Asuka: One year later

It’s been a year and she’s not over and in a horrible position on the card. She went from kicking ass to dancing. Exact same thing with Nakamura, such a waste of both.


I think WWE is doing a rota with the wrestlers. Becky was nowhere and now she’s at the top, Jinder was nowhere and has been at the top. They just take turns. They want to have enough wrestlers to produce different main events or championship matches across the years.

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Push everyone…oh wait you can’t do that.

She had the biggest push this generations seen and will always be known as the first person to win the women’s royal rumble…sure let’s make her a heat magnet like Charlotte currently is with Becky Lynch fans.

I agree, the only wrestler who has been main eventing everything is Roman Reigns and he’s been hated for that.

Here the thing, on the main roster, they only have a place for one or 2 women’s being push strong and be the face of the division. On Raw is Ronda Rousey now because obviously, she the most recognizable face in the division, and on smackdown is Charlotte. The Love affair WWE has with Charlotte as cost a lot of performance to get push aside for her to get over. Asuka was just the latest in a long line of performer they sacrifice for charlotte and Asuka will be number 2 or 3 on smackdown doesn’t have a lot to do right now because she not in a program with charlotte, Becky is. When Becky is done with Charlotte, Asuka will get whoever the place of whoever lose.

Asuka could have been something great if push properly but the fact is, They like Charlotte and for them, that’s what a Star should look like so Asuka gets toss to the side like Bayley, Sasha and other have been before.

She’s not being pushed to the moon guys.

Fire her, some people on the internet question her standing in the company.

It’s not like they have an all-women’s PPV or anything. Cant push everyone. Just throw her in the battle royal.

They sacrificed Asuka’s streak to put over Charlotte, who in turn put over Carmella, who also now dances as her main gimmick.

Awesome storytelling.


Yeah a random match is better.

Not like they booked almost every women they possibly could for that women’s show

You’re right, they just don’t have the time available to put together storylines and matches that make sense.

You actually watch the shows?

Guys, what are you talking about?! She’s going for redemption at Evolution vs Charlotte after having lost the streak at Mania and being completely broken down by Carmella. Shes been on a mini win streak on Smackdown and has built her way back up to face Charlotte at the first all women’s PPV. It’s going to steal the show ahead of Rousey and Nikki Bella and Carmella and (insert any other female wrestler who can’t get shine here)

Oh wait, never mind. That’s not happening.

It’s one of the worst / saddest call up stories ever. This is my casual fans second biggest gripe and reason he refuses to watch NXT (Balor being the other and his assertion that he could care less about 90% or former NXT talent so why spend time watching that show - he’s not wrong)

As for whoever said Nakamura and Asuka are the same - yes, they’ve been reduced to token Japanese talent on the main roster who are more known for dancing than in ring. Sad. God I hope Nakamura goes back to New Japan to finish his career.

To think I once tried to sell my buddy on Asuka Rousey being the second biggest Ronda match (first being Charlotte). Ugh.

Do you think a women’s tag division could save Asuka? Pair her with Kari Sane or something. I know that’s racist but let’s be honest that’s exactly what team they’d make.

A manager or tag partner would definitely provide a chance to restart a push for the character. But paring her with Kari is the opposite of what the should do. Auskas broken English is why WWE doesn’t know what to do with her. At the end of the day WWE wants their stars to be able to tell different stories on the mic and be comfortable doing lots of different types of publicity.

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I never have got why people want Japanese wrestlers in WWE so bad. Its never good and WWE just demeans them. I really hope that fans hardcore fans have learned by now what Vince thinks of foreign wrestlers who can’t speak English very good by now.

I still think you can maybe repair Asuka because she is so much better in the ring than the other girls and I think that can get over. Nakamura is hopeless because quite frankly he flat out sucks. His matches sucks, he doesn’t look like he could hurt somebody and his English is very poor. The sooner he goes back to Japan the better.

I have always been a proponent, regardless of whether it’s men or women, that the World Championship feud should involve the wrestlers who are the best, or perceived as the best in the division. Asuka, I would argue, when she first arrived was considered one of the best in the division. The frustration comes with her toiling away in the undercard while less talented wrestlers, like Carmella, are featured in main event programs for the women. I have no issue with Asuka not constantly being featured on top, as long as those who are, are credible in the role, which we currently have on Smackdown.

As well, I don’t think the Becky and Asuka situations are the same. I don’t think Becky ever felt as low or irrelevant on the card as Asuka does now. Becky always felt like she could break out at any moment, while Asuka feels like she’s stuck.

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I think they have trouble writing for people who don’t speak English fluently, as silly as that sounds. Since they struggle with that, the push is hindered. The character flounders.

I would totally prefer if they speak in their native language (not just the Japanese wrestlers). They can express their emotions a lot more than struggling to say their scripted lines. This would be a whole presentation re-vamp though.

One day…wishful thinking.

Did anyone suggest a “mouth piece” yet?

Because that’s what everyone says when a non English speaking performer isn’t where they think they should be.

No one realizing she hasn’t lost since that Carmella match and made to look better than The Miz in the Mix Match Challenge…but hey that means nothing…she’s in a battle royal.

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I feel like we are taking wrestling too seriously sometimes. Asuka is at a pretty good place right now, she no.2 behind Charlotte as far as challengers for the title is concern. She look like she having a blast doing what she doing right now and I don’t see it as WWE not knowing what to do or not pushing her the right way, but more about not having enough time to have more then one big program for the women’s on smackdown.

Let’s face it, nobody will become a bigger star on the women’s roster then Charlotte and Ronda rousey, we have to get a grip on that reality, they put so much money on Charlotte and Ronda to give up focus on them, but asuka is in a great position right now and even if she’s a afterthought right now, she’s will get back in focus when the whole Charlotte vs Becky feud is over because she is the number 2 superstar on the smackdown women’s division and they see her as a big star, not as big as Charlotte but still a big star,

So why sign all these women? Why have two titles? What’s the point?

There was literally no reason at all to call Asuka up. She is worse off than she was one year ago.

I hope Asuka is at least making more money on the main roster. That might make the call-up worth it for her.

Is Sonny Onoo still around?