Attended the Heels Episode 3 advanced screening

This past Thursday, I got the lucky chance to attend the advanced screening for episode 3 of Heels at the AMC River East theatre in Downtown Chicago. The episode was really entertaining with CM Punk as Ricky Rabies. Jack Rabies being the arrogant booker wanting everything to be perfect and micromanaged sure as heck reminds me of Vince McMahon. There is so much emotion in this show. Can I handle anymore? I’m damn well going to try. After the show, there was a Q&A scrum with Punk, Stephen Amell and the showrunner Mike O’Malley.


I didn’t know Mike O’Malley was the show runner, I’m a fan of his, so good to know!

That’s cool that you got to go see the episode that way, I’m going to start watching it soon.

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