ASK-A-WAI: Questions Thread

Chris Thunder from Down Under.

I’LL admit I’m not up on everything Stardom, but not that Bushiroad is their parent company would the goal be to move their major event of the year into the Tokyo Dome eventually?

Alex From Minneapolis
2 Questions

  1. have either of you seen the famous 3 way match between Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk vs Eddie Guerrero. Punk’s backstory of the match was another example of the excellent wrestling mind and giving person Eddie was .

  2. Do you ever see Joey Styles having a comeback story like Tony Schiavone has had? He’s been out of the public eye since the Evolve incident in 2016

Hi, John, have you finally seen jay and silent bob reboot? Thoughts?

Brandon from Oshawa

With everything going on with the corona virus and WWE & AEW cancelling shows or talk about holding empty arena shows, what would happen if they could not put on an episode of Raw, SmackDown or Dynamite? Are they required by the networks to have some kind of other programming, to fill up the time slot?

Also, if that were to happen, do you guys have a plan for what you would do? Would you review whatever airs?

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Anthony from Melbourne

Just listened to your fantastic interview with Evan Husney on the hangout and had a thought occur to me.

Is there any possibility that the recent wellness violations after a 3 year gap from Paige in 2016 could be connected to the upcoming release of the Dark Side of the Ring Benoit eppisode?

I feel like WWE may be expecting some of the negativity to recirculate once the episode airs and people would be quick to point out they have dropped off on wellness violations in recent years. By having violations more recently it minimises the conversation around the reliability of their wellness policy that was mostly enforced because of this tragity.

My own counter to this is that WWE probably would have known this was an upcoming eppisode before December 2019, although Evan did say they are still in production so maybe not?

John, I always wanted to ask if you’d be willing to contribute to an Owen eppisode of DSOTR.
Did Evan ask for your help or interview you for the eppisode? Your peice on the topic was amazing!

Thanks for the shout out Chris, for the McGregor event we chose to start with the main event because we both thought that’s what everyone was really tuning in for. John went with a main event lead again last time and I just ran with it. My suspect memory believes it’s only happened 1 time before that. The philosophy of either direction is really about energy, I personally want to devote the most energy possible to the biggest stories which is usually the main event, sometimes I feel like I need a warm up other times I want to go right at it. I’m not going to speak for John but as an observer, it seems that the narrative nature of Pro Wrestling with the setups and stories that develop through a single show or multiple shows, lends itself to a linear review.

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Mikey Omega in Fall River, MA

Hey guys! Have you guys ever tinkered with the idea of having a Post Wrestling mobile app? An app were you can read the latest articles, listen to all the Post Wrestling network podcasts and receive breaking news push notifications. Or even shop at your online store. For me, I would greatly benefit of and app like this since you guys are my main source of wrestling news. Also will you guys ever be releasing a Post Wrestling hoodie? Thanks!

Hey guys, as of today WrestleMania has been moved to the PC.

AS this wasn’t a issue with the city or stadium do you think WWE will return to Tampa Bay for 38 after Hollywood next year?

Who is a wrestler that everybody seems to like and really rate but you cannot see what they see and just don’t get it? For me it’s either Sasha banks as I think she is sloppy and very lose on all of her strikes and she just comes across as a very annoying person either heel or face , or Shawn spears as I think he is slow and boring to watch and very overrated! Thanks love the site.

I meant loose not lose haha

Hey John and Wai, hope your spirit’s up. Hang in there.

First I would like to say thank you, I have been listening to your podcast and feeds since G1 in 2017.
You guys make the best reviews of shows and often conduct very informative interviews on the impact on society and economics and ethics that are in related to wrestling. Your work helped me to deal with countless sleepless nights when my son was brought in 2017. You guys are not only doing it for the truck drivers, but also for the helpful (self-proclaimed) dads. Thanks (p.s. my son shares the same first name, Max, with John’s. Hope yours is not as difficult to take care as mine).

Anyway, I am in Macau. My situation here is that we have been dealing with the coronavirus for more than 2 months. Our government started putting serious effort to tackle the situation since 20 Jan, so in a way, we have a lot more experience to share.

At first, we were asked to stay home. School is cancelled, all forms of group entertainment were shut down and everything except supermarkets and hospitals were closed, similar to your stage now in Canada and probably the current western world. After about a month, my city has showed no more outstanding cases of infection and in phases, some of us to return to work, but with limited schedule, like half a day or so.

So now, after 2 months, most of the essential things in society are back to normal, though airports and casinos and group entertainment and schools are still closed, we expect most of the things are back to normal in late April or May. We are now facing some returning residents who got infected, but no major outbreak within the city. Our government was able to provide citizens with enough masks so that almost 100% of people in the street would wear masks. It does help to control the spread.

All I would like to share is it does take time and collaboration of all citizens to behave and be considerate to wear masks and don’t always go out. Soon it will pass.

Sorry for the long post. Stay strong and be patient.

by the way, have you seen the Road to Dynamite that AEW posted earlier?
They have the Liberians suspected Matt Hardy, Raven, Dustin Rhodes and even Jim Cornette as the exalted one, and in the end Leva Bates said she found out who is the one.
I really like how AEW uses jobbers like Liberians to have a role as a side plot in main storyline. It is very clever and allow every character to have a role in some form.
Anyway, so the question is, since the above are mentioned in such a way that it seems more unlikely they will be the one, and Lance Archer is already introduced as Jake Roberts’ client, who do you think the exalted one is?

Thanks and have a great and healthy day.

Is there an absolute point of no return moment for you guys with WCW? Or perhaps I should say what was the absolute last moment in WCW do you think they could have turned something around to at least to salvage something?



Hello! I was just wondering if people in Canada/America are aware that Gronk is used as a slang term in Australia? It makes a lot of Gronkowski’s segments a lot funnier.


Daniel from Scotland here, first time longtime.

A super eggheaded question, but one I’ve always wondered about. In your opinion, what climate responsibilities should wrestling have? I know this will be hard to limit on already-struggling independents across the world, but at least with the biggest organisations (WWE, AEW, NJPW, AAA etc) would any of them have to put in climate-related initatives? And what impact could that have, whether positive/negative?


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It probably can’t happen now, but with both men mentioning him in their promos, was Mick Foley ever a thought to be a special referee for the Orton/Edge match?

Do you have any good comfort food recipes for quarantine? What is an easy, go-to meal you’re making these days.

-Will in Chicago

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Diego from San Antonio

Could you see sports companies investing more into VR? Though the amount of units in homes is likely not much, the idea of providing a live experience with VR in one’s own home sounds more appealing than ever.

Chris from Cork.

Random question, but in a company like WWE and AEW, what are the duties of the timekeeper these days? I’m watching the poor woman on duty on AEW Dark and she just seems to be sitting there fiddling with her hammer. Is there more to it?

Dustin from Maui:

Wai: In the newer episodes of Terrace House, do you know if the concerns over the Coronavirus pandemic was shown? It’d be interesting to see how the cast members had to adjust to life, right before everything came to a halt.

2nd question: How did Hana Kimura perform at Wrestle Kingdom? Was she crisp and charismatic in the ring?

Thanks again guys and take care!!