Asuka,if found please return to Smackdown

I’m in favor of Shayna.

And when the WWE is going to go all out with a first ever Women’s main event, I do have to say that’s a gimmick. To me a gimmick is anything that sells a match that’s not the normal or expected. In this case, historically it’s always a men’s match and top title match. If they are using the female first time ever as the selling point it’s a gimmick.

i agree with you that it should have been becky vs ronda and charlotte vs asuka at mania, it wold have been a great one two punch for the women’s on the mania card. But there not going that route and Sadly pretty everybody on smackdown was taken by the dumb tag title match at elimination chamber. So who was left on smackdown that you could have build up for a title match at elimination chamber?

You had Lana, which let’s face it, the less you have her in the ring the better. Then you have the 2 call ups, Let’S start with Lacey evans, nothing agains her but even if you try to build her up even if it’s just for a title match at elimination chamber, it wouldn’t work, they called her up too soon and it shows because she’s really sloppy in the ring and i saw her in a match with natalya last week on main event and natalya wasn’t able to get a good match out of her so what chance would asuka have. The only option would have been to pretty much squash lacey in that match. As for Nikki, i think they could have done something with her if they care about building her up, but it seem that the writers don’T really know what to do with a gimmick like hers and it shows on tv that’s she a afterthought. The fact that the call ups are suppose to float around raw and smackdown and are pretty only wrestling either on raw or main event is saying a lot about what they think of the group at the moment so Nikki isn’t going anywhere as well.

So that’s pretty much it now. The problem is that 2 out of the three performers in the smackdown women’s division are pretty much stuck on a raw program for mania so they don’t really want to use them. Calling somebody up at this point really doesn’t make sense as well because no matter how much you build them up, they won’t be ready in time for mania, so the last option is either switch somebody from Raw to smackdown or use somebody that you already have and try to do the best that you can with that.

If i was them, i would just transfer natalya back to smackdown and have her in a program with asuka for mania. It wouldn’t be as big as if charlotte was facing asuka but at less it feel fresh and they could have a really good match together.

The other option would be to use mandy rose in that position but you would have to work really hard to make look like a star the caliber of Asuka in time for mania and the match, at less in ring wise, wouldn’t be as good.

Think I was right in saying the womens tag team titles was a bad idea because of exactly this type of situation…dont have enough women to even so two titles…and yet we needed tsg titles because…idk.