Attn: Espresso Users

Attention Patreon Espresso Users : Has the burden of paying 50 dollars a month become a bit much? If so, please give up your spot because I’m sure you are well aware that there are plenty of people who would like to sign up but cannot due to cap restrictions. Please don’t feel bad for giving up your spot. Your support thus far no doubt needs to be applauded. And of course, if you decide to give up your spot, you can always come back when someone else decides to give up their spot. There needs to be a rotation system in order to allow more people to join this tier.

Please message me if you decide to give up your spot. Thank you for reading.

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Why the cap? Seems like it would be better to make the room for you.

Capping it out on 30 is understandable and I get why John and Wai have it that way. But I imagine there are at least a handful of people who would like to join and have to wait a long time.

We cap it to prevent people from having to wait too long before their turn. But I hear you. Will be taking all suggestions into consideration.

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My review is coming up soon and I will offer up my spot after while still maintaining a commitment to John and Wai.


Thank you MJ! Really appreciate your generosity!:grin:

Hi guys. Only just signed up for the forum and am interested in submitting my choice for Rewind-A-Wai as I’m an Espresso tier member. Any idea where to post my request properly? I can’t seem to find anywhere and this just seems like the best thread to find my answer.

Keen to chat to you all and participate in a community that I feel like I’ve been hearing about for years.

On the top right corner of you click on the three horizontal lines beside your profile, a drop down menu appears and there’s an option for espresso only posts. The main post in that is everyone’s submissions for their review a wai episode and is where I submitted my choice.

What Tony said, or you can just send me a message directly @Jarrod_Black.

Dear Espresso Patreons,

If you can’t make a decision, please pick anything WCW. We need more WCW reviews.



Awesome! Thanks so much Tony. I see now it was much more obvious than I thought. Appreciate your help

Thanks Wai. I’ll do both. Can’t wait to chat!