball mogul again? I’m not even a baseball fan but I loved hearing about your exploits with the '78 Jays, or whatever. I suggest a 20-minute patreon weekly show covering your baseball mogul progress. Wai, you can have ten minutes to talk about Terrace House. It’ll be great!

Take Care

I think Brndon’s Twitter ban is taking a mental toll on him.

I’m back out on work release

Diego from San Antonio

Imran’s great question from December 2019 and all the off-camera drama of recent had me thinking: Should WWE have a standard in place when it comes to making jokes and insults between stars? From Corey’s tweet about Mauro to Paul’s joke about Paige, these incidents and apologies are truly becoming numbing.

Even going to in-ring segments, the issue remains. Many felt that The Usos’ stock rose after the rap battle on July 4, 2017, which included Usos making fun of Xavier Woods in the Paige sex tape that the crowd reacted big for. Nearly two years later, the rap battle with Cena and Usos happen with the line that made the Worst of List for 2019. (Side note: WWE cut the sex tape line, but kept the mugshot line on its YouTube channel.)

I don’t know if it could be as simple as communicating with the individual to ask if it’s okay to say such-and-such or making guidelines on what to avoid, but when Moxley had to be the one refusing to say the horrid line untold about Roman’s cancer, the company with TV-PG content needs something in place to regulate itself.

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Anthony from Melbourne

If this isn’t peeking behind the fourth wall too much, I was just wondering how you select the names for shoutouts to patrons?

How do you ensure you aren’t doing the same name twice when I’m sure you haven’t said everyone’s name once yet? (yet to hear mine haha)

Jamie from Skipton (England)

Do you think with Randy turning on Edge so quickly, proves that AJs injury maybe more serious? I am sure the feud with AJ and Orton was never finished and was bound for Mania, or at least the Arabia showdown.

Can you both share a story of a bad date you’ve been on?

Roy from Rhode Island

Hi Guys,

You mentioned in the most recent Ask-a-Wai that you feel that wrestlers could utilize skills similar to those you’ve developed related to broadcasting to improve their promos etc. On that note, as two people with so many years experience in broadcasting/audio journalism, what are your biggest pet peeves with current wrestling broadcasting teams (whether it be WWE, AEW or others)? I know you’ve frequently called out the scripted/buzzword centered nature of the main roster WWE commentary, but what else about current wrestling commentary could be improved in your opinion?

Sam from Tennessee

We often hear speculation about wrestlers who are unhappy in WWE wanting to go to AEW or NJPW to revitalize their careers. However, is there anyone in AEW or New Japan currently who you think would benefit from going to WWE?

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Long time Vegas local here.

I have assumed we will get one either one or two years down the announcement line. I dont follow WWE close enough to know how far out they have announced, but stadium opens this summer/fall. There are currently 3 venues that hold over 15k (T-Mobile Arena and Thomas and Mack Center each 18k along with mgm grand garden arena at appx 15k). Orleand Arena and Mandalay Event Center at appx 9-12k. Most strip properties have a venue/ballroom holding anywhere from 500-4k. Tons of range in size, and most are within a 7 mile radius.

I look forward to that week!

Edit: This was my first post, but I have been a patron since day 1 (or 2?). It was supposed to be a reply :).

Finishing the episode now… wai, the Darien Gap is a nearly impassible swamp/forest sort of landscape I think north of Columbia (?) That has insane terrain issues, and also corrupt government folks, and potentially hostile natives. Always wanted to try it though!

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Mark from Dubbo, Australia

Is there a podcast that either of you currently listen to that took a unique path to get to? For example for myself it started with an episode of The Art of Wrestling with Gallows and Anderson leading me to MLW’s talkin’ shop, then Bauer & Pollock then The LAW and now POST Wrestling.

Thankyou for your time gentleman, keep up the great work.

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Imran from Huddersfield

Why do you think wrestlers within the WWE are seemingly more open to criticize storylines/matches/creative more so now then every before? Between Twitter, Backstage, Cory Graves podcast, The New Day podcast and other interviews with top stars like Becky/Seth etc, it seems that wrestlers are more comfortable in calling out the things they think are bad. Are we past the days now where management will “punish” talent for the things they say? And is it just down to the rise of competition and WWE not wanting to lose people.

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UK Office or the US Office ?

Chris Thunder from Down Under

Hey guys I recently re-watched “The South Park Movie” and wanted to get a Canadians prespective on how you feel about it’s depiction of :canada: Canada and it’s people?

Not only how they were depicted in the movie but also from the wider series in general?

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Ups Sean from Boise,

Wai, what is your opinion of the LEGO show on FOX? Can you freestyle build like the teams on the show?