Asuka,if found please return to Smackdown

Three weeks and counting

This is going to sound sacreligious but if the final match of Mania is Becky/Charlotte/Ronda then I really don’t have a need for any other women’s match on the card.
Not because I am anti women’s wrestling - I love good women’s matches - but I think it would really make the main event stand out even more and build to the anticipation of the climax of the show. It makes it even that much more unique if we don’t see 3 women’s matches before it.

When she wasn’t on the show very much she actually got over, then she got put in the title match and was forced to do her goofy promos and now the fans don’t care bout her. Maybe it’s best if she isn’t on tv as much. She seems more over if she is sparingly used.

Plus with pretty much every women on smackdown occupied with this tag team elimination chamber match, they’re really no need for her on smackdown right now unless you really wanted to see a program with lana.

I feel like the women’s tag elimination chamber qualifying matches are complicating things at the moment. She’ll likely be on after that show, but wow has she had a fall from grace from NXT. It’s really been downhill for her since Wrestlemania last year. Her and Bayley are the biggest disappointment call-ups. I remember them both being talked about as Wrestlemania headliners before their call-ups and now they’ll likely just get stuck in the kickoff battle royal.

People still pop huge for Asuka if used the right way.


The less she talks the more over she is.


May as well add Asuka to the Mania match make it a 4 way.
She has not been seen since tapping the hottest act in the company out.
Very odd.

Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar is singles match. So I guess there can’t be any other single matches. You know, for uniqueness. But wait, Becky/Ronda/Charlotte is a title match. So I guess no other matches can be for a title? Is that how it works?

Asuka vs. ‘Woman X’ at Mania will not hurt the main event in any way. Nor will the Women’s Tag Title match nor the Battle Royal.

On the topic of Asuka, I would have liked to see her in the chamber match teaming with Naomi.

I don’t think the problem is Asuka being absent. I mean, she can take a break. The problem is she has the title.

It should have been Asuka vs Charlotte 2 at mania. By doing the three way you’ve taken three possible opponents off the table for asuka. Id love to see call up like bazler or sane come up to challenge.

By having charlotte and becky occupied with ronda at mania, it give the chance for somebody else that normally wouldn’t get the chance to get that chance and show why they’re just as good as charlotte and becky.

I see what you are insinuating but considering they will hype it as the first ever Women’s main event, they are invoking the gender card to be historic, so I’m invoking it for uniqueness.
And while Asuka vs women X won’t put a dent in the hype of the main event, it will make a massive dent in the perspective of what is mid-card and barely important women’s division matches. Something I can’t say I’ve felt til this upcoming Mania. Why further that sentiment more?

I didn’t realize it’s been that long since she’s been seen on SD.

They’ve established that they have no idea how to book or script Asuka. Doing nothing with her for the moment is actually to her benefit.

A bit confused here. So, if Asuka defends the championship in the middle of the biggest show of the year it makes the women’s division look unimportant. Yet, if Asuka (and the championship) are not on the 7-8 hour show it makes the women’s look important?

Not women’s division. It makes Asuka and her title look extremely secondary to the main event. Whereas with no other match on the card like it, the main event feels even that much more unique.

Like when Hell in a Cell was a main event gimmick and not used throughout a card for multiple matches that don’t need it.

Asuka has already been placed aside in favor of the main story with the three top women. The residual impact of that is whoever she winds up facing both of them will feel a far distant number 2 match and it’s going to peg them as such coming out of it for a long time. Like when the World Heavyweoght Championship went to guys like Ziggler who got pegged as bad champions and forever midcard acts. nowhere near as important as top billed stars. Why run into that head first and not try a way to avoid it.

But that is an inherent trait of a two champion system that the WWE currently employs. One championship is going to be the less than. I still cannot wrap my head around leaving Asuka (and her championship) off the card? I’d rather it be perceived as a #2 match over not being important enough to be rated. Last year, Charlotte vs. Asuka was the #1 women’s match. Nax vs. Bliss did nothing to affect that despite being #2 (and arguably #3 behind the historic 1st time name-redacted battle royal).

Also, I don’t think the comparison to Hell in a Cell works. Hell in a Cell is a gimmick match. Women’s matches are not gimmick matches.

It should be Ronda v. Becky remaining a singles match with Asuka taking on Charlotte (which would be a better match than Ronda/Becky). That seemed like the realistically best route to go down. Seeing as they’re not going down that route and knew they weren’t going down that route, they should’ve done more to build someone else who at least states their plan is to go after the title rather than only start that a month before WrestleMania. The tag titles aren’t an excuse in my opinion, even if they’re not going to do a singles match at Elimination Chamber, they still could’ve singled a couple of wrestlers out and make them look like credible singles competitors and have them state their ambition to become champion.

The main issue is that they’re building the Raw women’s title on both shows using the 2 top women from SmackDown. Unpopular opinion but they should’ve had Becky win the SD title at the Rumble, have Becky cost Ronda the title and then have Ronda win the Rumble. Build the triple threat by having Charlotte state Ronda wasn’t even supposed to be in the Rumble or something. Raw has Sasha, Nia, Bayley, Nia and Alexa so they can easily survive without Ronda.

At the moment it looks like the SD women’s title programme will be a random multiwoman match. Unless they make the only choice that could be exciting. Call up Baesler. She doesn’t need to lose a match for the NXT women’s title either. Have her pose with the SD women’s title and NXT women’s title at Mania and then just her vacate the NXT women’s title.

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I’d rather have Shayna come up from NXT with her belt and challenge Asuka at Wrestlemania.